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cats200 29th Jan 2011 12:08

Last Date
Any idea what the last date of submission of the form was or is?? on the IGRUA letter it says 15th JAN.That deadline was for IGRUA students only or every 1??? :confused:

LbyD 29th Jan 2011 13:25

I think basic electricals are fine. Previous jet exam was all basic. I think they want to test just the general aviation knowledge. :cool:

PilotIndian737 29th Jan 2011 16:15

jet exam
jet airways written is on 24th feburary confirmed news.

cvchetan 29th Jan 2011 16:36

any reliable source to confirm??

sid89 29th Jan 2011 17:11

admit card
i called jet office admit card should be sent by 2 week of feb

cvchetan 29th Jan 2011 17:31

Did they tell any exam date??

fly.low 29th Jan 2011 17:40

admit card

will they post admit cards or e-mail us?

aviation_insider 29th Jan 2011 18:19

Post admit cards !!.. I have nothing personal against you sir but i can no longer stay without asking, that are you generally this stupid or is there some special occasion today?

Whats wrong with people here?? Some of the questions and info posted here is not only moronic but also utterly mind boggling. Some people are making so much wild assumptions as to the future hiring of a particular company as if they themselves are the owners. Bunch of other are more concerned about the T&C's of a company in which they have just applied rather than concentrating on studying itself.

and post cards... wow.. this just simply blew my lid off..

Now as the answer to your question sir.. they will send electronic mails which you will need to print using a printer and take the same piece of printed paper along with yourself to your designated center of written examination.

fly.low 30th Jan 2011 03:16


for ur kind information sir, there is huge difference between the meaning of "MAIL" & "E-MAIL"......

n i have read many posts here in which people r using "mail" instead of "e-mail" and this thing confusing me alot.....

i am attempting jet exam 4 d first time n have no idea about their procedures......

another thing Mr.aviation_insider, i joined this site so that i can clear my doubts regarding anything(related to aviation). N i dont care, if u think that i got stupid doubts.......N btw thanx to clear my doubt

sid89 30th Jan 2011 06:07

dont know about the exam date as per igrua link it sould be on 27 feb as its sunday on 27 and in aug atem paper was on 1 aug again sunday:confused:

cvchetan 30th Jan 2011 06:13

thats what i was thinking, but got confused because some one in earlier post said that he was confirmed abt 24th feb which i dont think is possible..

One reason for tht can be no center can be free on a thursday, it can be free only on a sunday...

Uniform. 30th Jan 2011 08:08

there might be many over here who appeared for jet attempt in Aug 2010, I request them to please post few que. types asked, especially NAV and Tech....!!

how abt indian meteorology??

Just to get an idea of que level...

albaajay 30th Jan 2011 13:24

Aug xam ques ....
Em jus puttin few questions here which i remember, was in Aug.... Pls correct me if ny question s wrong...

1 - by-pass ratio.
2 - 1 nm = ?
3 - longitude - east to west
4 - latitude - north south
5 - cabin pressure is set to - 8000 ft above msl
6 - wt 98 kg and a=10m/s2 and what is Force ?
7 - Equator is a G/C. It is also a _________.
8 - max thrust is at Propeller.
9 - effect of PNR if ff is reduced to 3%.
10 - effect of 90 deg crosswind in CP movement.
11 - Ram air turbine question
12 - Horizontally polarised em wave, e travels horizontally
13 - earth is heated by insolation,longwave radiation
14 - A/C descends from a higher altitude at constant IAS then MNo
15 - atmosphere is unstable when ELR is < > = SALR ?
16 - 2 questions on flight spoiler
17 - A/C generator are rated as KW KVA or VA
18 - Speed of Sound is 660.7 661.7 662.7 663.7
19 - 737 NG series - 600 700 800 900
20 - with permission of whome u can throw flowers from air
21 - V1 speed means

Uniform. 30th Jan 2011 14:42


i must say these are really very very basic que.
and if m not wrong calculators were not allowed last time, so no numerical with major calculation work.. right??

albaajay 30th Jan 2011 14:53

@ uniform.
yea... no need of calculators as der s no tuf numericals... its all basic questions.. but the mental ability tests, it really confuses u...

VT-ASB 30th Jan 2011 15:29

@ albaajay
thanks a lot mate !!
could you please also shed some light on these ability /aptitude tests

Uniform. 30th Jan 2011 16:04

please chek out this link and let us know if aptitude test had same sort of question or something different

Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

cats200 31st Jan 2011 05:46

Does any 1 remember what all questions were asked in the 1st paper(the one which had many ques on hydraulics) in the previous exam.

VictorFoxtrot 31st Jan 2011 08:00

Q. on hydraulics......1).Function of hydraulic accumulator....ans..to absorb pulsations within the system and to act as an emergency source of hydraulic power.
2)Emergency source of power in the braking system...ans...hydraulic accumulator..:ok:

albaajay 31st Jan 2011 11:51

@ uniform.
this is not xactly the type of mental aptitude questions previosly asked.. but its similar to this.. jus check out....

Analogy - Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

Cubes and Dice - Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

Figure Matrix - Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

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