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Virgin A340 runway excursion. Well done.

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Virgin A340 runway excursion. Well done.

Old 31st Jan 2003, 12:47
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Virgin A340 runway excursion. Well done.

It would appear that last night LHR was made single runway due to a Virgin A340 taxying off at the threshold of 27R. This happened late evening (10 'ish)

Thought I'd pass on my thanks to the crew involved as it quadrupled all workload for those who already had 1 hour delays in BNN/LAM/BIG/OCK. Before all you all jump on me, let me state that many other crews had taxied at an appropriate speed whilst lining up and therefore managed to remain on the paved surface.

Secondly, let me also thank BAA who have categorically refused repeated requests by LHR airlines to set up a remote de-icing operation at LHR so that they can cope a little better with such extreme weather. Can I suggest they invest a little time and money and go for a jolly to OSL/ARN/HEL etc to see how things can work on days like yesterday.

Thirdly and on an unsarcastic note, to all those staff who stayed on those extra hours so that 'us up there' weren't left stranded, a big thankyou. Especially the one T1 BA dispatcher left at LHR, Matt, who had the un-enviable task of meeting 10 more aircraft at 0215 this morning. Also the ATCO who was providing ground/tower at midnight, dual frequency and quite likely operating a shift length that would make ones eyes water. Well played fella!
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 13:51
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Your 1st remark is out of order, mate. Unless you were on the flight deck of the 340 or in the Twr at LHR you have no idea what caused the mishap. May I suggest an apology would be appropriate before you crawl back under your rock.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 14:08
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The peple at AAIB will no doubt be grateful that there's no need for them to investigate LandASAP has done it for them
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 14:12
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Land ASAP - your a complete Hampton.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 14:13
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Land ASAP,

Have you ever taxiied a 340 ? Probably not, so I suggest you take heed of tireds' remarks and wait for some details before pointing an accusing finger mate. There but for the grace of god and all that.
(incidentally, I have taxiied a 340 and it can be a bit of a git, body gear doesn't castor so you can't turn particularly tight at the best of times)

Later Dudes.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 14:21
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Red face

Land ASAP, do you ever wish you’d just kept quiet?

I sincerely hope you don’t actually fly anything other than a computer sim.

You’ve obviously never turned the tiller to be greeted by that heart-stopping rumble as the nose wheel loses grip and you plough straight on.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 14:28
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Can somebody be a bit clearer as to what actually took place, please, LandASAP was a bit vague in this respect.

Reading between the lines, it taxied off at the wrong place and got stuck ? Can someone explain, in a professional, polite and non sarcastic manner.........:-)


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Old 31st Jan 2003, 15:27
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Land ASAP,

I suggest you put your mouth into neutral and park your lips. The taxi ways were virtually solid sheets of ice last night and even taxiing at very slow speed was hazardous. An apology is most definitely in order!!!
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 15:31
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Wasn't there last night and have never taxied an A340 but have nearly come off a taxi way in an A321 despite going pretty slowly and being very carefull so bad luck fellas, could have been any one of us, hope your Chief Pilot thinks the same.

Remote de-icing is great where it works well (MUN for instance, and loads of Scandi airports) and a complete nightmare where it doesn't (CDG!). It also needs a good lot of spare tarmac, something which is very lacking at LHR. The sad fact is that the place is so busy that any slight spanner in the works causes chaos and remote de-icing would not make a huge difference to the delays. Just hope you are on a day off when it happens like I was yesterday.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 15:42
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Your frustration is eveident so I suppose we should all forgive your careless, thoughtless and arrogant attack on the crew involved in the mishap. Unless you have some further detailed information as regards what actually happened, and have experience on the a/c itself may I suggest you withdraw your remark. We can all accept a careless remark here and there but in the cold light of day perhaps you would like to reconsider.

Regards the apparent lack of facilities for coping with this weather I suspect many of us would agree with you.


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Old 31st Jan 2003, 15:54
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Land ASP. You are a complete donkey! What happened did your little fingers get cold? Did you feel that you could have done better? It was a difficult night to handle big jets and there but for the grace of God go I. But you! All you are concerned about is a bit of extra work! Pillock!

Sorry Diesel I couldn't feel forgivness for this hapless git. It was a bad night but if he doesn't like the job and it's too much for him - GO GET ANOTHER ONE!

PS. You might considered deleting this thread. I bet you have a lot more to come yet!
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 16:06
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Your comment is simply ridiculous.
more to come...
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 17:42
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Land ASAP is right .....

After all, BA does own LHR does it not? And why should Nigel have to be put out by someone elses misfortune? They should have diverted all the other airlines, shot the 340 crew, and allowed Nigels only to land.

ASAP - your attitude stinks. And does nothing to dispel the fact that all airways pilots are arrogant to$$ers.

The fact is that there are some very nice guys working for BA, but they tend to keep their heads down, and get drowned out in the static created by idiots such as yourself.

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Old 31st Jan 2003, 18:27
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..........especially seeing as the VS pilots probably went to the wrong type of school into the bargain...................
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 18:53
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Thanks ASAP, your remarks have just confirmed the wisdom of a decision I made a few months ago, to join Virgin rather than wait for BA to recruit again. Unless you have just flown your last ever sector and are hanging up your hat, I think you have a remarkable desire to tempt fate! Good luck...
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 19:16
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Well done BUSTA LEVEL! Couldn't agree more. It used to be funny, but years of listening to Nigels ridiculous comments and superior attitudes have grown rather thin over the years so BUSTA I know where your coming from (as does everyone else judging by the tone of the replies!) P.S. Any suggestions for a title this guy seems to think he deserves??

Last edited by g4aao; 31st Jan 2003 at 19:45.
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Old 31st Jan 2003, 20:17
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i say land ASAP you seem to have a very short memory.
I remember one of your classics not long ago making a mess of the grass halfway down 27R. All the wheels in the grass in fact. I think the wind was blamed then !!

Im sure the more understanding Heathrow airlines didnt make any comments like yours when that happened.

short memory loss is a worrying trend amongst the worlds favourite.

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Old 31st Jan 2003, 22:34
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Is there a problem with holdover time due to no remote de-icing? Is there an inference that this would put pressure on crews to taxi a little faster than they would wish under the circumstances?
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Old 1st Feb 2003, 00:28
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Aside from AS(AP)HOLES comments about the VS boys I've got to agree with him about the excellent job ATC did. Especially the bloke on .97 handling the aftermath of the 1000 big cell. He did very well keeping the queue jumping to a minimum - especially the Nigel who came up with "Can we join the slot queue. We are fully ready we just haven't got a tug!". Tug is the right word methinks.

Well done delivery I hope you had several pints at cease shift.
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Old 1st Feb 2003, 08:52
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Whilst agreeing totally with the response to Land ASAP's stupid comments, perhaps placing all BA pilots in the same category as this half wit is a bit premature.
And one other thing, Southern Duel, before you go casting aspertions on the Classic crew who departed 27R onto the grass with your 'that was blamed on the wind remark' I think if you consult the full AAIB investigation, you'll find that the crew encountered a gust which exceeded the design limits of the aircraft, and they were subsequently commended for their actions in limiting the damage that occured to the aircraft and its occupants.
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