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[email protected] attacks on Aircraft

Old 28th Oct 2008, 09:45
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I was "[email protected]" twice on short finals in 4 days 3 weeks ago...

ATC and Police informed both times.

No doubt the yobs are still at large.

I'm pleased to hear what lasernigel says although I still won't take any chances...
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Old 28th Oct 2008, 09:53
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SR, where did you get done?
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Old 28th Oct 2008, 10:33
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2 sepparate SIA aircraft were green [email protected] on short finals at Mali - Maldives last month. The [email protected] was used by someone on a boat.
Seems to be happening all over the show.
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Old 28th Oct 2008, 11:52
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Adam, I am an astronomer too and a pilot. Absolutely no problem using [email protected] as long as you just make sure you are steering clear of aeroplanes. If you can't see aeroplanes well, the effect of the [email protected] is unlikely to be severe. You really have to be specifically targeting the cockpit to really hit the windows, so idly pointing out objects in the sky is realistically no danger whatsoever.
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Old 30th Oct 2008, 21:15
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Earlier this week, Mr Ben Vout, unemployed, from Clevleand, UK, appeared before magistrates court charged with endangering two aircraft, a KLM flight into Durham Tees Valley and the police helicopter which was dispatched to search for him.

The court decided that the matter was so serious that it would need referral to Crown Court. I dont want to concern Mr Vout unduly, but Mr Big Bubba from cell 39A finds him quite attrractive.
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 01:43
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Some little git decided it would be fun to shine one at our flight out of LPL tonight. Thankfully I wasn't looking directly at it at the time, but I was shocked at how powerful and bright it was (the entire cockpit lit up and it was quite dazzling). We informed ATC immediatley, and I really hope they catch the culprit, before something nasty happens.
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 03:19
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I was [email protected] last night landing in Muscat , 2nd time in a month . The Police are keen to catch the person and I am helping them with coordinates etc .
The problem , as usual , is the open sale of the [email protected] in various outlets.
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 07:53
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@Rhythm Methode
We too got "[email protected]" while on radar vectors into London City on tuesday. At 4000ft overflying a village we noticed a green light and seconds after it was directed at our cockpit and following us for a time. Allthough the light was moving erraticly all ver the cockpit (due to the enlarged effect of an unsteady hand), the spread of the ligth at that altitude was enough to keep the cockpit in a nice shade of green all the tim ethe ligth was pointed at us. We were also amazed by the brightness, allthough as far as we were concerned, it did not harm our sight, but then again, we did not look straight into it.

Offcourse reported it to ATC, but since it came from the middle of a village (which name I do not know), I do not have any doubt nothing will happen and that green light will be seen more often. It probably was an "innocent" "oops-I-did- not-know-it-had-that-effect" thing, but people should know better then pointing a [email protected] (of any light) at an aircraft....
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 08:57
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e-Bay restricting sale of "Powerful" [email protected] from tomorrow

e-Bay have announced :

Hazardous materials policy [email protected] pointers
From 1st November we'll be extending our Hazardous Materials policy to include [email protected] pointers.
Listings of hand-held [email protected] with an output of more than 1mW are generally not permitted on eBay. The only exceptions to this policy are club/disco/'rave' type [email protected], which may generally be listed, even if their output is greater than 1mW. For further information on [email protected] safety, please visit the HPA website.
Of course the more powerful types can stil be purchased while on holiday and be brought back home in a suitcase of course, but at least e-Bay seem to be showing a responsible attitude

Meanwhile I would suggest that all pilots subject of such "attacks" that are of concern to them, report the details to ATC, asking that the information is passed to local Police - after all the offence of "Endangering an aircraft" is an "Arrestable offence" which the Police should be keen to deal with ( and improve their detection figures ).

Now here's a novel idea - why don't ATC collate all these reports and pass them on to the local Police Air Support Unit - who are the most likely Police department to take notice and do something about it - especially if there is a pattern of attacks that can be identified ( e.g. at a certain time from the same location etc )

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Old 31st Oct 2008, 18:24
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I had a [email protected] pointer shone in my eyes whilst driving my car at night. Not only does it "temporarily" blind you it chuffing hurts!

