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OPENDOOR 6th Nov 2019 09:22

GA aircraft to be equipped with autoland
A passenger activated auto land system; what could possibly go wrong? It basically, transmitting blind, grants itself permission to enter controlled airspace and attempt a landing at what could be a major international airport.

Garmin Autoland to Permit Emergency Touchdowns for General Aviation Planes

"Once activated the system calculates a flight plan to the most suitable airport, initiates an approach to the runway and automatically lands the aircraft without pilot or passenger intervention,"

ShyTorque 6th Nov 2019 09:27

As a helicopter pilot I doubt it will ever do me out of a job.

Fostex 6th Nov 2019 09:50

Much like the CAPS system in Cirrus aircraft this is a tool to be used in exceptional circumstances. Probably better than a passenger with no experience of handling a GA aircraft or radio-telephony sticking it into a smoking hole in the ground.

If I was a controller at a busy airport with a GA aircraft with an incapacitated pilot in the zone, I would much rather that an auto-pilot was flying a published arrival to the airfield and making radio calls, even if those calls were blind. That way the aircraft is flying in a stable and known approach and everyone else can be vectored out of the way!

Capt Fathom 6th Nov 2019 10:26

Originally Posted by OPENDOOR (Post 10612007)
A passenger activated auto land system; what could possibly go wrong?

Typical knee jerk reaction! You havenít been following this in the aviation media have you!
A potential life saving device. Hopefully it will not be needed.

BRE 6th Nov 2019 10:27

Wouldn't that require the GA airplane to have servos for control surfaces and throttle?

JRK 6th Nov 2019 10:40

I am of a view, that these kind of things will lead to further pilot skill deterioration and more poor quality decisions. These hyper safety drives underestimate an important psychological aspect: if you know you have a failsafe like this on your aircraft - a magic bail out button - you are more likely to make reckless decisions and have a slack approach to your flying. Same thing with the GA aircraft parachute systems. Just my opinion.

Capt Fathom 6th Nov 2019 10:41

Probably not so JRK.
In my case, despite still holding a Class One Medical, I am not prepared to fly single pilot in light aircraft, especially with family onboard.
Access to an aircraft with CAPS or Autoland could change my mind, but unfortunately not available to me at present.

Garmin Video.
It requires the aircraft to be equipped with the Garmin 3000 Avionics and Autothrottle.

ATC Watcher 6th Nov 2019 10:59

Great stuff for those who can afford it. Because unlike a ballistic parachute that can be fitted relatively cheaply in a Cirrus or any ultra light for less than 10.000 $ , according the website this kit is 300.000 $ on new and possibly over half a million as retrofit,
But I guess it is more PR to offer something different to new buyers, than actually a need that will be saving lots of lives . How many such cases are there per year of incapacitated single pilot in Business GA aircraft ? , not talking about C172 or PA28s.., those will never get this gadget..

Fostex 6th Nov 2019 12:01

Keep in mind that a £400 DJI drone one can purchase from an Apple Store has more sophisticated inertial, GPS and computer vision based guidance than a multi-million missile from 10-20 years ago. These systems will come down in price.

The only paradox is that, as ATC Watcher pointed out, the aircraft most likely to suffer single pilot incapacitation, e.g. small GA aircraft with Class 2 certified PIC, are the aircraft least likely to be fitted with this system.

cessnapete 6th Nov 2019 12:19

Read the article RTFQ. It only applies to a/c with full Garmin 3000 A/P and A/T at moment.
Tested on Cirrus Jet and Piper M600.

what next 6th Nov 2019 12:46

Originally Posted by cessnapete (Post 10612129)
It only applies to a/c with full Garmin 3000 A/P and A/T at moment.
Tested on Cirrus Jet and Piper M600.

Yes. What is the probability that one of these aircraft and an incapacitated pilot share the same moment in space and time? It may never be used in real life. Unless the pilots of these aircraft use it for their normal landings as well...
Still, it I could afford to fly around in a 2M$ aircraft privately it would probably give me some extra peace of mind to know that my passengers are cared for in the best possible way just in case.

733driver 6th Nov 2019 13:07

Posted this yesterday in the tech log section: https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/6269...ut-needed.html

c52 6th Nov 2019 13:19

Would have stopped the Germanwings disaster.

Beamr 6th Nov 2019 13:23

Originally Posted by c52 (Post 10612171)
Would have stopped the Germanwings disaster.

Can't see that, but would've saved Helios.

physicus 6th Nov 2019 13:30

Add auto takeoff and we can do away with all those knobs and buttons. And the persons claiming to fly the things. :)

jugofpropwash 8th Nov 2019 06:25

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 10612173)
Can't see that, but would've saved Helios.

Would have saved the plane, but what condition were the passengers in by that point?

Beamr 8th Nov 2019 06:29

Originally Posted by jugofpropwash (Post 10613689)
Would have saved the plane, but what condition were the passengers in by that point?

In better condition than in current outcome?

DingerX 8th Nov 2019 06:58

On loss of cabin pressure, it automatically kicks and requires being overridden. It also does so if it thinks the pilot is acting all VFR-in-IMC. Just hope that the guy who emergency autolanded ahead of you has a greater stopping distance.

neilki 9th Nov 2019 00:54

My company had a nasty TCAS experience when a Corp Jet ‘auto descended’ following a loss of cabin pressure... as an active Cirrus instructor I love the technology but hopefully the airport it chooses has the capacity to handle HAL inbound...

Longtimer 9th Nov 2019 03:11

Automatic autoland but I sure hope it also communicates with ATC etc......

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