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Singaporeair Captain recruitment

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Singaporeair Captain recruitment

Old 22nd Feb 2008, 02:50
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Expatriate Contracts


Does anyone know whether the B777/A330 positions are being offered along with Expat Contracts i.e. with Accomodation & childrens education covered by SQ ? Do they still offer those ? Or is it only on "National Terms" these days ?

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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 04:00
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Edu + Rent

Have heard that rents in Singapore have dramatically increased recently and that newly arriving expats are having difficulty finding places for their kids in the International schools there. No places. No point in being there if you have to live in a shoe-box by yourself, unless that suits of course.
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 04:21
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Platypus54, that is a fact. Rents are at pre SARS levels and higher and international schools are jam packed. For two middle school children expect little change from S$50,000 pa and similar or more for rent with after tax dollars.
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 04:28
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Singapore governments own figures on the property market at


In the last 3+ years, Housing Allowance has increased by 11.6% taxable and rentals have increased by about 60% - more in some areas.

You can still find the odd condo unit just within the Housing Allowance but it might leave you with a long commute to work and be in a remote location so that everything is a cab ride away. Net result? What you save on the rental you will spend on transport and ancillary costs and your family will feel isolated while you are away flying.

The situation needs addressing urgently but it wont happen until enough people vote with their feet. That is slowly starting to happen in Cargo.

On the bright side. Singapore is safe, clean, efficient and apart from housing, education and car ownership, the cost of living is bearable.
Old 22nd Feb 2008, 08:40
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Application Form for DEC at SQ
flyingcrazy many thanks I now have the application form So many thanks! I had the same problem as Caissa I also could not find an application form available at the singaporeair website.The only reference I could find on the careers website was for Cadet Pilot applications too. So it looks as if Caissa you hit the nail on the head and SQ got the ad placed in Flight before their website has been updated? I did email them this so hopefully that helped fix the problem. Good luck. Any ideas on the tax in SIN?
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 09:13
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Income Tax rates in Singapore:


You can also apply for 'Not Ordinarily Resident' scheme. See


Provided you have not lived in Singapore for 3 consecutive years you can apply for NOR status and you will be charged tax at a flat rate of 10% on your taxable income for a period of 5 years. It works out overall at about 7.5%, as a portion of your income is tax free as it is earned outside Singapore and is designed to cover down route expenses.

Not really worth applying for as an F/O as you need to earn about $190k pa for it to become worthwhile.
Old 22nd Feb 2008, 09:50
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Any up to date info on actual average income for a B777 Captain based in SIN?
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 12:19
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Couldn't find a max age for applicants, anybody have an idea what it is.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 03:48
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I believe it used to be max age of 55 for DEC's at both SIA and SIAC...Some mainline Capt's left SIA at 60 and joined Cargo and may work until 62.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 06:51
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Straits Times article from 24/04/07 quoted a figure of S$271 888 at mid point of the salary bracket. This is made up of basic pay, productivity allowance, overnight allowance, inflight + overseas meal allowance, monthly + annual variable allowance, annual wage supplement and annual profit sharing.

Obviously this is an average and actual amount would depend on the amount and type of flying done, along with company profitability.

For those on expat/contract terms the housing allowance will only get you a basic condo away from town, be prepared to kick in S$1000 - 1500 month extra for the sort of place and location a Captain would have been living in two years ago. Not sure of current rate at Changi Village hotel, some expat SQ captains used the housing allowance to live there permanently. Be warned that hotel rates have skyrocketed along with rents.

Education allowance will also need some help in covering British/American/Australian International School fees.

In short a nice safe place to live and work in, BUT getting increasingly expensive and packages are not keeping pace.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 14:28
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Good schools must be a problem.
Got a friend there who has been shuffling kids about waiting for places in good school.
He says an immediate place in the Brit school will now cost you SGD $170,000plus the deposits and school fees.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 20:31
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For those that are interested on coming over to lion city, condos away from expat areas range from $2500 (1100 sq foot) to about $4000++ per month. Those in prime areas of the same size will set you back double or more.

A 3 year old toyota camry will set you back about 60k. Road tax and insurance should be about 2k per year.

After all, Singapore is only 650km square. East to west is only about 40km, north to south is about 30km. Much smaller than most average major city.

Cab fare from airport in the east to the most west end of the island will set you back about $25 in the day and 50% extra in the night. I personally cab almost everywhere and hardly spend more than 1.5k per month on transport.

Train fare range from about $1.20 to $3. East to west takes 45mins. North to south about 30mins. north east to south about 25min.

I guess it all depends on what kind of expectation you come with. If you are looking for lifestyle of that of a New yorker staying near times sq, the pay package here is not enough.

If your family can come to terms with living further away from town (gentle reminder of the 650sq km land area), spend your savings from the rental on car to make up. It might just about balance things up.

As for education, it is a tad on the expensive side.

Just my 5 cents.
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 22:20
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correct, winglet-fever, and you have to add that the condos close to the airport are the least expensive ones. You pay less for transport, too. The prefered areas are the ones in the east. You only have a long ride if you want to go to town. But to the airport it's very close.

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Old 24th Feb 2008, 03:51
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170K for school? Hope it's a misprint...I have two in a good International school and I can tell you it's way less then that...Maybe you meant $17000?
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 08:10
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Left Coaster
Read the line properly
"He says an immediate place in the Brit school will now cost you SGD $170,000plus the deposits and school fees."

You can do this to avoid the waiting list.
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 11:42
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To SQ Captains

Hello everyone,

I am actually a Senior Captain in Europe on the B777. I am seriously considering applying with SQ. I find the informations here very helpful. Can someone tell to me about roster and general work load for Capt?

Thank you,

Horizon Hunter

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Old 24th Feb 2008, 15:33
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International School Fees

Colleague of mine is paying S$27k p.a. at an international school.

S$120k+ ? must have 4/5 kids?
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Old 25th Feb 2008, 01:55
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See skycap's reply - yep. unbelievable but true - (S)$170,000 gets your kids head of the line priviledges JUST TO GET IN - and that's $170k EACH. The private schools here are bursting at the seams. SingAmericanSchool has over 700 on a waiting list but doesn't have a buy-your-way-in fee - you just have to wait. These are facts.
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Old 25th Feb 2008, 04:03
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Since you guys are here to experience the liftstyle, why not place your kids in local schools? I know of a Capt from Silkair that used to have all his kids there. His kids' network of local and expat friends are somewhat more of an interesting mix.

If you haven't read much into our local education, i suggest you do a bit of reading up. Correct me if i'm wrong, in terms of standards, it is one of the better ones in the world. Why miss the chance to experience wholesale when you are already deciding on coming to Singapore?

IF i didn't remember wrongly, it will cost you 3.5k to 8k per year in a local or semi local school.

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Old 25th Feb 2008, 05:29
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No argument from me as to the quality of the local schools - just a personal choice
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