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Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme

South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme

Old 19th Oct 2013, 12:33
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Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but what will you do when you get an answer?

If they take into account how long its been are you going to go do some flying beforehand?

If they don't take into account how long its been are you going to do some flying beforehand?

Why are you asking this and how will it change your preparation?

Why would either answer change your preparation if you want this job?

If you don't do additional flying beforehand how are you going to answer the question I am sure you will be asked. You really want to be a pilot, why did you only do ten hours and nothing since for 4 years?

You may say money, a PPL is very doable for anyone with initiative over a period of 4 years even if you live in HKG, if you don't even easier. Do you not have initiative to even get a PPL, and you want us to hire you?

So now your thinking maybe I should do some extra flying as that is a hard question to answer. Now does it matter if they take into account how long ago you last flew? How are you going to prepare differently?

Some of the questions I see posted here just seem to be from worried kids, is this really who we are recruiting?

I can tell you that with 10 hours it is irrelevant if you are given the toughest test or the easiest, if they take into account how long its been or not. The guy sitting next to you will know very easily by the end of that flight if you have aptitude, hand eye coordination and ability to learn. What they get you to do is irrelevant, its how you do it and improve that is what matters.
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Old 19th Oct 2013, 12:56
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Good points. I guess it doesn't really matter but i just thought it would help to know what to expect (and hence why people read PPRuNe). Thanks for your input.
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Old 19th Oct 2013, 21:24
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Less than 15hrs: Basic Grading (G115 GROB)
1.) Effects of Control
2.) Straight and Level
3.) Climb and Descend + Medium Level Turn
4.) Stall, Steep Turn and Wingover
5.) Upper air circuits
6.) Circuits
7.) Final Assessment

15-25hrs: Intermediate Grading
all 7 basic grading flights (G115 Grob) + 3 aerobatics (CAP10)

25-250hrs: Advanced Grading (3 flights using G115 GROB, another 3 flights using IGATE SIM (Kingair B200)
1.) Straight and Level, Climb and Descend, Stall, Medium Level and Steep Turn, Wingover
2.) Same as above + 2 Normal Circuits + 1 Flapless Circuit
3.) Same as 2.) + 1 Practice Force Landing (PFL) + 2 Glide circuits
4.) Basic Instrument Flying + point to point navigations
5.) Basic Instrument Flying + point to point navigations + ILS Landings
6.) Final Assessment

that's the info I got from someone who went to FTA for CX cadet program in 2010, hope it helps!
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 07:27
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AE22 start date?

So October hath cometh... Any AE/TT guys/gals heard any news about a start date?
I along with 2 others completed flight grading in August 2012 with a start date of 28/11/2012 until it was postponed until somewhere between October '13 to January '14.
Any news/rumors/hunches etc would be most welcomed
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Old 22nd Oct 2013, 03:25
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Stage 2 on 28 nov

Is there anyone will have their Stage 2 on 28-Nov? Wanna meet up for some kinda practices?
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Old 22nd Oct 2013, 15:52
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How about Stage 2 on Nov 12?
I got 4 in my group now. Should be 6 in total.
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Old 24th Oct 2013, 05:06
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stage 2 on 11 Nov anyone?
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Old 24th Oct 2013, 06:56
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stage 2 on 11nov

corn leaf, pm-ed

Last edited by hklovers; 24th Oct 2013 at 06:57.
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Old 28th Oct 2013, 06:08
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Second officer program delay

Guys i have cleared stage 1 last October and was put on hold till this October and now when i tried to get some update those guys are still not certain about it ! Any one of you guys (Who is not a holder of HKID and not from HK) tried to get update on as to when is the program going to start ?
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Old 28th Oct 2013, 22:15
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^ I'm in the same boat. I did the interview in Vancouver, BC and I'm awaiting the final interview. I emailed the flight recruitment several times throughout the year, but no reply. If there's an update let me know as well!
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Old 29th Oct 2013, 01:34
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My update is if your waiting for CX to call you then it might be a while yet. I would suggest looking for a job with different operator.

I have nothing to base that on other than there was supposed to be announcement this month and none has been given. This would indicate that they still have no idea how many pilots they need or when they need them.

Don't wait too long.
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Old 29th Oct 2013, 03:19
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Chute et al

It's not about numbers. CX have a clear business plan and growth strategy.

The Hong Kong Immigration department will not allow CX to recruit outside of HKG PERMANENT ID CARD HOLDERS while there are still applicants from inside HKG or those that have right of permanent abode in HKG.

