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Royal Brunei MarkII (Merged).

South Asia and the Far East News and views on the fast growing and changing aviation scene on the planet.

Royal Brunei MarkII (Merged).

Old 11th Oct 2005, 07:22
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Another In Flight Engine Shutdown

It seems V8RBK also had a fuel leak ex BWN BI083 yesterday and shut down an engine before returning to BWN. How many engine failures/shutdowns is that in the last few months? Where is the regulatory oversight on this issue? Reducing ETOPS approval times is obviously not improving the situation. Its akin to cancelling leave until morale improves.
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Old 11th Oct 2005, 08:02
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Very interesting to see the skinny one talking through his backside on matters of which he knows not. Makes one wonder about his true agenda.
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Old 11th Oct 2005, 09:56
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The previous CEO of Air Astana was quoted as saying, itís a great little airline with great staff.

Interesting to see what happens now slasher [email protected]$ter is CEO, with his contempt towards staff and in particular pilots. Will it continue to have great staff. Certainly things changed in Rba after he arrived. Fatigue and pay cuts ensured thereís little pride or goodwill in the airline now.

What sort of salary do they have at Air Astana, what ever it i, be rest assured [email protected]$ter will squeeze it even more to achieve his bonus, then move on again once heís destroyed the airline and its staffs morale and willingness to go the extra mile.

[email protected]$ter has never been a clever manager, he can only cut salaries and contract conditions. No skill required for that.
He will last 2-3 years there before moving on and leaving the mess he created for someone else to sort out.

The cycle begins again.
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Old 11th Oct 2005, 11:16
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BS Check your PMs

"Talking thru backside" BS? Insults dont achieve anything for anyone. Facts do. Check your PMs and you will see proof of every word I wrote.

In the absence of an acknowledgement to that effect I can of course post the technical content of the email on any public forum.

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Old 11th Oct 2005, 13:55
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Fat Albert, caution.

A smart player knows when to throw in a hand.
The royal flush has been dealt and awaiting play and you ain't holding anything near a hand of value. Same goes for your playing partner.
Hot air is just that, hot air.

Hey , maybe you deserve your day in the light
Enough of the threats - just post your silver bullet on any forum of your choosing. Before you do such though perhaps you may consider using more than a BB gun and, preferably before the action, get your own house in order lest ancillary parties get caught in the crossfire.

Last edited by fire wall; 11th Oct 2005 at 15:08.
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Old 11th Oct 2005, 14:41
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This topic has been, up to now, a model of professional probity. Let's not descend to the levels demonstrated in other forum such as Cypriot Airliner...etc

(I think I'll apply to be a moderator!)
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Old 11th Oct 2005, 16:38
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Seconded Bus429. If I had any idea what firewall was talking about I would respond. Maybe he would like to send me a PM and explain. No silver bullet, just proof of my earlier statement which BS chose to dispute in a less than professional manner.

Time for the mods to get involved I think.
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Old 12th Oct 2005, 08:36
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Cool Royal Brunei Mk.II

Royal Brunei Mk.I
25th June 2003 - 11th October 2005
441 Postings & 87413 Hits

With nobody to hold the rudder and several shots below the water line, there is still hope.

This once great airline will hopefully return to its former glory days, well almost.

The comments made on PPRuNe over the last few months have indeed brought to light some very serious issues.

I believe that they have also brought about some changes for the good.

Lets hope that we can still continue to have a professional and factual exchange of views.
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Old 12th Oct 2005, 11:18
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Royal Brunei Mk IV

Thats quite a number of posts and hits from such a small airline, with few staff, few ex staff, and few non related interested parties.

There have been several other threads on RBA that have faded into the past, one with 200 odd posts.

Why so many posts compared to much larger airlines.

Is it just whingers posting.

Its human nature to complain when things are wrong. who would be interested in reading post after post about a great airline where staff were happy and complementing everyone else, boring. Wouldnt we be envious of those staff though.

So many of the posts are negative.

Is that surprising. How often are you called into the office to be complemented on a job well done.

Yes pilot officer x, I have called you here today to thank you.
What for ?
Oh nothing in particular, just the 35 long haul trips youve completed this year without incident.

This is what is expected of you, nothing more to say. Give me a cash bonus anyway, not a pep talk.
People dont generally take time to put pen to paper to give everyone the warm fuzzies by patting each other on the back.

So if the managers were doing the same and everyone was contented, what would there be to say. Nothing, and any thread on RBA would be limited to rumors and news.

Sadly many are still waiting for that day. But its not too late if someone realised staff are the most important asset to a company.
There are rumours of new aircraft and with the departure of the CEO who was largely to blame for this, the time could be ripe for a change. Even if the rumours are just rumours as has happened in the past, now is still the time to take RBA back to its former glory.

Increase the pay scales, allowances, staff levels to where they should be. Bring back the pride staff felt working for RBA and the loss of staff to other airlines who benefit from their experience gained.

Will it help it to become profitable, well is it profitable now with all the pay cuts, fatigue of crews, ill feeling. There is no doubt, staffing levels in certain sections where safety is critical needs addressing, if staff cuts need to be made, look in other departments. If that is not an option, accept the losses of the past.

