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BA - Alex Cruz - OUT, Sean Doyle - In.

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BA - Alex Cruz - OUT, Sean Doyle - In.

Old 12th Oct 2020, 07:14
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BA - Alex Cruz - OUT, Sean Doyle - In.

British Airways has announced it is replacing its chief executive Alex Cruz as the airline navigates "the worst crisis" facing its industry.

Mr Cruz, who has been with BA since 2016, will be replaced by Aer Lingus boss Sean Doyle.

Mr Cruz will stay on as non-executive chairman for a transition period before Mr Doyle also takes on the role.

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Old 12th Oct 2020, 07:27
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Not certain "your man" will be any different.


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Old 12th Oct 2020, 08:22
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I’ve met him and he seemed like a decent guy who listens.
He has already spent 20 years in BA so he should be reasonably up to date.
Hopefully he’s the ‘ good cop ‘.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 08:36
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Yes, he's BA aware having been there a while. Hopefully, a different plan.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 09:11
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Taking the Cruz (Walsh) proposal and looking at the reality of changes, still not good but along way from the wish list, Iíd wager Cruz has been seen as weak. As seen above, Doyle is no puppy. Iím not certain he is the good cop, probably in place to claw back the potential savings Cruz capitulated.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 09:25
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Iíve no dealing with either but you donít get appointed to those positions - especially in such a time of crisis - by being a good cop.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 09:36
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He's got the smarmy look of a typical BA ladder climber...watch your back
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 10:10
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I guess AC had completed the (planned) cost cutting and a new face is now needed to take things forward
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 10:13
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Originally Posted by TartinTon View Post
He's got the smarmy look of a typical BA ladder climber...watch your back
Probabbly good advice. However, Cruz brought Vueling to its knees due to his, "efficiency drive," before being promoted to BA ( a typical and oft repeated mistake BA has made for years - Gareth Kirkwood for example) so maybe if this guy at least understands that simply cutting cost is not the only answer then there may be some glimmer of hope
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 11:20
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Don’t kid yourself! Nobody gets anywhere in business by being “nice”. There’s some tough decisions to be made on the road ahead to recovery, the company is losing a shed load of money every single day with no end in sight, things are not good.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 11:36
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So AC is no longer in charge. This morning my vouchers for our cancelled July flights were changed to e-vouchers and I now know the value of the refund, which until this morning I didn't! Coincidence? That's positive anyway.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 12:43
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The thing I most hated about the man, was that I want role models that my kids can take inspiration from.

I want them to see visionary leaders who can take a premium brand to the next level. What they got to see was an imbecile, who had no grasp of his brief, no competence, no leadership, no humility, no contrition, no admission of his misdeeds, no people skills, a brash vulgar delivery, and a man who couldn't even get the name of his company right (British Airlines - ffs). A man who destroyed the good reputation of a business that had been crafted over 100years. A man who had our business class customers pay £'00's for a squashed up plastic seat and a bag of crisps. A man who 'densified' our seats so that our customers were crammed in like sheep to the slaughterhouse. The bitter irony of it all, is that we'd have been in a far better position to promote a socially distanced premium product if he'd simply done nothing!

And yet he was paid millions, and was invulnerable to boot!! What does that say about corporate hegemony? What representation of decent values, high morals, and empathy for one's fellow man?

Despicable. Staggering that he even got the job in the first place. His legacy is having left his charge in ruins. A zero before a number. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

If Mr Doyle stays at home in the Emerald Isle and darkens not the door of Waterside, he'll achieve more than this dreadful executive creature ever did.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 13:32
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I think that you guys are still living in denial. BA will survive but only because the British government will have to bail out the longhaul after bankruptcy. It's over for the short haul as BA, I imagine that will be merged into WIZZ.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 14:35
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Seems you're not a fan then Mick ?

Dig up and resurrect Lord King of Wartnaby and Baron Colin Marshall of Knightsbridge.They had a better idea of the history and tradition, apart from being persuaded by some marketing bloke with pink socks to adopt ethnic flag tail fins. Someone had the good sense to stick with the only decent one, the Chatham Dockyard Union Flag.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 16:27
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That was Robert Fayling! (Who brought in the ethnic tails, that is.)
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 16:54
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Aaaah! Once we had a King, then we had a Marshall, and then we were failing.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 16:57
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Probably the main talking point should be the new IAG appointment of a “Chief Transformation Officer” especially considering the appointee has apparently “excelled at both Iberia and Level”. Level, that would be the global hugely profitable brand from Madrid. BA Light maybe?

Sunday is usually my sarcasm day but it has spread to Monday’s as well.

Oh, and KungFu Panda. Boring.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 19:46
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such a good ted talk on leadership and explains so much of what we presently experience. Well worth 10 minutes.
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Old 12th Oct 2020, 23:07
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I have seen this before , such an embarrassing title ! As for Colin M .. not up to any senior position , sorry ! The new boy is the same woefully under qualified ,

Why do Airlines in the UK attract and indeed employ such mediocre senior management ?

Any suggestions welcome ?
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Old 13th Oct 2020, 05:09
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that’s the point. It’s not just airlines. It’s businesses everywhere.
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