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737-500 missing in Indonesia

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

737-500 missing in Indonesia

Old 21st Apr 2021, 17:21
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Only half a speed-brake
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That's an easy one: About last 3 flying days' worth, or back to the previous WY check. When a new logbook is started the old one remains on-board, officially.

The real dilemma behind your question is understood, but it's one of those few that fortunately do not need a lawyer-proofed solution. Working the job does it.

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Old 21st Apr 2021, 18:40
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3 days at my company
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Old 21st Apr 2021, 20:11
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Things may have changed, but way back, it wasn't acceptable to have an open defect. If it couldn't be cleared, it went as an ADD "Acceptable Deferred Defect", which was in a separate section of the log. If not acceptable, the aircraft wasn't airworthy.

It could be aa simple as "Recurring defect not detectable on the ground. Crews are requested to monitor", but it would be there; right in your face.
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Old 21st Apr 2021, 21:02
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Depends on the history. If the airplane has several clean flights in a row, I go back to the last flight with a squawk. If there are many deferred items or recent maintenance actions, I will go all the way back to the flight of the earliest deferred item, or to the last previous series of clean flights.
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Old 21st Apr 2021, 21:26
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By "open defect " I meant differed and or MEL release . Good on ya for the pick up .
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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 04:04
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As required by my company, look back until the last weekly inspection. I’ve had to look at the last page, or for our more hypochondriac 319s, up to 40 pages. But it’s at least dictated by company policy.
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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 11:56
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Well I am wondering why the thrust asymmetry was missed even with moving thrust levers, (that many claim are so essential).

FWIW I have flown many different types, including the B737 classic, and I have no problem at all with Airbus FBW lack of tactile feedback. Nor do I have a problem with scanning the instruments, which is what all pilots should be doing anyway - even with moving thrust levers - this was my point really.

There is no need to "stare inside the flight-deck" - a quick glance every 10 secs or so at the PFD and the N1/EPRs is all that is required. I reckon it takes about 2 seconds to look at the PFD and the engine gauges to assimilate the situation. Easy peasy !
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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 13:21
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Our company provides us with a maintenance log history based on items. Either the last 20 items which have been closed or all items closed in the last 14 days, whichever is less.

And of course the maintenance release document which addresses currently known defects.
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Old 25th Apr 2021, 18:50
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Confused by coupla posts before, discussing jammed cables,clutch, servo

I read from the interim report for press: While climbing, Throttle 1 slowly reduced. Not at the point at level off, but in climb. And Throttle 2 even increased N1 to hold speed. No stuck things, both moved. Right? Or did I miss something?
And if they take a look at the A/T system, that N1 reduction rather was by itself. Controlled most propably from A/T, not from the Pilot Flying.
Throttle 2 and Engine 2 haven't been an issue at all.

A repetitive technical fault
And Maintenance failed
And Pilots failed
Cockpit situation analyzed from CVR for contributional factors.
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Old 25th Apr 2021, 22:18
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I’m fearing the notion that these fellows watched the split throttles and just hoped the AP would get them out of it. Ugh...
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Old 26th Apr 2021, 10:24
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Originally Posted by waito
And Throttle 2 even increased N1 to hold speed.
I suggest you read the interim report. The right throttle did not increase. Thrust/speed control in jets doesn't work like that in a normal climb.
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Old 11th May 2021, 12:11
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I've been reading this 'thread' since the start, but sorry to note it's no longer getting updated "information" pieces such as normally contributed and commented on by the cognoscenti.
Have any more facts from the flight and/or cockpit recorders been revealed please ?
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Old 11th May 2021, 18:02
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IIRC the CVR was downloaded 2-3 weeks ago. Things have indeed been quiet since.
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Old 12th May 2021, 18:38
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It's been a month since the KNKT reported that all relevant data from the CVR was successfully downloaded (the data from the FDR was successfully dowloaded earlier). So it is very likely -- though not a certainty -- that the KNKT now understands what happended and why (root cause(s) and contributing causes). In due time (release of the Final Report) we will all know what they know.
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