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Air Asia India

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So i am quite sure that everyone is busy with brushing up the technical . Does anyone have any info on wether Airasia are gonna be calling A320 typed guys anytime soon??Have any of the guys recieved any kinda letter for the interview??
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Well I believe Air Asia being a low cost carrier they must be having a plan for CPL holders. Air Asia has a good contacts with CAE. So I think they will follow the IndiGo model to send trainee first officer for self sponserd type rating. To launch service they will definetely need experienced pilot. This option will come once they start expanding. So the reason for CPL advertisement is definetely for self sponserd type rating.
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"They should be careful bout hiring too many KF people, all the good ones are already working elsewhere and the ones that are left will bring their unionised, bloated company culture with them" ... There is no need for any facts and figures to prove this statement scorpilot. Its this lot of the pilots who themselves prove it wherever they go. Their interest is more in quarreling all around the company only for their personal interests, not even thinking about their fellow pilots. And I am saying this because I have worked with some such ex KF pilots very recently in a leading airline based in India. Even as pilots, their only interest is in finding out ways how not to fly or keep away from flying which is their only job what they have been hired to do. Go, ask any of your friends working with airlines in india (e.g Indigo, GOAir etc who have hired these jobless pilots) who are currently dealing with such pilots day in and day out.
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well I know a couple of KF pilots with more than 700 hrs on type not been called by air Asia....time will only tell who gets hired at the end
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And I am saying this because I have worked with some such ex KF pilots very recently in a leading airline based in India. Even as pilots, their only interest is in finding out ways how not to fly or keep away from flying which is their only job what they have been hired to do. Go, ask any of your friends working with airlines in india (e.g Indigo, GOAir etc who have hired these jobless pilots) who are currently dealing with such pilots day in and day out.
I know what you are saying. There are a few like that. Everyone knows, at least the crew ops, know who they are.....

Most of these guys have side businesses set up, that is why flying is 2nd priority for them now.....
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I hope this does not happen with चाचा tony.. Air Asia India...

Pilots sleep as air-hostess turns off autopilot on Bangkok-Delhi flight - Mumbai Mirror
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Any body has any idea when are they coming up with the vacancies
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To all KF "bashers" in this forum, just for your info..the majority of ex KF TRE's are in GO and one of them is the chief pilot(standards)! The other line pilots (majority) and trainers have contributed significantly to Indigo's continued success and growth and form a major bulk of the training team too...I have no idea who these so called highly talented pilots are who excel in bringing down airlines...but they are definitely not employed in either Go or Indigo.
And to fault flt ops mgt or these "talents" for the collapse of any airline is foolhardy and preposterous...I rest my case and wish Air Asia opens up employment avenues for so many of my unemployed ex colleagues and freshers..
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looks like they have already hired a chief pilot... very interesting choice..
Really, who??
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any chance for fresh cpl holders???how and where to apply
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Air Asia India CEO has been announced

I am curious to know who the Chief Pilot is as well

Singapore based Mittu Chandilya appointed CEO of Air Asia India - The Economic Times
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VP Flt ops is also finalized!

Hopefully will be announced soon,in public domain!
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They have certainly got the WRONG man for the job.Wonder who will close first the dashing young Mittu or Air Asia India
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Thumbs up

They have hired a really young CEO, which looks exciting. I'm sure Air Asia will bring much needed competition and possibly forced infrastructure development in India - will be interesting to see how they operates in a place with high fuel costs (and higher taxes on the fuel).

Anyone been to them for an interview? How do they propose to handle the 6-month DGCA CAR (, I don't see how this is relevant in the modern scenario where supply exceeds demand (of course, this may be seat specific)
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They have a very decent plan in place for their fuel requirements , they are "hedging" the fuel to be price protected , in other words they will be given fuel at one particular price no matter if fuels prices/ taxes etc go up.

