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Jet Airways B777 recruitment?

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Jet Airways B777 recruitment?

Old 23rd Dec 2012, 15:03
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No news OBP from Jet about the 777s. Very tight lipped until deals are done and dusted.
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 06:45
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Guys just looking for help...

Can anybody pm or post the email ID for Jet HR or concerned person for A330 and B777 recruitments for experianced jet pilots...

thanx in advance..
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Old 2nd Feb 2013, 20:53
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I interviewed a while back but a month and half way from home was way too much. Hopefully the terms can be improved so both the airline and the pilots can have a livable contract
The 6/2 arrangement is absolutely ridiculous. Everytime the agencies advertise a 6/2 duty rotation, I have never bothered to have a second look. 19 days on and 11 days off is doable as it can in Korean. My ideal would be 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. My brother is an oil rig engineer and his 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off worked like a charm for the past 20 years with additional 2 months leave on top of that. Airline duty rotations really sucks, that is his opinion!
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 06:09
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Well said Calvin!

"The 6/2 arrangement is absolutely ridiculous. Everytime the agencies advertise a 6/2 duty rotation, I have never bothered to have a second look. 19 days on and 11 days off is doable as it can in Korean. My ideal would be 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. My brother is an oil rig engineer and his 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off worked like a charm for the past 20 years with additional 2 months leave on top of that. Airline duty rotations really sucks, that is his opinion! "

It works only for the desperates or the incredible greedy grandpas fed up of the fat ugly wifey or the boredom of the golf club.
The latest group formed the majority of the last bunch at Jet.
As mentioned, Air Force medical put down more than 50% of the grannies. Not speaking about the other numerous hurdles.

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 11:01
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Jet Deal

True, it's not the most glorious job in the world, but I would like to know who stands by their employees even when they are grounded. Additionally, the economic situation forced it to cut back on routes and therefore the expats. Since they had a contract, they fulfilled everything to the T. Yes, the way things are done in terms of roster and the delays in getting on line take a little getting used to, but I get my check on time regardless of flying and they honor my contract. What's the complain?! Seems to me people just complain because they can! I had no issues with them and the agency that I went through being local was a great asset to me when I moved.

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:16
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Why you left, M5?
It's livable if you have no family or for a few months, as it seems to be your situation.
I sincerely doubt anybody could be happy 6 weeks out of 8 away from family. From that 2 weeks off you loose at least 3 days trip time, as you commute on YOUR days off.
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 22:41
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I totally agree with you.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 13:18
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Not an ofense but you sound either be management or a contractor, making this appear as easy as a walk in the park.
You aren't even touching the main issue which is the cruel rotation.
For the lonely souls who don't have anybody to care about or vice versa that maybe fine!

This rotation is absolutely unnecessary for long haul job. It's easily possible to produce the same on a more human working pattern.

But, as long as there are people who will accept anything to get strapped to a flight deck, this terms won't change. Jet used to have one of the best contracts in the world. They changed it when they realized the available number of greedy grannies fed up of wife or the golf course.

Thanks them, terms and conditions have been eroding relentlessly.

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 20:38
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9W is offering the better contract for those over the tender age of 55. Pay commences upon entering India for training.

TMU pay if one is medically grounded. Who else provides that? Never miss payroll. Name brand hotels with amenities. I realize other carriers in the M/E and the Far East may provide the same benefits... however if one is over 55 no DECs except for QATAR and KAL, as far as I know.

At the end of the day, the menu of life is limited. Either you accept the contract offered by 9W or you don't. The choices are not very complicated.

I think the bottom feeder carrier is Ethiopian along with those pimps who join that lot. $60 of daily per diem until last line check has been completed. What do you think about the miscreants being part of a revenue crew on a 777 at $60 per day? That's less than minimum wage in many countries.
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Old 7th Feb 2013, 05:13
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Dodgy contracts

I agree the rotation is piss poor and if they are going to need many people, they're going to have to sweeten the deal. But the way people make out the company to sound dodgy isn't right. I left for a better more long term solution and while I was there, i was fully aware of the terms and conditions when I signed on. So where they. I would have reason to complain had they not honored their end of the contract.
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Old 7th Feb 2013, 05:20
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I'm sure a couple of pimps who flew revenue flights at Ethiopian without pay will jump ship to Jet. I hope they brag to their new colleagues at Jet how proud they were to pimp themselves out by being part of the problem
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 16:20
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Jet will need to take anyone who applies, their back ground makes no never mind!
Not talking about Jet Airways. Its their peers who should find pimps objectionable amongst their ranks.
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Old 13th Feb 2013, 18:27
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Well, someone has to come out and say it, so here goes:
First some history...This is NOT horn tooting..I've been an expat pilot a long time.

