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China Pilot Medical Failures

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China Pilot Medical Failures

Old 2nd Jan 2012, 11:47
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As to the medicals...they are CAAC medicals. Unless you are flying on a short term validation, everyone takes them
As mentioned in this thread, some airlines may have better relations with the CAAC than others.

Dont know if thats anything to do with greased palms, or wishfull thinking by some.
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Old 2nd Jan 2012, 12:01
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It is sometimes difficult for foreigners to work here if they think their way is the best way, or even the only way.
The CAAC's way is the only way. The best way doesn't matter when dealing with them.
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Old 3rd Jan 2012, 17:56
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Hey Soab,
It's not about the airline liking or disliking you. I flew in China for a 1 1/2 years and at least at the airline that I was at if they liked you they would go the extra mile to keep you and if they didn't, usually in the form of guys just not flying to their standards or fitting in with the program they just fired them.
But as far as using the Medical for dismissing pilots this is simply not the case. Most of the air carriers in China need experienced Captains and to have the government step in and get rid of a guy for "sludgy gall bladder" is a real hit to their operation. Do I believe that some airlines have a better relationship with their local CAAC medical staff than others, absolutely. I know that where I was they did not enjoy a very good relationship with the Guangzhou CAAC (they are the medical administrating body that oversaw medicals in the region) Do I believe that some regions of the CAAC are less stringent than others, yup, know it for a fact.
But as so many have said "this is China" you and I will never comprehend the myriad of subtle workings, back room deals, alliances, payoffs, bribes, and the ever present Asian reality of saving face, losing face, causing your boss to save face, causing your boss to lose face, etc., etc.
I was at Shenzhen Airlines, I liked it there, I pretty sure I was liked as well. And to this day if I was to go and get a potential harmful, totally unnecessary Angiogram they would have me back tomorrow. But I'm not, and the CAAC could care less if I did or not. Shenzhen still needs captains, but for them as well as other Airlines there isn't a whole lot they can do to sway the mind of the gov. Look at what is happening at Beijing Capitol. At some level they have pissed off the CAAC and now they are not allowed to get any more planes till the prerequisite amount of brown nosing and payoffs and penalty box time has been met.
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Old 4th Jan 2012, 12:21
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Thanks for the reply.

Glad to hear you dont believe they would purposely fail guys on medical grounds.
I thought you missed out on the medical while first applying for a job, not on a renewal. Hope something comes up for you.
Thanks for the info on the Airline you were with. I note other airlines in the Guangzhou CAAC region are advertising. I wonder if they have better relations than your airline.

I understand the punitive culture of China. An airline had its expansion plans stopped (even had to reduce by 10% ?) because of the emergency incident. But it was a private airline, not govt owned.

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Old 5th Jan 2012, 01:22
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Yea, but privately owned or not the gov has the final say in the PRC!
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Old 10th Jan 2012, 02:17
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The aforementioned privately owned airline was dished out a severe punishment (IMHO), but I wondered if the punishment would have been so severe had it being a Govt owned airline.

After all it was one incident from a foreign Korean Capt.
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Old 10th Jan 2012, 03:56
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Part of the difficulty in dealing with the CAAC is that it is quite opaque and does not explicitly indicate the rights of airmen (or airlines). There is no way to get reconsideration or review if an airman disagrees with a CAAC decision. Getting your own tests done and showing them the results changes nothing.

Likewise, when the foreigner got in trouble at Juneyao, the airline was not able to say its side or appeal the punitive edicts. China is a place where "fairness" in government is just a theory, and much of the top - down rulings are arbitrary.

Until there is reform, the best survivors stay under the radar. Use diet, exercise, and over the counter medications to keep the numbers in line! No joke, you can at least manipulate cholesterol and blood pressure results a few weeks before a medical.
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Old 11th Jan 2012, 08:23
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PM sent.
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 02:11
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Major bump.

Get ready for all pilots in China over age 45 to undergo mandatory MRI exams, an ad-hoc CAAC fire drill because of one pilot who became incapacitated on the job.

Next, there will be 100% psycho stress tests after a captain crash-axes his copilot for doing something stupid.
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 05:12
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Next, there will be 100% psycho stress tests after a captain crash-axes his copilot for doing something stupid.

Never thought I would laugh so hard at this statement of the month on Chinese medical, till I AM HERE!!