If you're not a HKG(P)ID card holder, irrespective of experience, don't hold your breath, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. The website splurge is fluff, the sole intent to keep a ready pool of hopefuls in case things change with the HKG Immigrations attitude.

Basing (now there's an interesting word) your future career plans on a single employers diaphanous PR is foolhardy.

Until growth is affected by a lack of suitable local lads and ladies, nothing will happen.
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Old 29th Oct 2013, 12:18
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Why ask the question when the ans in chiseled in the pages of this thread and for Goodness sake you already knew the answer.

Would an Indian airline hire Ab-Initio kids from HK?

"still have no idea how many pilots they need or when they need them. "
Don't worry they do know.

People can't seem to absorb the fact that the non-HKID stream is dead-in-the water. Meanwhile cadets are even coming from the HYAA, so correct don't hold your breath.
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Old 29th Oct 2013, 15:03
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Cathay AE worth it?

Hey guys,

New here so bare with me, just wanted to ask a few questions regarding the Cathay Pacific AE, but before we get there I'll just state my background:
I'm a HKPID holder having moved here in the late 80's, I've applied once before to the Cathay pacific Cadet programme a while back and got rejected even before the first stage.
However since then I've decided to get my CPL Cert. IV licence in Melbourne through self sponsorship, which is going to start in Feb 14 and hopefully should be completed within an year or a year and half if I choose to do the MEIR as well, which I am probably going to do to maximise my chances.
Anyways, I wanted to ask if it's worth applying to Cathay Pacific after reading a few articles on this forum regarding pay cuts and the housing allowance being cut (for people in HK that's probably the main gripe) or would it be better to apply for one of the aussie carriers? (My missus is coming with me and she's gotten her skilled migrant visa so I can piggy back on that as a spouse which will allow me to work in Oz)
Lastly, if I do decide to apply for Cathay AE and if somehow am accepted, what should I expect in terms of the interview/practical course? as well as will I have to come back to HK (for interviews I don't mind) for a while before being sent to Adelaide for Cathay's training in FTA?


P.s. The CPL with MEIR will equate to around 350+ Hrs in the log - and I don't mind racking up a few hundred more hrs after the course is done in a Multi-engined aircraft at my own expense.
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Old 29th Oct 2013, 15:29
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how is the difficulty on the reasoning tests?
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Old 30th Oct 2013, 02:32
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Reasonably difficult

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Old 30th Oct 2013, 14:32
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smart answer for dumb question
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Old 31st Oct 2013, 03:53
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Capt Underpants

I think most of what you say is correct apart from the fact that it's only Ab Initio non HKID card holder applicants that the HK Immigration has a problem with.

The reason for the locals only recruitment at the moment is because CX grossly miscalculated how many SO's they needed hence a huge number who have interviewed and or passed flight grading waiting for start dates. They no longer need more than a trickle for now so locals will be able to make the numbers. Even if your local and qualify for the AE course you will have to sit through the whole ab course with the no timers as there aren't enough locals with hours to run the AE course.

If CX was so forward thinking and visionary they wouldn't have interviewed so many people in the first place. It's not immigration causing the problem it's HR not doing the numbers properly and screwing everyone around.

One poster here a few months back said he had never seen so many SO's on the bottom of the seniority list. No upgrades and no new planes means no movement.
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Old 31st Oct 2013, 04:59
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Many things wrong with your post.

The very issue that the HK Immigration department is that there are locals waiting to be selected and trained and until there are no longer locals willing to take the job, no visas for non locals. Period.

Regarding a massive, stagnant pool of SOs, also not true. The course that CX has chosen is one of cadet intakes, nothing else, so all have to go through the system, the whole system, from induction, ab intio, Adelaide, CX induction, SO training, ad nauseum. No exceptions.

My colleagues and I are flat out training SOs at every level, but the experience and aptitude just isn't there, so it's taking much much longer than in the past, and our system has yet to adjust for that.
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Old 31st Oct 2013, 06:56
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Hello again Capt,

When I was doing my stage 2 I was told that not enough locals were getting through the various stages of testing. Most got chopped at stage one but many were also getting the flick at stage 2 and flight grading. This would mean that there isn't a shortage of applicants but a shortage of people getting past the testing.

I would like to add that in my group only 1 person had less than 1000 hours so I don't think we were the "250 hour wonder kids" often referred to on PPRuNe. CX could set the bar at 1000 hours for advanced entry and still get mountains of applications. This may fix some of your training problems maybe?

Are you suggesting that the number of SO's Cathay has at the moment won't be sufficient to crew flights in the near future? If that is the case then will CX again take expats or just lower the standard to get more through the door?
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