I am fortunate enough to have been on the 777 since its near inception. Yes, I was very young and while all the older guys near retirement were clamouring to get on this beautiful airplane, at 47 I was working for a ME carrier and became an TRE/TRI on it. I didn't renew my contract and moved over to a large Asian carrier.

The adage of 'grass is always greener' stung me but good. One day a couple of us guys decided that this Jet Airways gig would be a good one, so we applied and got an interview.

The first actions should have really opened my eyes, but it didn't. The thought of helping out a B777 'new-comer airline' clouded my thinking. Did I have something to give? You bet I did and still do..I have over 7500 logged on this machine. I am still current and I am also fully 787 qualified.

I was hired 'over the phone'. Then there was silence. Then numerous phone calls, then "why don't you come over and have an interview'. Well, it took forever and a day to get a visa to start with. The security clearance...what a laugh, so after a few weeks, and a 'window' of a few days to make it into the secret society of India, I was off to the beautiful and romantic city of Mumbai. The morning came early and off I went to Jet Airways 'ivory tower'. Now what a mixed up, over-crowded, disorganized place this turned out to be. An elevator that holds a maximum of 2 people...me and the elevator operator...and away we go!

There was an interview and we were off to do a simulator assessment. Joke time. The TRE was a useless inexperienced egotistical sh*t from a part of the ex-Commonwealth located near Antarctica. He should have stayed there. After a total useless series of maneuvers that showed me nothing more than he knew where to find selections to provide multiple failures that proved nothing, I landed a dismantled airplane. Pass.

The fun then began. Sign the contract.

SHELL GAME..........
Well, I had an acquaintance at IBM, a lawyer whom I met several months earlier. This person was in charge of contracts between Big Blue and company clients in the Sub-Continent. I was WARNED....DON'T DO IT!

Well, this is aviation and what did a lawyer know about it anyways?

No sooner had the ink dried, changes started to take place. The TRE position that I was offered, turned into a regular line pilot position. In retrospect that was good. I couldn't have withstood the BS. I had a European base of Brussels. Good. I didn't have to live in Mumbai.

Then, there were the hoops of the DGCA, even more fun. I can't vouch for what its like now, but it was a 'gong-show'.....Prep for an interview with the 'biggies' in their office in Delhi...scurrying here...scurrying there..finally coming out of it with agreement that I could be licensed there based on my current licenses (I was current in several countries).

So then it was all of the conversion course fun...SEP, Security, Planning and Performance, and my favorite...Monsoon Met where some guy came in and tried to sell us his book that he printed back in 1886 or something. Off to get a nice uniform, then sent home.

I should have had some thoughts going through my head here...we were spirited through the Mumbai scenes and had to find a place to get our residence permits...

I eventually ended up working out of SFO as the airline began its BOM-PVG-SFO operation. I had spent 8 years working the NOPAC and SOPAC routes with the 777 and was very familiar.

Interestingly, about 4 months into the contract, my pay didn't arrive. In fact, it didn't arrive for for a few days. It was 9 days late! None of us had our pay. We questioned it and were told...'Oh, we're sorry!' No other explanations. So I continued to truck back and forth between PVG and SFO for a few months...then.....the operation quit and we all ended up in Mumbai. BTW...the pay was arriving up to 2 weeks late and continued that way for the rest of the contract! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

We stayed at a reasonable hotel in the beginning but then, over night, we had to move to a horrid place. The food was lousy and we would find ourself in a Tuk-Tuk, going to other hotels to find something to eat. We complained, but no one listened.

Then, tickets began to arrive late. In fact, I was scheduled to be in London to deadhead to Mumbai. I was asked if I could pay my way and I'd get reimbursed. NOPE! NOT ME...If you want me to fly the airplane from LHR, you'd better get me there. They did.

We then got notice that the airline was going to wet least to nearly every carrier in the world....Lets see..6 months in Turkey, 4 months in Bahrain. To their credit, Turkish offered most of us a good contract. Some excellent pilots went over there, but I wasn't interested in a 6 and 2. BTW..the standard contract at Jet always was 6 and 2. If you're going to do contract work, get used to it.

I hung in there and after 42 years of continuous service working as an airline pilot...it took Jet Airways.....TO LAY ME OFF! I couldn't stop laughing for a week. The rest is history.

If you are willing to work on a contract that means nothing, this job is YOURS!

Its been said that there are some who are paying their way over to go to work. Well, you retired guys who are 'double dipping', using your company passes to fly to work (and you know who you are), buy hotel rooms with your old airline ID at a better rate, only serve to undercut those legitimate guys who are actually trying to eek out a living. Its quite amusing because many of those who are doing this were some of the biggest unionists out there. How greed changes things.

