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ricardian 13th Aug 2014 23:54

Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane'
BBC report

A pilot lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land, an accident report has said.
Belfast City Airport

Zeppelin 14th Aug 2014 00:24

far more important that everything was stabilised at the 'gate' :zzz:

oceancrosser 14th Aug 2014 07:04

Class 1 medical with a prosthetic arm?

Fostex 14th Aug 2014 07:04

I always thought such a disability would preclude holding a Class 1, obviously not!

Medical certification of pilots with a disability | Medical | Personal Licences and Training

DaveReidUK 14th Aug 2014 07:09

Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane'
The BBC's Daily Mail-type headline makes it sound as if the pilot shed his prosthetic limb, which wasn't the case.

ATC Watcher 14th Aug 2014 07:11

Medicals : Lots of exceptions possible but assessed on individual basis.
Quite normal.

cleanair 14th Aug 2014 07:33

equal opportunities?
Please don't take this as a personal attack on this or any other person with a disability, but had this pilot had two good arms I presume this could not have happened?
What about the passengers equal opportunities? :confused:

ChickenHouse 14th Aug 2014 07:43

Do I understand correctly? Being a pilot with an artificial arm or leg ist possible, but with a transplant not, due to the medication needs? Something like for avionics "detachable parts don't have to be TSO'ed"?

goudie 14th Aug 2014 08:02

Sorry, but I do not wish to be flown by someone with bits missing.
There was an RAF Britannia captain who had only one eye. He seemed to do ok. I flew with him an several occasions.

ManaAdaSystem 14th Aug 2014 08:31

He obviously had a class one medical, and that must have been granted after careful consideration of his ability to control the aircraft.
The problem is this, he just proved that he can't do that in all situations, so I expect the medical to go bye bye.

Doors to Automatic 14th Aug 2014 08:50

I'm sorry, call me old fashioned and I am sure this is an excellent pilot but having four working limbs should be a fundamental requirement of the Class 1, after all up to 80 lives are at stake here!

ROSCO328 14th Aug 2014 08:54

I'm with the above. Was amazed when my wife showed me this article.

Above The Clouds 14th Aug 2014 09:00

Doors to Automatic
four working limbs should be a fundamental requirement of the Class 1
For the initial class 1, yes.

But an experienced pilot who already has the skills, then has an unfortunate accident or medical problem, surely if they are able to pass the medical and required sim tests why should they not be allowed to continue their career ?

OneOffDave 14th Aug 2014 09:01

Would a similar incident where a two handed pilot lost grip on the controls resulting in the same outcome be reported to the AAIB?

Above The Clouds 14th Aug 2014 09:05

If your happy to buy a ticket for yourself, your wife or child to be flown under the control of a captain with a prosthetic arm after what has just happened without any second thoughts for your or their safety then that is your choice but I won't be condemning you for your choice or opinions with personal attacks or insults.
And just exactly how are you going to determine who has what missing before you step onboard ? it seems the medical department have deemed the individual fit to hold the medical.

Of course it all depends on how accurate the BBC reporting of the incident is, and we how accurate that can be.

cleanair 14th Aug 2014 09:07

A two handed pilot would have been able to grab a hold of the yolk imediatly without having to re attach his arm.

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