Well, all said and done, lets see how it performs in real time scenario, though everything looks good on paper, I really wish and hope it does well, in the long run its "advantage" Indian CPL holder.
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AirAsia India likely to miss September launch date - Livemint

New Delhi: AirAsia India, a joint venture between Asia’s largest low-cost airline, Tata Sons Ltd and Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace Pvt. Ltd, may take longer than earlier planned to start domestic flights in India.

The airline that is 49% owned by Malaysia’s AirAsia Bhd has written to the aviation ministry that it would take about six months from the day it receives final government approval to take to the skies, said two government officials on condition of anonymity.

AirAsia had earlier said it plans to start services by September with two Airbus A320 planes, Mint reported on 16 April. It submitted a detailed business plan to the aviation ministry in late April that envisaged the joint venture expanding to 36 aircraft by the fifth year, using Chennai and Kolkata as its operational hubs, Mint reported on 25 April. AirAsia’s entry into the Indian market, together with the purchase of a stake in Jet Airways (India) Ltd by Etihad Airways PJSC, is expected to instill new competition in an airline industry battling heavy debt and high operational costs. The joint venture is the first under a policy change introduced in September that allowed foreign airlines to invest in Indian ones.

One of the two government officials cited above said the airline has not provided certain details in its application. The ministry had asked whether the chairman, managing director, chief executive officer, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of AirAsia India will be Indians or foreigners. Air Asia founder Tony Fernandes, in his letter to the ministry last fortnight, said all these executives will be Indian nationals. He also wrote that it would take at least six months from the date it receives an “NoC” or no objection certificate from the aviation ministry for the airline to meet safety and security regulations and start operations.

Given that home ministry clearances take at least two months and sometimes three to come through in case foreigners are present on an airline’s board, it could be at least four months before Air Asia India receives its “NoC” from the ministry, said the first official. That would be in September.
After receiving the NoC, the airline would need to acquire an airline license and get approvals for all its safety and security manuals and engineering set-up from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. “The September launch is unthinkable,” said the first government official. A second government official confirmed the development.
If the airline gets its NoC only by September and requires six months more to start operations, AirAsia India’s launch may spill over into 2014.
Air Asia’s Fernandes did not offer any comments for this story.

The aviation ministry had also asked AirAsia India to “indicate” the names of the senior management personnel it plans to hire. Fernandes didn’t mention the names of the senior management of its Indian unit in his letter .
Air Asia has on 15 May announced that Mittu Chandilya would be its first India CEO. It has not announced the rest of the management line-up.
“The start-up process has been smooth sailing so far,” said Fernandes in a statement from Sepang, Malaysia, on AirAsia’s financial results. “We have submitted our AOC (air operator’s certificate) application and are currently waiting for the approval before we start operating in Chennai.”
He praised the entrepreneurial skills and experience of Chandilya and said he was confident that “Mittu will be one of the key people to revolutionize the air travel industry in India”.

Tata Sons has a 30% stake in Air Asia India, with Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace owning 21%.
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Looks like Air Asia India has opened their application window once again for Captains and FO's

Those of you who were unable to get the confirmation mail try applying once again

AirAsia | Careers | Be part of the Allstar family!

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AirAsia India Appoints TCS' Ramadorai As Chairman

AirAsia India Appoints TCS' Ramadorai As Chairman

AirAsia India on Monday moved closer to getting off the ground by appointing S Ramadorai as its Chairman, ending months-long suspense and having in place the entire top management team, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

A day after getting Tata Group patriarch Ratan Tata as the chief advisor, AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on Monday announced the name of Tata Consultancy Services vice-chairman S Ramadorai as the chairman of his proposed low-cost airline venture here.

Subramanian Ramadorai was also formerly the chief executive of the country's largest software exporter.

"I would like to confirm Ramadorai as chairman of AirAsia India, a giant of Indian industry, and man from the South," Fernandes tweeted.

"That completes our team. Advisor, chairman, CEO and the board. Quite a heavyweight team for super exciting AirAsia India," Fernandes posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Ramadorai is the fourth person from the Tatas to hold a position in airline joint venture after Ratan Tata as chief advisor, and R Venkataraman (former executive assistant to Ratan Tata) and Bharat Vasani (chief legal counsel of the Tata Group), who are directors on the board.