Its time to start a new game, we can either enjoy a game together, or management can continue to chase you around the court trying to hit you with the ball.

Rally for serve.

Last edited by tiredunfedup; 12th Oct 2005 at 12:23.
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Old 12th Oct 2005, 17:29
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Reminds me of the conversation I once had with a manager.

Him. "Now come on, you play ball with us........"

Me. "Yes, and you will stick the bat up my @rse!"

That was the cue for 5 consecutive FRA patterns.

I hope times have changed and things do improve for those of you that remain. I joined RBA in '96 and for the first few years I thought I would happily remain there until aged 60. I am glad I left when I did and have no regrets whatsoever but I do hope things pick up for those that remain behind.

There is still a small nucleus of good people in RBA who deserve better but when I left there were also too many snouts in a very small trough.

Best of luck.
Old 13th Oct 2005, 12:55
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Exclamation Just a General Word of Caution.

I would ask you all, be you pilots, engineers, current employees or ex employees to be extra careful about posting events and then adding your comments as 'facts' before the full and accurate story is known, particularly when you may be in one department and the area of your criticism is in another department. If you are unhappy with your employer then it is all too easy to grab at any event, however insufficiently reported, and run with it just to make a point. If you haven't got your facts 100% correct and in order then you have lost your point, made a fool of yourself and lost all creditability.

Please think at least twice before you hit the 'Send' button!


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Old 14th Oct 2005, 16:22
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87000+ hits in just three days, must be busy
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Old 16th Oct 2005, 06:51
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Geting The Fatcs 100% Corect

With respect Blue Eagle, may I point out that even an accident report, years in the making, by either the CASA, FAA, CAA or whoever, can get it wrong.

We all know the warning written at the bottom of this page. Who is going to give us "the full and accurate story" before we can comment?

Forgive me if I disagree that just because you have (not yet) the full story you loose the point, make a fool of yourself and loose "all creditability"

More often than not it takes quite a few posts in order for the fuller picture to come out. On the whole the posts on this site have been "on target" and it is only the odd Wally who passes through who lowers the tone.

From the title, do you know what I mean?
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Old 16th Oct 2005, 13:38
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Nasi Lemak
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Well said, Tango Foxtrot. Surely the "full and accurate story" can only come from those who are directly involved. Let them speak freely! Preferably before anyone gets to them to "edit" the story.
Old 16th Oct 2005, 17:02
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The full RBA story will only ever be told long after those whose guilt has caused its telling have ceased to be players. They each have their bolthole in Spain and the offshore account in the Caymen Islands to furnish their retirement plans. Worked for Rishworth? I am sure they are very grateful. Hired a car in Brunei? Thank you very much.

Nonetheless our respect should go to people such as JE who have stood alone with little public support to at least highlight the abuse, ineptitude and favouritism that was and remains a factor within an airline that should, and could still, be the best expat airline to work for in the world.

You know who you are, your time in the limelight is coming and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

With apologies to the decent guys still in the abode.
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Old 17th Oct 2005, 03:58
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With apologies to the decent guys still in the abode.
Thanks for that TA.
Let them speak freely!
Nice thought Nasi Lemak
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Old 17th Oct 2005, 13:09
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Suit No 60 - Brunei High Court


You wondered why the senior pilot who was sacked had decided to bring the case to court in Brunei. Unlike many of us, he is lucky, it turns out that he has legal insurance, indeed he sold medical insurance as well.

I often ment to take out some sort of medical insurance as the company dont cover you at all. having said that they once did for $500 per person, but this allowance was removed along with many other cutbacks, without notice.

That I should now think that legal insurance is more important than medical insurance is to be sure a daming testimonial of Flight Operations managers.
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Old 17th Oct 2005, 14:01
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"full and accurate story" can only come from those who are directly involved. Let them speak freely"!

So we are in agreement then, let those that do actually know what they are talking about do the talking.

In case it was missed I said that individual posters should make sure that THEIR facts were 100% correct, not that they should be in possesion of 100% of the facts.
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Old 17th Oct 2005, 19:18
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I think we are all singing from the same hymn sheet here BE. Maybe a fact could be "I heard in the bar from a mate of a mate whose sister is the DFOs secretary that..........." which is in fact no more than a rumour which is what this board is all about isn't it?

The rumour can then be confirmed or denied in subsequent postings. Deliberate posting of inaccurate "facts" is quite another thing and anyone guilty of such a transgression deserves no quarter and should imho be barred from the board.

Thanks btw for a moderators job well done in difficult circumstances.

Last edited by THINALBERT; 18th Oct 2005 at 04:57.
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Old 17th Oct 2005, 20:25
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As I sit here in the bar with the estimed Borneo Wild Man, We wish to reply to SlimJim about your misinterpretation of facts. I happen to be a line captain for the past few years, I have no desire to operate in the fleet office. Further more we are both dismayed at the negative comments from former RBA staff who have unfortunately been denied training positions and left under their own circumstances.

As far as BWN comments, I am no way a suck up. It amazes me that if someone has a positive attiude about life they are straight away cast as a suck up.

Bwn please PM me if you have a problem with this.
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