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CAAC Vision Test in SIM

Old 7th Mar 2012, 15:37
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CAAC Vision Test in SIM

I have been asked to take a vision test in the SIM as the last step in obtaining my CAAC medical. Has anyone taken on of these and can tell me what to expect?
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 22:30
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Never heard anyone needing to do the Vision in the Sim... But I bet you failed a few of the "color vision" tests. Not unheard of... from the CAAC astronaut medical!!!

Now I had to hear 'Fifi' talk on my last CAAC test as my hearing in one ear was a bit below req, or I say China military requirements! After I told em I had a minor cold.

Just sat in the sim and passed after being called a "retard" upon landing
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 03:05
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Yes, it is due to as they said a "slight Color blind issue." I was unable to see the antelope in the dots. Yes an Antelope! I have never had a problem in the cockpit or life in general. Just hoping for a heads up on what to expect.
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 17:51
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When you were in the SIM to check your hearing did you fly it? Do I need to be prepared for a full SIM evaluation?

Seeing the different colors in the plane or SIMS have never been a problem. Just the Antelope in the dots
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 20:10
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I just did PNF for a cadet while the "bosses" watched... All done.

Naaah I would not prepare for a full sim. All they might want to see is that you can see the diff colors, I guess... Remember magenta and fuchsia are different! LOL

CAAC medical = JOKE!!!

And yes I always have a bit of a hard time with that darn test... Specially seing the number 69 one...
PseudoIsochromatic Plate Ishihara Compatible (PIP) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition

Here practice some Take the Ishihara Color Vision Test

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Old 11th Mar 2012, 15:13
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was a lot more difficult to see than the web page quoted from the last post from the set that i read/seen/used/examined.
perhaps, was the low ambient light, or perhaps it was the obscene/unfamiliar font that they use or something... really had to spell the dots to read the number
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Old 12th Mar 2012, 12:20
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Someone should tell these morons that if you are not born colourblind you don't just " acquire " it. But I guess they have to play their little man syndrome, pi55ing contest games, gotta let them win at something.....
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Old 14th Mar 2012, 02:40
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Was told at the china job fair that "they will put you in the sim, take you down to 100ft, and ask you, do you see the red lights? Do you see the green threshold lights? Do you see the blue taxi lights?" Let me know what you find out, cause I might have to do the same.
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Old 14th Mar 2012, 05:55
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This sim test is to prevent cheats who memorise the colour chart sequence as well as the FAA vision tests charts. A lot of cheaters and con men getting into China these days. The Airbus instructors in PEK told me that they keep on detecting foreign fakers and cheaters in almost every intake; there are also some local con men too.
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 03:20
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Pretty quiet on this subject once kinte hit the nail in the head!

I have seen all manners of cheats in the aviation business, this is nothing.
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