AirAsia India is a joint venture of Air Asia, Tata Sons and Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace with 49:30:21 holding.

On Sunday, Fernandes had announced the name of Tata as the chief advisor to the board and promised 'Nano' airfares once it begins operating flights in the country which is likely by the fourth quarter of 2013.

"Persuading Tata to be advisor has not been easy. Critical, we have someone of his massive experience to help me chart AirAsia India with Mittu (Chandilya) and myself," Fernandes had tweeted on Sunday.

Asked whether to expect 'Nano' price or cheapest air tickets from AirAsia India, Fernandes replied in affirmative: "Yes. It's all about low fares. And everyday."

AirAsia is expected to bring in competitive pricing in the Indian aviation market, once it begins service later this year.

"AirAsia India (is) shaping up brilliantly," Fernandes said, adding that the company has got a 'super CEO', a good board and a great advisor who was "a legend in every sense."

Last month, Fernandes had named Mittu Chandilya as the CEO of AirAsia India.

These two announcements come within a couple of days after Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said all the issues regarding AirAsia's India applications have been resolved.

"All matters on AirAsia India have been resolved. The proposal has been sent to the Union Home Ministry for security clearance," Singh had said in London.

As for the organisational structure, there will be an independent director on the board who would also be the non-executive chairman.

AirAsia will be represented by Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Bin Meranun

bersama 18/06/2013
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Bizarre Rules, Vested Interests Bog Down India's Aviation: AirAsia Boss

In his no holds barred style, AirAsia group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has lashed out at the bizarre rules and vested interests which he says have bogged down India's aviation industry.

"It is an incredibly self-interested industry and people have suffered because of it," Fernandes, with his bird's eye view of the industry, said, citing an Indian rule requiring an airline to have operated domestically for five years before being allowed to fly on international routes.

"That doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. So, there are too many people who have vested interests and don't think about what India needs," he told reporters in New Delhi, his last leg of his visit to India to drum up AirAsia's entry into India.

"It's a shame. India has lost many years through vested interests. The Southeast Asian aviation market is so far ahead of India, which is ridiculous amid the pool of talents, economic activities and tourism potential in this country," said Fernandes.

India's aviation industry has been bleeding. Kingfisher, which was once the country's biggest domestic operator, has gone bust. Flag carrier Air India received some US$6 billion in government money to become profitable within a decade.

Last year, the government relaxed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules to allow foreign airlines to be allowed to own up to a 49 per cent stake in local carriers, which was the stepping stone for AirAsia's entry into the market of 1.2 billion people.

India's Tata Group has a 30 per cent stake while Telestra Tradeplace Pvt Ltd owns 21 per cent of AirAsia India (Pvt) Ltd.

Fernandes met several key ministers in New Delhi, including India's Minister of Aviation, Ajit Singh.

"My feedback was seen as very positive," he said.

Anything that is positive for the people should be done, Fernandes said, adding that changes are taking place and it is all about educating and creating awareness of the potential of air travel.

"What we will do, whatever ideas we bring will benefit everybody. I see a vibrant airline. Eventually, I see two or three big players and some niche players," he said, adding competition is good as it brings more choice for consumers.

"I hope to see local low-cost terminals, I hope to see many more routes connected, much more frequency and choice, and many people having jobs.

"No one who has driven me in India since I started coming here for the last 10 to 15 years has ever flown in a plane. In Malaysia it is quite the opposite, every bus driver or taxi driver has flown," he said.

The ultimate dream, he added, is to make AirAsia's 'Now Everyone Can Fly' tagline work in India as well.

Bersama 4/7/13
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To bash pilots of one airline or type is extremely childish, oh wait then again some of you'll are so... Forget about them scorpilot

First batch has leaves for KL soon for the induction. Looks like the wheel's in motion... spinning slow but spinning nonetheless
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