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Thomas cook B753 Emergency Hurghada

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Thomas cook B753 Emergency Hurghada

Old 19th Jul 2017, 09:05
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Thomas cook B753 Emergency Hurghada

Thomas Cook B753, G-JMOG evacuation on the runway via slides at Hurghada this morning, MT519.

Anybody have further information?
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 15:13
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As per AV Herald....

Accident: Thomas Cook B753 at Hurghada on Jul 19th 2017, smoke on board prompts evacuation onto runway before departure

A Thomas Cook Boeing 757-300, registration G-JMOG performing flight MT-519 (scheduled Jul 18th, actual Jul 19th) from Hurghada (Egypt) to London Gatwick,EN (UK) with 251 passengers and 9 crew, was about to depart from Hurghada when smoke appeared in the cabin prompting the flight crew to initiate an evacuation via slides onto the runway. A number of people received injuries as result of the evacuation.

The airline reported all 251 customers and 9 crew aboard MT-519 evacuated the aircraft via slides at 01:35L (23:35Z Jul 18th) onto the runway and were transported back to the terminal. Overnight accomodation was arranged, a replacement aircraft is estimated to depart during the day.

Passengers reported there had been smoke in the cabin, a number of injuries as resul of the evacuation. The airline told them only a "controlled evacuation" took place in the best interest of all passenges aboard. They were left without further information as to when they would now depart and return home.

Airport sources reported smoke emanated from below a passenger's seat prior to departure causing panic amongst the passengers prompting the crew to initiate an emergency evacuation. The stampede resulted in a number of injuries, one passenger reportedly received a serious injury (fracture), others minor injuries (mainly bruises). The cause of the smoke was identified to be a technical malfunction, the aircraft was examined and returned to service. However, the airline decided to dispatch a replacement aircraft.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Hurghada 14 hours after the evacuation.

A replacement Condor Boeing 757-300 registration D-ABON is currently taxiing at Frankfurt/Main (Germany) (Jul 19th 15:25L/13:25Z) to depart for Hurghada and resume flight MT-519.
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 15:18
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Well done by the crew, less well done by the pax.... "stampede"
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 21:05
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you really believe the news and their choice of words without any details to substantiate?

It's the responsibility of the passenger to evacuate any way available to them under the assistance of the crew if possible. No rating that I am aware of, applies to whether they tumble or fall and injure themselves in the process.

So before you heap applauds on the crew we need more details of what transpired between the crew and the passengers in this event.
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 22:08
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Wonder how many grabbed bags from overhead - or tried to. Maybe have to wait for selfies ?
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Old 24th Jul 2017, 07:20
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Reported that it was passengers who initiated the evacuation.


By Peter on Monday, Jul 24th 2017 05:33Z

I have heard from a reliable internal source that it was the passengers who initiated the evacuation via the fwd overwing door
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Old 25th Jul 2017, 03:24
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I love the term "technical malfunction" whatever that means.
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Old 1st Aug 2017, 15:07
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some pax on flight have commented on AVherald - most seem credible - not all pax are stupid or hysterical

the 753 was lining up for take off - Capt announced C/C prepare for take off
there was a bang and smoke filled cabin - cabin lights were off (night take off) but smoke seen clearly through reading lights that were on

another quote from pax in seat 26F (over-wing exit -
one of 4 - there are 2 each side on the 757-300 and double lane slides inflate from aft of the wing on opening of the hatches)

After a long taxi there was a bang from below followed by some smoke entering the cabin the cabin lights were off but you could see the smoke around some of the reading lights that were on, there was also a smell..it was silent until around 15-20 seconds later when the captain made an announcement to prepare for take off.. that's when all hell broke loose! People screaming,"Smoke in the cabin", "Fire",
soon after the captain brought the plane to a halt and announced "Evacuate" 3 times. I had a passenger a few rows back on the other side screaming at me to open the door (over-wing exit) - I did this easily as I had read the instructions previously -
I threw the door out onto the wing and leapt out walking up the wing as I expected a rush of people but there wasn't! I guess people didn't fancy going onto a plane wing full of fuel? I eventually found the slide & went down it...I was calm as I really didn't believe it was a real emergency as the smoke didn't get any worse in the cabin

the 757-300 is a very long beast inside the cabin and I have wondered what an EVAC would be like - there are plenty of exits both full sized doors 4 each side and 4 over wing exits but it is a potentially a claustrophobic a/c and in semi darkness one can only imagine if there was smoke and burning smells.

in this cabin photo
the are another 10 rows behind you aft of doors 3L/R to doors 4L/R
and another 10 rows forward you cannot see beyond the bulkhead at doors 2L/R upto doors 1L/R
you can clearly see 26F one of the four midships over wing exits - see the 4 lights midships 2 on each side

sounds like EVAC command was given and pax by the window exits started (correctly) to go

BTW there is NO forward over-wing door - it is a window hatch that has to be opened by a pax and chucked out

this is from another passenger
This plane was delayed over 4hrs then we had to do an emergency evacuation by slides this could have been controlled better if people didn't think to take pictures or videos on their phones and light up cigarettes by the aircraft on a live runway

As for the crew they did do a good job and tell passengers to stay away from the plane and be sensible but as they are only human too and probably only experience this in exercise. This was the real thing and there was passengers who thought it OK to disrespect the crew and the Egyptian people. This plane was put out of service while we were transferred to a hotel while they could sort an alternative plane which flew in from Germany. G-jmog was left in hurghada out of service
I'd just like to thank the crew and hurghada airport for how they dealt with this situation and the support staff which were also flown in to fly back with us for support

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Old 1st Aug 2017, 15:47
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Originally Posted by AN2 Driver
251 pax in a 757? Even a 300 series?
Certificated for up to 295 pax. TCX's have 280 seats.
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Old 1st Aug 2017, 16:16
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having flown in a JMC 753 a few times many years ago i always thought it was a long old cabin and getting out in a hurry would be rather interesting

also at Doors 2R a pair of seats row 11DE has been placed almost in line with the exit door and it beggars belief that this is allowed as it clearly blocks and hampers the exit path -this is a large main sized door too with a double lane slide - I have seen this often too on A321 series aircraft at Doors 2
as seen here on a Condor 753

after the KT 737 fire at MAN 1985 when the CAA advised that the exit path at door 1R was impaired by the galley and the overwing exits did not have enough spacing of the seats to egress without infringing and blocking it do we not learn from hard lessons?

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