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buy yourself a 737 job in HK!!

South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

buy yourself a 737 job in HK!!

Old 18th Jul 2006, 10:20
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I did check my PM's thanx.

One prospective candidate to ASG:

" As a FAA CPL holder, i do not need to undergo an MCC course (it is not required by the FAA) or take the course at an apporved JAA facility such as Lufthansa.I can provide my own B737-800 Type Rating before applying for this position, would I still need to pay €40000? or will Ihave a reduced price? Thanks for your answer"

ASG's Answer?

There is a difference between flying in the US and elsewhere.
Company wants the pilots to have the MCC (Multi Crew Coordination course completed).
Also the trainingcenter does not want to type you if you do not have the MCC course completed.
Sure I also know a lot of training facilities where you can get your typerating. However CAD (Hongkong Civil Aviation Authorities have to recognize the trainingfacility prior to you can take the typerating otherwise they do not accept it on your Hongkong licenses and you cannot fly.
Some captains that are responding have to hand over the full training documents on order to get it on the Hongkong licenses and even some have to pass a short exam if they are missing an item the CAD wants to have on the record.
Sorry for this but it is as it is and company makes the rules and we only can follow them or leave it for what it is.

Still no comments

Big Fat Clemenza

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Old 19th Jul 2006, 01:56
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Not sure what aother commments there are to give.

The HKG CAD will required any candidate to submit a heap of paper work to get there 528 excemption for ANY airline.. IE CX , kA, CR..

The Only approved B738 training centres air BNE and ICN. NOT LH.

The guy is full of Sh*t..

It's like trying to argue the sky is pink.. The guy can keep saying it's pink as much as he wants.. it's simply not true.
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Old 19th Jul 2006, 03:06
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Urgh... not this guy again..

I almost got suckered into ASG when I was a newbie...

They were pushing for the 'hard sell' everytime I emailed and spoke to them..

They can smell the scent of newbie... much like a shark smells blood... a mile away...
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Old 19th Jul 2006, 09:02
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Thumbs down Very Suspect

I rang this guy this afternoon. (About 09:20AM his time) I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt and hear what he had to say.

He answered the phone as if I woke him up.
He didn’t identify himself. (Company or Person)
He asked for my experience out-line, which I gave.
He wanted me to send my resume. However I said I wanted some basic details like Pay & Conditions, & the Operator involved first. He said, “It doesn’t work like that”. When I required some info / any info, he shouted, “your wasting my time” and hung up in my ear.

ALL OTHER RECRUITMENT AGENTS GIVE YOU (even advertise) Pay & Conditions, & the Operator involved.
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Old 19th Jul 2006, 10:31
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You're toast

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Old 19th Jul 2006, 11:32
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I think I'd actaully start to see the logic behind this kind of operation all I need to do now is find an airline who might actively be looking for nice stewardesses...

The relevant CAD and company require a bikini contest, wet t-shirt race and a phone number :
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Old 19th Jul 2006, 13:45
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CR - No Agents

Nose Gear is right on the money.

CR have no relationship with any Pilot agency...Unless some manager is moonlighting
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Old 26th Jul 2006, 16:17
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In defense to ASG, the job will NOT be in CR airlines.
It is a different airline in HK.
Maybe this people are f****!, but you guys get informed first
uh! I almost forgot...... this HK company DOES require an approved MCC!!!!!! it is on their webpage.
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Old 26th Jul 2006, 16:21
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which airline is it then?
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Old 26th Jul 2006, 16:24
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maybe otto will inform you, as he did to me.

the thing is I am not with otto, because on the airline´s website, you can see that they are taking F-O´s with 2000TT and MCC, and these lucky pilots will get the type rating for free, not paying a dollar.

It is very unfair, that paying they will lower the minimuns.

Oh, aviation is like hell, isn´t it?
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Old 26th Jul 2006, 16:39
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There isn't any other airlines operate B737NG other than CR and HKE in HK.
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Old 26th Jul 2006, 17:07
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Quite evident, dear Watson, if it is not black, it is white.......

:-) the heat is driving me mad, heat plus pilot job applications online, oh dear!
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 10:22
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Ok bait taken. I will admit I was entertaining going for thid and have indeed sent my details.

The airline is Hong Kong Express. I smelled a rat some time ago, reason being that on an Australian website HKE are advertising themselves, they do want an MCC and it is for the 737-800. My imediate thought was that they dont mention paying for a type rating.

I will try applying direct see what happens.

Apparently the interview will invole guys coming out from HK to Germany and a sim ride also, could be worth going to the sim just for the experience.

Thanks guys glad I have this info now.
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 13:59
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u're welcome
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Old 27th Jul 2006, 14:31
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This is what I wrote to him:

So your into Hong Kong now for the 737.....Don't worry we all know how much of a scam artist you are!!!! We will all post on Avcanada, Climbto350 and PPRuNe about your scaming ways!

You are a crook, F**k off.

His Response:

Well at least you could not join in 2000 and still have the same attitude.
Just have fun, still not flying?? I guess no time as you only can waste time.
Further on same to you.
Oh by the way you know anything about law suits for scam??????

I almost got suckered into his scam a few years ago. I was interested but did not have the money he wanted. Anyway I wrote him back and we shall see what he says.

Unfortunately, he will scam some young ones who do not know any better. All it takes is a few years of hard work to get your career off the ground! He is praying on the ones who want it now!!!!


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Old 27th Jul 2006, 15:35
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Man I'm impressed
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Old 8th Aug 2006, 15:18
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Thumbs up

Hi everybody,

Just a report from me: I did ASG jet program.

My experience is: a good program to get your (jet) hours. In one year I flew in the USA almost 800 hours in a Learjet 25D. One of the best times in my life! I flew daily to beautiful places in the Caribbean and USA.

I have a great job in st. Maarten right now thanks to ASG! One of my friends is doing the B737 program with ASG, right now he hasn’t heard anything yet.
So all the people who say bad things about ASG….. have you experienced it yourself??

Otto did with me only good things.

PM me if you want more information.

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Old 8th Aug 2006, 15:37
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Very interesting to see that your first post is on such a subjects as defending c people as Mr Otto V who least said have a bad reputation. First question comes to mind is this perhaps Otto himself or does this dude don't want his friends to know he's doing this.

There are several stories out in the open of people washing Learjets for over a year without getting a single hour on the plane...This happened to an old friend of mine as well. And there have been enough articles in his homeland about this guy unfortunately these are in Dutch and not suitable to post on an English Board.

Doing a quick background check (chamber of commerce) and I must admit I couldn't find any company at the address of his website.
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Old 8th Aug 2006, 15:39
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First post eh. I personally would take the word over someone who has had a bad experience with an organisation over someone who appears a mole.

By the way tone down the font. It gives me a headache.
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Old 8th Aug 2006, 15:44
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Makes me wonders why there is no Chamber of Commerce number on his site couldn't find his company either on the database in Chamber of Commerce (in Holland) Is this because he wants to evade income tax as well.
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