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DarkStar 10th Apr 2010 07:32

Polish Government Tu154M crash
Sky News - Breaking news that his A/c has crashed on approach in Russia. No further details yet.

Tu154? :(

zerotohero 10th Apr 2010 07:47

BBC News saying 87 people killed in the crash, no official report though.

Not good!

WWMick 10th Apr 2010 07:47

BBC Update
BBC report as follows -
Russian media reported that 87 people were killed in the crash, but it is not yet known if anyone survived.
The plane was reportedly heading to an airport in the western city of Smolensk when it crashed

nographix 10th Apr 2010 07:50

It looks that they crashed 1,5km from the runway... :( many highly ranked polish politics were on board... witness said that the A/C had hit trees with left wing during go-around... press say that 87 are dead

pattern_is_full 10th Apr 2010 07:53

Just this brief so far in the U.S - but it is still wee hours here.

Polish president's plane crashes in Russia: official - Europe- msnbc.com

No, scratch that - Google's robots just woke up. A couple of dozen links in the past 5 minutes, include this PPRUNE thread.
102 - Poland - Air Force Tupolev Tu-154 Aircraft - Brno - Tu?any Photo @ Airplane-Pictures.net

Tonden 10th Apr 2010 07:53

Polish TV
The Polish TV informs it was on final in thick fog, then tried a go-around and hit the trees.

The TV reporter in the airport says the visibility was extremely limited to 100-150 meters.


peter we 10th Apr 2010 08:07

On the way to the 70 year Katyn memorial.

mbar 10th Apr 2010 08:12

What is more giefing, our very old VIP aircrafts were to be replaced few years ago, but due to funds shortage, those old planes were only "refurbished".

mirogster 10th Apr 2010 08:15

They crashed at military airfield near Smolensk. Latest news speculation are that there's no approach guidances. Like during polish military CASA crash, couple years ago. According to polish/russian news agencies 87 ppl (all aboard) lost they lives. Russian news agency ItarTASS website right now is not working.
BBC News.

btw. moderator nice work

Tonden 10th Apr 2010 08:17

What I do not understand is why such a group of people can be on one plane.
As a GM of a middle size company I cannot take the same plane with my CFO.


fjouve 10th Apr 2010 08:17

Is there any confirmation on the A/C type?

Krzyku 10th Apr 2010 08:20

132 people
propably this one:
Photos: Tupolev Tu-154M Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

GobonaStick 10th Apr 2010 08:20

Not yet but almost certainly one of the state Tu-154s (two, I think they have, no?)

B767PL 10th Apr 2010 08:22

Yea its the Governement TU-154.


Out of all the places too, Smolensk on the 70th anniversary of the Katyń massacre, the VIPs of the Polish delegation, in Russia, in a Russian made aircraft...

Showing the first shots of the wreckage now.... scattered in the forest.. doesnt look good.

WWMick 10th Apr 2010 08:23

AC type
Sky reporting it was Tupolev Tu-154

ATCNetwork 10th Apr 2010 08:23

I think the BBC reporter in Russia just said it was a TU-154

Ptkay 10th Apr 2010 08:23

Tu 154.

No full list of passengers.

Capacity 132, possible 100, confirmed 87 dead.

Polish President with his wife.
Central Bank Governor.


LGW Vulture 10th Apr 2010 08:25

I think at this stage to make a link with aircraft type and age with the facts as they are currently known makes no sense. :ugh:

Tonden 10th Apr 2010 08:28

Yes, TV says it was TU-154M.
Now they report 1 km visibility and very low clouds.


captplaystation 10th Apr 2010 08:29

Depending of course on the cause, I guess this could have happened with another type.
Nonetheless it is dissapointing to see a country that escaped the shackles of communism so long ago still persevering with an aircraft that has such a poor safety record.

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