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grizzled 1st Jun 2021 17:01

What is it about this investigation that is either "seriously embarrassing" or "deadly slow"? KNKT released a preliminary report 30 days after the accident (as per ICAO Annex 13 SARPs). The final report will likely take almost a full year to complete (possibly longer). Most of the "embarrassing" accident reports I've seen are because they were rushed or otherwise not thorough enough. Official aircraft accident reports are:
A. Extraordinarily complex investigations, and
B. Not intended to appease readers of pprune.

sceh 2nd Jun 2021 06:36

I naively assumed that since there is a preliminary report already, the connection of the dots with a CVR should be straightforward. Clearly I am wrong.

FlyingStone 2nd Jun 2021 06:53

Preliminary report has to normally be published within 30 days of the incident/accident, but the full investigaton might take many months or even years after that, depending on the complexity of the case.

If you've read any of their reports, you would see that NTSC (Indonesia's investigating comitee) is amongst the best in the world, unfortunately partly due to the amount of practice they get investigating incident and accidents. Your criticism is unfounded here.

hoistop 2nd Jun 2021 13:50


This (mal)practice is not constrained to "Third world" only. Am aware of EU operator with suspiciously "clean" Technical Logbook (zero tech snags) but with some little Post-it yellow slips sticked around cockpit.

sceh 10th Jun 2021 10:47


Indeed their reports are very detailed and pull few punches and cover all aspects including ones around people and maintenance and management

DaveReidUK 12th Jun 2021 13:24

If a Probable Cause has been identified and that has resulted in one or more Safety Recommendations to mitigate the chances of a repetition, those can be (and often are) made during the course of the investigation. They don't have to wait for the Final Report.

There have been two Safety Recommendations to date from the current investigation.

retired guy 14th Jun 2021 08:36

Dave. Can you provide the safety recommendations please? I can’t find them
in this thread. Many thanks.

DaveReidUK 14th Jun 2021 10:05

retired guy

KNKT recommends the DGCA to include a requirement of UPRT in the CASR and to develop guidance to increase the effectiveness of UPRT.

KNKT recommends the DGCA to review the requirements of notification of rescue coordination center in the CASR 170 to ensure that the requirement is in accordance with the standards in ICAO Annex 11.

mikehallam 20th Oct 2021 11:38

Has anyone more recently seen/heard of any new info./findings for the cause yet ?

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