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Ezy cancel flights due to crew shortage

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Ezy cancel flights due to crew shortage

Old 8th Aug 2002, 06:59
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Ezy Cancel 10 Flights-b`cause Of Crew Shortage

Easyjet cancelled 10 flights yesterday because of Crew shortage.

Passengers were stranded at ORY,GVA, LGW and ZRH on Wednesday(07/08/02)night.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 09:34
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I've offered my services -- all they have to do is call me.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 09:40
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Look, if we're going to have a "Railtrack of the Skies" then we have to have the cr@p excuses that accompany our train services.

Waiting for the leaves on the runway to start playing havoc with the system...
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 09:52
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Add into the equation all the aircraft that have been sub-chartered to fill a void, 4 different aircraft used a Luton alone on Monday!
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 10:13
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easyJet Arrogance

easyJet arrogance has gone so far as to not allow people that have turned them down before, a second shot. In June of 2001 I took a B747 job ahead of an easyJet offer; it paid more for goodness sake. This year when my airline went bankrupt, I approached them again and I was given the bog standard "I'm looking into it" bullsh!t by JL and here cronies. Every enquiry I made was brushed off, and nobody was prepared to shoot me straight. I'm more than qualified for the position and was available at the drop of a hat. I'd also cruised their selection procedure. But no; since I'd turned them down once before, their better-than-though policy got in the way of employing a suitable candidate. They have since stated publicly that it is not policy to look at people that have turned them down before. I'm sure that there are many more like me out there.

In my opinion easyJet arrogance will become their failure. Bigger , better and bolder airlines have crumpled in the wake of patheticism!
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 10:25
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Just another seat number
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126.9 not bitter at all?

Maybe easyJ are looking for someone with a commitment to a long career, rather than someone who would take a chance on a 747 job because

it paid more for goodness sake
In my opinion you should spend some time getting your toys back in your pram, then maybe post a pertinent comment on the thread.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 10:46
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Who's arrogant?

Can't agree more. If you ever turned down a job with me in favour of another carrier, I would question your loyalties to me and not employ you if yu reapplied because you are now out of a job. The reason is that at the first B747 carrier offering you more money, you'd walk.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 11:01
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Changing the topic a little, I have tried to apply on line 8 times, but failed. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 11:04
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I took the B747 job because it appeared a better opportunity at the time and it paid more. It wasn't. It went bankrupt. It has paid off though. Since then I've been upgraded to captain on the B747 and I'm earning a whack more than those poor slave-driven (not so) easyJet pilots.

About not being bitter: I'm not bitter; I'm p!ssed off! With whacko airlines that rip the ring out the system, charge pilots to apply for jobs, don't contribute a penny to bringing young people into aviation, in fact scare them off, and then cry out when there's another shortage.

About applying for a job with FS2002: I fly real aircraft mate, contribute to the aviation fraternity by donating my instructional time to youngsters in need; write for various aviation publications; run an aviation web site bringing employment to pilots and more. You have no idea mate. As far as I'm concerned, your naive statement would mean that are not only NOT an employer, but that if you were, you'd be running up against a severe pilot shortage now.

You all have a great day now.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 11:09
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126.9: Perhaps the refusal to reconsider you might be something to do with your spelling?

We certainly have our problems in easy, particularly in rostering and crewing, but as a company it's the best I've worked for. I think you made your big mistake in turning down a job with the most progressive airline around: big prospects and solid pilot management at least at middle management level.....

Toodle pip!
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 11:15
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Land After

What you are talking about is loyalty. Unfortunately airlines seem to think their employees owe them something for employing them yet continuely let those employees down. You just need to read these forums to see how many airline staff have been Sh@t on.
Why shouldn't someone take more money to benefit him/herself and their respective families. I very much doubt you can find a company prepared to offer you a cast iron guarantee of a job for life. The tieless wonder kids at easyjet will drop you without a second thought to you, your career, family or future, anything. Its the classic case of "i am allright jack". You want loyalty and respect from your employees try showing them some.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 11:54
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Agree, also agree with 26.9, not looking at a pilot a second time because he/she turned you down is very short sighted. Whose wisdom was injected into that decision - HR by any chance?

Anyway my guess is that it will change over the next couple of years.

Best Rgds

P.S I have no problems with the boys/girls at slezy, got some good mates there.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 12:00
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You are a master of sarcasm .............or...........

Your credibility just hit the ground at around 600kts!

