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No Rosters at Virgin

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No Rosters at Virgin

Old 25th Oct 2002, 09:40
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Have any of you RB guys heard from your management as to why your rosters are late?

We used to have this problem, with rosters coming late and not knowing when they would arrive - but at least we used to get an explanation and a promise that a better system would be put in place - and it has! Our rosters arrive mid month and this is consistently so, even though our company is in troubled waters.

This proves that rosters can be produced even when a company is having a hard time. It is easy to hide behind economic climate/ 11Sep type reasons for not producing rosters on time. It must take effort and a good "system" to achieve it, but it is important. People like 411 miss the point - everyone needs to pull harder in todays climate - we're all feeling the pinch - but there's no excuse for late rosters - or if there is then post it here so we can see it.
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Old 25th Oct 2002, 19:52
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To Norman Stanley Fletcher


Please check your 'Private e.mails'
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Old 26th Oct 2002, 07:45
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The question of rosters is always a tricky one Our 'national flag carrier' does produce rosters on time by a dedicated skilled and somewhat underpaid workforce whereas the the Vs rosters appear to be produced by 'Air Atlanta?'And judging by easys recent problems some bloke with a fag packet in some orange shed luton.
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Old 26th Oct 2002, 11:18
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Surely the point here is that an airline that cares about its crews produces the roster on time and tries to stick to it once published. The amount of friction caused by poor rostering is totally counter productive.
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Old 26th Oct 2002, 16:49
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well said fly 747
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Old 27th Oct 2002, 09:53
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What an interesting thread. Whilst the easyJet morale thread has run and run I know what my days off are going to be up until 31 Mar 2003 (apart from the Christmas Holiday period).

Before I get shot down let me say that the 6 on "3" off does make for some hard rosters and the company can use the first or third days as "rest days" working us into the first or on early after the third. Having said that, I can plan 2 evenings and 2 mornings each free period for the next 5 months. It may not be perfect but it's better than any other system I've been in during 21 years in this game.

It also amazes me that no mention has been made on these pages of the ej Airbus deal. What a bold move. Back to modern efficient offices.

Now if we can just get the pay deal right................
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Old 27th Oct 2002, 14:59
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Can't see what the fuss is all about with 411A. Every time he writes something it says "This person is on your ignore list. Click here to read their comments"

Can I be bothered? Damn right I can't. A scary man in need of a life whom I hope gets to the psychiatric ward before it leads to something serious. If you're reading this 411A...

Go watch "A Beautiful Mind"
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Old 27th Oct 2002, 21:35
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And then we have Luthansa...increasing service, ordering more aircraft and, according to a radio program in PHX just today, planning to HIRE four thousand additional personnal including 200 pilots next year.

The question remains...what do LH do "right" that eludes so many others?

Answers on a postcard, please.

(HINT: proper management)

NB. No Brits involved
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Old 29th Oct 2002, 11:14
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Answers here for you.

LH is currently making most if not all of its profits through it's highly successful , massive LH Technik operation, according to my Pal at LH.

Also it hasn't (yet!) been hammered by the likes of Ryannair and Easyjet which Airlines like BA and Aer Lingus have had to react to.

LH will be in for a bit of a rough ride to come me thinks, when the world falls out of its arse when all these Low cost start ups start scrapping!!!

One to watch!
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