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Planespeaking 17th Jul 2014 16:10

MH17 down near Donetsk
Just being reported by news agencies that a Malaysian airliner has crashed near the Ukraine/Russian border.

Kempus 17th Jul 2014 16:19

On bbc news at the moment. 777 with 229 pax 15 crew.
Not good at all.

1stspotter 17th Jul 2014 16:21

This was flight MH017 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 250 passengers and 15 crew members. Very very sad. It disappeared from radar at Russia Ukraine border near the city of Rostov on Don. Registration is 9M-MRD a Boeing 777-200

Kamelchaser 17th Jul 2014 16:25

Is it a coincidence that the Russians shot down a Ukranian fighter a few hours earlier?

Kamelchaser 17th Jul 2014 16:34

There was a ukranian military cargo aircraft shot down a few days ago at 6,500m..then the fighter earlier today?.....now this at 10,000m. Must be connected. Right in the middle of the conflict area.

Straighten Up 17th Jul 2014 16:36

If true - this is a huge game changer in that conflict and desperately sad for all involved. I can't see a hand held getting to FL33 which makes it look military rather than militant.

There is a notam at the moment whenever I look at routes on Skydemon warning about the airspace on that border. Is this within that area and are most carriers avoiding the area as a matter of course?

tbaylx 17th Jul 2014 16:38

There aren't too many missiles that will hit an airliner at cruise altitude. Certainly not the average MANPAD that a rebel group would have.

It has to be a large SAM with associated ground support and guidance equipment, usually government military run.

mickrussom 17th Jul 2014 16:39

News here saying at-altitude incident - with a descent - then a bunch of taking heads are saying a missile strike @ 21000ft. Military analyst on TV news saying this was likely shot down.

MarkD 17th Jul 2014 16:39

oh no: MAS confirms lost contact - https://twitter.com/MAS/status/489795857101750272

con-pilot 17th Jul 2014 16:42

Doesn't go up 33,000 ft
SAMs certainly do go up to FL330 and higher.

JamesT73J 17th Jul 2014 16:43

Doesn't go up 33,000 ft
It most certainly does. And much higher.

737Jock 17th Jul 2014 16:47

suspected video of crashsite (from distance, UNCONFIRMED)
Malaysian plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border - live - Telegraph

mickrussom 17th Jul 2014 16:48

Now there are reports of the BUK missile system being installed recently and the altitude that it was taken down from was 31000. Apparently there were several incidents in the last week with military planes in Ukraine having been shot down.

WilyB 17th Jul 2014 16:48

Buk missile system target engagement zone for an aircraft:

altitude 15 м 25 km
range 3 km 42 km

Yonosoy Marinero 17th Jul 2014 16:49

Another MH 777 down over Ukraine
Another MH 777 has just been lost over eastern Ukraine. It fell in the contested eastern part of Ukraine, where fighting has been going on and near where an Ukrainian military aircraft was downed recently.

Speculations have started about a SAM missile strike, possibly launched by the separatists rebels, themselves militarily backed by Russia.
I have a feeling this will escalate politically very quickly.

It is a tragic stint of bad luck for MH. RIP to all lost.

I was wondering why our routing from London had us fly North over Denmark rather than the usual central European route over Ukraine the other day... I guess no one tipped MH?

Grab yourself a beer, this is about to get interesting.

Bearcat 17th Jul 2014 16:52

2 777 hull losses in 12months....gruesome.

n6330v 17th Jul 2014 16:52

Wonder if NATO had any active AWACS monitoring the space during the incident. Would be interesting to see, if they did, what kind of data shows up.

ALPHA ECHO 17th Jul 2014 16:52

on Flightradar24 the skys are busy over the Ukraine at the moment. Its likely that any NOTAM published regarding the conflict has not been robust enough to prevent civilian Airlines giving the entire area a wide birth. Terrible tragedy for any airline, but particularly devestating for MAS.

tlbrown350 17th Jul 2014 16:53

Heres is link to video just uploaded.


AucT 17th Jul 2014 16:53

Video of alleged crash sight of Malaysian Boeing in Shakhyorsk, Ukraine.


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