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cadetpilotwannabe 3rd Feb 2010 15:19

Hi stuart,

good luck on yr interview tmr. Keep us updated! I will have mine next week. Which stage u are going tmr?

betpump5 4th Feb 2010 11:25

There has been "talk" about a "scheme" that caters for those with CPL ME/IR but nothing more than that.

To answer the question posed earlier, the reason why fATPLs and even fATPL FIs are applying to the "cadet" scheme is because this is the super-fast track to a 777 or A340 job at a pretty good airline.

Whether you respect this route, this "selling your soul" pathway (as many have said) to the shiney jet is a discussion that has bored me to death over the past few months. But the reality is that for Stuart (29 Newcastle) his options, if you can call it that, are very limited in England. BA are f**ked, easyJet only take CTC mugs for 6 months, and Ryanair wants £30K.

See it as you will.

nick185 4th Feb 2010 11:35

Just out of interest; does anyone know the pay during training (if any)? Or how long you have to work for CX for after.....questions I should of indeeded asked at interview but didnt think of them!


citation89 4th Feb 2010 16:12

@ lautzeyan

The recruitment is ongoing for the immediate future, but you never know what may happen.

There are currently courses starting roughly every 3 months, with the next one starting in March

@ Nick185

During training, you are looking at, I believe approx 110 Aussie dollars per week, but as you get food and accommodation paid, it is pretty reasonable.

There is no 'official' bond after training as they are illegal by Hong Kong law. Your SO hours will not be logged in Full, e.g. if you fly 8 hours, you wont log 8 hours, I believe you log half the hours. Also, If you wanted to move on, you in theory could, but only to an airline that operates with SO's, as other airlines do not look at SO hours. Also, as it is a HKCAD licence, you would have to do your own conversions etc


nick185 4th Feb 2010 17:49

Ahh I see, thanks :)

Sorry - one more question RE the licences - once you become a Jr F/O i.e. you starat doing take off's / approaches / landigns etc.... I assume you get a HK ATPL - how easy is it to convert to a 'standard' (if there is such a thing) ATPL???

citation89 4th Feb 2010 18:12

by normal i'm assuming you mean JAA?

I'm not 100% sure, someone else can probably give you a better idea. I do know it would involve doing all the ground school and exams, but to what extent extra flying is needed, i'm not too sure


Speedbird2263 5th Feb 2010 16:01

Still on a wing and a prayer
Now 3 month's and still waiting for a whisper :)

bfsalphaone 5th Feb 2010 16:43

Feb London Interviews
Anyone got any idea when we are likely to hear the result of the London interviews held this week?

happyguy99 6th Feb 2010 05:52

Hi, during an interview, I was asked a question which mentioned an allowance of AU$50.00 per week for a cadet.

CaptainCourageous au 6th Feb 2010 06:43

Heard back a couple of weeks back and was successful in gettting to the second round. Heading over to HKG this coming week. Done a lot of prep but still not entirely sure what to expect. Any tips from those who have been through the process or those “in the know”?

biggles152 6th Feb 2010 17:30

Feb London Interviews
at the interview they only told me "we will let you know as soon as possible", so I am hoping that means early next week!

cadetpilotwannabe 7th Feb 2010 10:10

JKI Test
Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I am currently preparing my JKI test. I will have the test this month. Any advice for me?

nick185 7th Feb 2010 12:59

I got asked alot about their fleet - such as what aircraft have winglets (and why...)
which aircraft go where etc....

If you do a bit of extra reading around the JIK then it definatly makes a good impression (it did for me anyway!)

What stage are you at?


cadetpilotwannabe 7th Feb 2010 14:11

Thanks Nick. I am in stage 1B now. So, they ask such questions in the JKI test or during the interview?

cadetpilotwannabe 7th Feb 2010 15:45

btw Nick, can you tell me which CX aircraft have Winglet?

correct me if i am wrong.

With Winglet:

B747- 400
B747 400 BCF
B747 400 Freighter
B747 400ERF
A340 300
A330 300

nick185 7th Feb 2010 17:12

They ask questions in both - you will have to go into much more detail in the interview though - as much detail as you can..

I think so - have a look on airliners.net and see if you can find any 777 with winglets - i dont think that there are though

happyguy99 7th Feb 2010 18:25

You are correct, neither the Boeing 777 - 200/300/300ER have winglets.

cadetpilotwannabe 9th Feb 2010 15:27

Airbus vs Boeing
one more question, I am wondering what this the different between Airbus and Boeing? Is there any website or post i can read [email protected]@?

nick185 9th Feb 2010 15:54

Airbuss = European
Boeing = US

Look on the boeing & airbus websites and look up the aircraft that CX use

flynhigh 9th Feb 2010 17:04

I think B777 have different type of winglets called Raked winglets... Its been 3 years since I interviewed with CX so I could be wrong. But look at B777-300 wing and you will see what I talking about. Good luck to all of you.:ok:

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