What the hell is wrong with their attitude? And the disparity of excellent co-pilots, compared to the majority worst lots, my freaking xxxxxx..

I knew before I got here, and now am focusing on how not to get agitated.
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Old 23rd Mar 2012, 05:35
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Long time lurker, first time poster here.

This forum has helped me so much in my pilot training and future career prospects, that I though I'd give back a little here.

I've noticed a lot of people asking for specific requirements for CAAC medical so after some tough digging I found the official page here:


Unfortunately its in Chinese, I am far too lazy to translate the entire document, but google translate dose a fairly decent job here, and if any part doesn't quite sound right, feel free to give me a PM, and I can translate specific requirements for you.

Hope this helps
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 00:13
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Does anyone know if minor vericose veins (due to injury) in the my right leg could be a major problem? Leaving Monday for China. Thanks!
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 22:08
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Smile Chinese Medical

Hello Fellow Pilots,

There are many very informative posts which have been made here, the information is very useful.

I have been in China almost 5 years and still managing to "Pass" the Chinese medical. It has always been an wild experience and I used to laugh at some of the things they would test us for, but "I dont Laugh Now..!! I think this medical is one of the toughest in the World to pass.

Its amazing what the Doctors find with their old basic testing. Believe me, if you have something wrong, you can pretty much count on them finding it. From the MRI brain Scan to the CT Cat Scan, they will find any Kindney stones (in the making) spots on the brain (showing possible memory loss, Dimencia) to Cancers and Tumors, artery blockages, its amazing.

Also dont even thing about trying to hide a lasic surgery, they have machines designed just to find it. You can fly with lasic in China but have a 6 month waiting period from the procedure. You also have a 3 month waiting period from any surgery (including passing a Kidney stone) before you can get your medical.

I have had the MRI, recent the CT Scan (with die), Radio Cardiogram, booth hearing tests, Serious Eye tests including many machines, Blood tests (liver enzimes check), urine tests, Sonograms, Brain scans with flashing lights and you name it.

To make a long story short, if make it through your initial Check in Beijing CAAC, I think there is also Shanghai CAAC you should be OK if you stay healthy.

The company Doctor and your agent will have some ability to fix some small medical issues as you do your routine checks, thay can be delt with at the local levels. However, the local CAAC is strict once they get their hands on your issue there is not much room for error from what I have seen.

Its China, just roll with it and dont try to figure it out. Just do what your told to do with the medicals will keep your life simple.

I hope my post made some since,

Good Luck,

On Final
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 06:53
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Screening Process China Southern

1.Does anyone know about medical during screening?
2. After passing your medical during screening, will you still have to go through more medicals after being accepted?

I have applied for China Southern.

Thanks in Advance.
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 08:45
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At SZA the screening medical is the same as the CAAC physical. They don't want to waste time on you if you can't pass. It's good until the expiry date then you will take another based on your age. SZA also did a company medical every six months regardless of age that included the chest X-ray, blood and urine draw, resting EKG and ultrasound.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 02:31
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Maui, Once you pass the interview medical, you'll be good for six months. At least that was what happened to me on my first China job. I had one major medical per year and then the company one, which was less. Good luck on the interview! I might see you in April.....
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 03:44
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Thanks A lot Jaz and Ocean. Much appreciated.

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Old 30th Mar 2013, 05:00
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i just passed mine....doc said hey your liver has more fat in it than last year....found out rice elevates your glycemic index..damn.. a year ago i failed the far vision test....they said, hey we'll get you glasses during lunch...retook it.. i gained about ten pounds last year...started liftining weights again...didn't say much....as one guy said, just dont drink like a college frat boy...alcohol will show up as a fatty liver.....red wine is always a good idea.....and don't supersixe the fries everday at mcdonalds....i really did change some eating habits, but watch out for chinese food bought out...it's cooked in oil....and all the chinese girls say the oil is illegal..meaning recycled oil....loaded with carcinogens..alot of press has been given to selling illegal recycled oil...be careful at where you eat...
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Old 30th Mar 2013, 18:18
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Google "gutter oil" in China. Also fish farming with raw sewage as feed.
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 05:17
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Taking un-necessary CAT scans is putting your life at risk. You should only get a CAT scan when it is necessary to confirm a serious illness, or when it is the only option available. Do the research yourself, a CAT scan is up to 500 times the radiation dose of a normal X Ray. MRI's are ok.

No job is worth having to put up with compulsory CAT scans.
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