Last edited by Stan Woolley; 8th Aug 2002 at 12:06.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 12:20
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126.9 your position sounds familiar!

here's the story....

1) current on 757/767 for a charter operator, 6500hrs
2) applied to eJ last summer (ie BEFORE the post 911 "downturn")
3) passed all the selection process
4) given an offer
5) swopped emails and calls about course dates, last heard from them in Oct 2001 with the words "you are top of the list and will contact you to confirm a place asap"
6) between Nov and June 02 sent in 3 update emails and 2 letters and numerous phone calls (to the voicemail). Got no replies but I thought they were busy with the Go thing, then...
7) 4 July email from them which I read with minor interest at first because it said "you will not be reassessed if you have failed any part of our selection" (didn't apply to me) and "candidates who have turned us down in the past will not be reassessed" (didn't apply to me). The text finished with the words "I'm sorry it's not better news but thank you for the time and the interest which you showed in easyJet" (that made me sit up straight!)
8) I rang them and got through to Laure Van Rensburg. Was told that I had turned them down (not true). Rang Joyce Linehan on her mobile and as she was driving, I said I'd ring back the next week. Since then I've been unable to get past the voicemail.
9) Spent a weekend composing my thoughts and then sent a 3 page email to Joyce (backed up with a hard copy in the post) setting out my reasons for wanting to join eJ - not as a backup option for my current job (see (2) above), and trying to find out where they got the idea that I turned them down. That was over two weeks ago and I have heard nothing Maybe there are reasons for this but even an email acknowledgement of my letter would be nice, and easy to do, and would take 10 seconds.
It hacks me off because I still want to work for them, as an ex helicopter man I need to be busy and short haul multi sector days have much more appeal to me than 9 hours over the Atlantic to SFB. It went from "will contact you asap" via months of silence to "thank you for your interest"
I still want to work that type of operation but I've probably blown it now with this post, and to be honest I've subconsciously given up hope on eJ. I'm still ready and waiting though, and if they come back to me I'll be tempted. Joyce, you will have worked out my identity and you know how to get in touch...

Floppy Link

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Old 8th Aug 2002, 12:35
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Careful, you just never know who you are talking to in this forum...

What you have shown, regardless of your impacable CV, 126.9, is a maturity level below that of my grade 1 kid.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 12:41
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How much can you squeeze out of an orange?

What about loyalty to the pax involved? Were they diverted to other airlines or to hotels for stay over? Heard too many stories about pax being left in the cold after cancelled flights (sorry Sir, Madam this is not a part of our company policy, would you care for a copy of our sales terms?).

From the above reactions, I gather EJ has simply too much applicants and are in the position to reject pilots who have choosen for another job?


PS I sincerely hope above will not influence the presence of the EJ and Ryan banners on this site??
Old 8th Aug 2002, 12:55
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With all of these posts, and previous threads about EZY, we will not know an answer for another five years.

EZY are a very young company and they have to learn. They will have learnt by having their pax sit-in at Nice and they will have learnt from the ghastly publicity of cancelling 10 flights.

IF this was due to their being too busy with the integration of GO, then they will have the chance to prove themselves.

IF they have cut matters too close to the bone, then they will be found out.

Little companies have growing pains, these are a few of them. If, in five years time, they are no longer making these mistakes, they will be a big company and be grown up. If not, they will be a minor player, or out of business.

I have had mostly good service from EZY but occasionally bad. You pays your money ...

I do not deny the enormous frustration of these events to all, pax, crew and would be employees but every company makes these mistakes. The difference now to even five years ago is this - PPRuNe and the wide spread use of e-mail. People can pass on these stories faster than was previously possible and to a, potentially, unlimited audience. Remarkably, that audience may include the very people about whom they are complaining! EZY is, in part, a child of the internet and it should bear in mind the downside of it too.

If they have any sense, they will be reading and logging all of these forums every day. It has to be the finest source of management research imaginable. And it's free!!
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 13:10
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Yankee Charlie
Thanks for stirring up another moaning thread from inside the company. If it's that bad try: http://www.ryanair.com/intropilot.html
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 13:32
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Floppy Link,
take a look around you and consider it a lucky escape. I know you're not alone in your experiences with easyjet recruitment. Pity you hadn't applied to Go. I hear they're none to happy with the way EZY recruit either.
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Old 8th Aug 2002, 14:01
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Got to agree with the bones of 126.9's message.

Easy have definately lost their shine with this bad attitude they've developed.
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