I still had problems seeing properly the next morning but the effects soon wore off.
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 18:26
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Adam, how did you know there were no planes in the area, etc..?

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Old 1st Nov 2008, 17:18
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What's needed is a decoy aircraft with a steerable and powerful [email protected] on it. When problems are reported, get the decoy to fly an approach and if it gets illuminated from the ground, automatically target its own [email protected] on the source and give the perp a taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end.
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 20:09
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...and perhaps drop something on the perpetrator that feels like a plane crash - perhaps that will have these idiots running to mummy..

It needs new legislation
A) The sale of these items needs to be restricted including auction sites, with the capability they have,something similar to firearms laws.
B) Regarding the treatment of the people who choose to aim these at airliners; After all, what can they hope to achieve by doing this, erh.. bring the airliner down.
Therefore minimum 20 years, no parole to life.
It is in effect,attempted mass murder - and sentencing should reflect that.
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 20:35
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> how did you know there were no planes in the area, etc..?

See and avoid works well under the conditions described: astronomy -- night time, dark-adapted, clear sky.

Aircraft lights stand out quite well against that background, and you can hear them coming early enough to close the shutter on the time exposure to avoid having those red and green and white streaks across the picture.

I doubt someone's figured out how to fly silent unlit gliders at night.

Astronomy amateurs wanting to be careful can get the aircraft navigation maps
Area Control Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
to make sure you're not in a regular flight path, and those will also give you the areas where flight is controlled, a good way to tell where to expect airplanes regularly.

Handy site:

(Purple on the map marks [email protected] operations for aircraft to avoid -- up to 60,000 feet elevation in this example)

Cue Crocodile Dundee: "You call that a [email protected]? THIS is a [email protected] ..."

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Old 1st Nov 2008, 20:54
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Unhappy this is just ridiculous . . . . . !

I know that they change from time to time, but why can the PPRuNe powers that be not prevent the adverts I can see ON THIS PAGE right now . . . . .

. . . . . yes, you've guessed it - - - for [email protected] PENS, from E-BAY.

Example Associating adverts with the context of the discussion is all very well, but have the owners of this site no scruples AT ALL ?????
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 22:59
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Angry can you really believe this . .. . . . . ?

Within the last few days moderators have actually deleted posts in the "Medical and Health" forum, because (allegedly) they contained adverts for a "colour blindness cure". I say 'allegedly' because such a cure is almost certainly impossible and out of the question.

But then on this thread (of all threads ! ) this is what is allowed

Maxson Technologies - [email protected], Security Technology, and just plain fun stuff!

Disgusting, shameful, greedy, money-grabbing PPRuNe bosses - - this is pure and simple DOUBLE STANDARDS.

I'll see myself out . . . . . . . presumably the ban will not be long in coming.
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 23:08
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This high powered 600mw [email protected] is outrageously bright. For those of you not familiar with high powered green [email protected], it will blow your mind.
"As advertised on PPRuNe"
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 00:01
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Ads by Google Cutting Edge Green [email protected]
Worlds Most Powerful Handheld [email protected] North American Service and Warranty
[email protected]: Blue & Green [email protected] Pointer, Alignment & Lab [email protected]
I spotted that too and thought it inappropriate, though I suspect the ads are auto-generated to associate with phrases or words in the text.
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 00:10
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It's not easy to control/specify or moderate those Google ads, that's why a forum I Mod & help Administer doesn't have them... we have much less members than here with much lower wage earners yet find that we can still raise the funds in a day or two after a quick call for donations every year... it's nice to be independent of commercial pressures... ah well!
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 09:39
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The Google Ads don't need to be moderated by the site owner. It is perfectly possible to arrange with Google for certain categories of ads to be excluded.
This already happens e.g. for sites associated with a particular product to prevent advertisements for competitors.
It just needs willingness (a) to do it and (b) to accept a small reduction in income.
I wonder which is the case here?
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