'Nuf said.
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Old 14th Feb 2013, 13:37
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First time expat gigs are needless to say a culture shock. Especially workig for a legacy carrier for 30 plus years. But we all know what happened to pay, terms and conditions, and retirement benefits at DAL, USAirways, United, NW to name a few.

In 23 years, I've never had any contracting agency nor carrier follow the tems and conditions to the letter. Most, performed to the best of their ability in good faith. If pay was late, yeah, yeah I questioned it. Yeah they said they were sorry about the pay. I am an educated consumer. When I see hand writing on wall, or expirence such abhorant behavior by the airline, or contracting agency, its time to move on.

Perhaps pay issues were a bit different with Jet before 2010. Yeah I know pay was supposed to be in the bank on or about the 1st of each month. Well its not. Its in the bank on or about the middle of the month.

While the length of the contract may be stated in writing, however economic conditions change, employment requirements, and work visa issues change, thus requiring, resulting in premature termination, or foreclosure of the contract.

Contrary to popular belief, Jet honored their side of their contract when expats were terminated last year. Most pilots remained on the property for the term of the termination section (be it 1 or 3 months) with uninterrupted pay. Terminated pilots were given recommendation letters and adequate time to secure employment elsewhere.

How many carriers in the US that do this, be they a union or nonunion shop?

It's a shame that it's no longer a perfect world for an expat.
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 12:46
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Well, you've totally missed the message. Jet would love to take anybody. They will promise the 'world'. In fact, they'd probably offer a base in Timbuktu, if you wanted it.

The fact is, that it appears that you've never been employed in India, experienced the bureaucracy and the rest of it.

There is a travel advert. that is played on some of the world's large news networks....and it shows all the 'hot spots'......

It ends with: 'INCREDIBLE, India'! Read the first word carefully and take it out of its context and you will get the drift.

All of you wannabes...GO FOR IT...You've been forewarned. And..I could write a book on Employment Agencies....THATS another story.

....I think I'll go and watch tennis....Its a nice day!
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 13:23
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These expat captains could also be move to any base at anytime to fly rotations and routes that may not be preferred by the local work force.
The code has been borken. For the most part that's what expat flying is all about. Expats do not displace nor inconvenience the nationals at any. Expats provide a convenience through which airline expansion minimizes disruption the local's time away from their families.

I can only speak for the 737 fleet. Once the last route check has been completed, expats are fair game to be transferred to any base as required by the company. It's in the contract, and its the luck of the draw.

I can't speak for the 777 crowd, but I know it applied to the A330 group when they were around. Many of the expats who I met were based in Brussels, with a few in Mumbai and Delhi. While they had to submit to the Indian medical they still did not have AEPs. They needed a copy of the GD to gain access to the airport terminals in India.

Some expats were able to wrangle their rosters so they would begin and end their trips near their home airports in North America. As I recall, the last group hired were based in Mumbai.

However, I did hear that initial basing for the 777 will be in Mubai. They too may be transferred and or rotated in and out of operating bases where the leased 777s will be based.

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Old 17th Feb 2013, 02:19
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Has anybody thought of what routes they are actually going to put these aircraft on? The market has soured. These 777s don't fit the normal configuration. Goyal bought some beautiful aircraft but don't meet any other airlines configuration profiles. These aircraft have an unreal BOW..granite counter-tops. They are expensive machines to operate.

I'm amused.....
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Old 17th Feb 2013, 15:50
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Past or Present....

I have many questions about this outfit, is there anyone on this forum that is a past, or present B777 captain for them?
....worked there 2 years on the 777......
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 13:29
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Corsair_F4U asks
Why is there a big gap in the pilots. Love or hate?
Culture shock for first time expats with many years of service with a legacy carrier of their own country. The old saying goes "we're no longer in Kansas Toto.".
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 11:37
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I'm quite interested in working for Jet Airways. I have worked in India before, so know what's involved as far as the country is concerned.

I'm not particularly interested in a commuting roster, if I had to be based in Mumbai. I'd prefer to live there and not pay tax in the UK.

A base in Europe would be better though, even if I did get stung for tax. In that case I'd like a roster that allows me to get home for a couple of days between trips, though not sure yet if I'd live in the UK or somewhere else in Europe (I'm a UK citizen). I'm not keen on 20 days on and ten off; ideally I'd like a minimum 10 days off per month, perhaps in two blocks of five, accommodation allowance or, even better, good accommodation provided if based in Mumbai, plus unlimited ID 90's, and health insurance for myself and family, plus an end of contract bonus. .

Maybe wishful thinking, but I'd jump at it if the conditions were right.
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