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Bokkenrijder 17th Jul 2014 15:57

Wonder if NATO had any active AWACS monitoring the space during the incident. Would be interesting to see, if they did, what kind of data shows up.
Right, and that data will be completely objective and not manipulated?

I was just watching CNN. :yuk: The wreckage hasn't even been found yet but the main stream propaganda media is already pointing the finger to Russia. :=

yst_01 17th Jul 2014 15:57

All 295 people aboard #MH17 from Amsterdam killed after being hit by Buk missle, a Ukrainian interior ministry official was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

n6330v 17th Jul 2014 16:00

I wouldn't trust any media out of Ukraine at the present...too many political agendas circulating to give them credibility. Same with Russia.

As far as AWACS data is concerned, you'd hope that it would at least an indicator of the events that transpired.

HeathrowAirport 17th Jul 2014 16:00

This has just been posted on Twitter by Chris Martinez from CBS News.

Also the flight plan.

-N0490F310 ARNEM UL620 SUVOX UZ713 OSN UL980 MOBSA DCT POVEL DCT SUI L980 UTOLU/N0490F330 L980 LDZ M70 BEMBI L980 PEKIT/N0480F350 L980 TAMAK/N0480F350 A87 TIROM/N0490F350 A87 MAMED B449 RANAH L750 ZB G201 BI DCT MURLI DCT TIGER/N0490F370 L333 KKJ L759 PUT R325 VIH A464 DAKUS DCT
-EET/EDGG0017 EDWW0023 EDUU0036 EPWW0052 UKLV0135 UKBV0153 UKDV0225 URRV0255 UATT0347 UTAK0411 UTAA0432 UTAV0507 OAKX0518 OPLR0601 OPKR0616 VIDF0631 VABF0725 VECF0747 VYYF0926 VOMF0930 VTBB1013 WMFC1051 REG/9MMRD PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 SEL/QREJ DOF/140717 RMK/ACASII EQUIPPED)

WilyB 17th Jul 2014 16:03

All 295 people aboard #MH17 from Amsterdam killed after being hit by Buk missle, a Ukrainian interior ministry official was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
The only way the Ukrainian can know the type of missile is if it's one of theirs... :ooh:

wild goose 17th Jul 2014 16:05

In October 2001 the Ukrainians shot down Siberian Airlines flt 1812 when an air defense exercise went wrong. 78 dead.

Blacksheep 17th Jul 2014 16:06

Would have been packed with Malaysian students returning home for the Eid Ul Fitr festival at the end of the academic year. :(

WhatsaLizad? 17th Jul 2014 16:06


IMHO, that wreckage pic looks like from the previous AN26 shoot down from a couple days ago.

Pander216 17th Jul 2014 16:07

Post #58: That looks like a tail section, APU and elevator to me...

aviator1970 17th Jul 2014 16:08

MH 17
At 33000' altitude a missile aircraft hit by a missile would cause it to breakup in all probably. Esp since explosive decompression cant be ruled out. Smoke rising looks like a single point of impact. A Buk SAM has a max altitude of about 46000'... RIP poor souls.

con-pilot 17th Jul 2014 16:08

IMHO, that wreckage pic looks like from the previous AN26 shoot down from a couple days ago.
I agree, does not look like a 777.

jlsmith 17th Jul 2014 16:09

@rjamesjones on Twitter:

On rebel commander Strelkov's page "We warned you not to fly in our sky." He
thought they'd shot a Ukrainian plane.


aviator1970 17th Jul 2014 16:10

I too agree
Looks like and APU of Antonov and the engine cowling is visible too

Stone_cold 17th Jul 2014 16:12


Look up IR655 . Just in case .

Flightmech 17th Jul 2014 16:14

Another MH 777 down over Ukraine
Jesus, if its an inadvertent shoot down by rebel forces of all the airlines it could have happened to.

tdracer 17th Jul 2014 16:16

From USAToday:

the plane was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet when it was hit Thursday by a missile fired from a Buk launcher, the Associated Press reports.
BUK, also known as SA-17 GRIZZLY, is a mobile anti-aircraft system mounted usually on a tracked vehicle or truck that can simultaneously track and strike six targets flying from different directions and at different altitudes, according to military thinktank Globalsecurity.org.

A similar launcher was seen by AP journalists near the eastern Ukrainian town of Snizhne earlier Thursday.

RAT 5 17th Jul 2014 16:17

All the talk about closed airways and declared war zone etc. etc. What do the NOTAMS say? Which ATC was controlling this flight? Were they in radio contact? Was a MayDay put out? Were there any other a/c on the same route? What's happened to the route now? Why was it open if the skies had been proved dangerous in the previous days?
The military boys might be able to tell us what level of identification is needed for a ground launch to an airborne target? If the a/c was squawking a civilian transponder code, and on a filed flight plan, and if it was VMC it should have been identifiable as civilian. Someone with lots of pips on their shoulder must have given the fire order. How many aggressive military large twin engined a/c are there?
After the US carrier shot down the civilian by the Italian coast, their mitigating circumstances was it seemed it was on an aggressive flight profile. This one was high-level straight & level.
Lots of questions; no answers, yet. Perhaps the first person to fall on their sword will give us a clue.

flt001 17th Jul 2014 16:21

Image out there, unconfirmed but still:


Sad to say images of bodies are also doing the rounds on twitter. Sickening. No more 'social' media for me today.

nickmo 17th Jul 2014 16:22

BREAKING Boing777 Of #Malaysian Airlines Shot Down In Shakhtersk Donetsk Oblast Ukraine July17 - YouTube

Further YouTube upload with subtitles - '....you can see parts falling..... it was hit and broke into two....'

n6330v 17th Jul 2014 16:23

From BBC Live Updates:

A Reuters reporter has reached the scene and has described seeing burning wreckage of the airplane, with bodies on the ground, the agency reports."

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