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A321 explosion at Mogadishu

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A321 explosion at Mogadishu

Old 11th Feb 2016, 01:07
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Ultimately, there is no way of screening the myriad of airside workers, reliably. They know all the nooks and crannies of the system.

In the end flying is quite safe, and there are few such incidents. Let's hope it stays this way. Maybe the industry could invest some more money in refreshing pilots manual flying skills, rather than pursuing refinements of security theater.

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Old 11th Feb 2016, 10:18
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I think the thing that is interesting, is that the laptops were passed in the VIP area, this area is tightly controlled by the government and is only for use by those on government business. You just can't pay $100 and use it ;-)

The other thing not reported is that it was military grade explosives that were used. This throws open a whole new scenario, now it could be said that Al Shabab or ISIS have access to such stuff, due to their recent successes at attacking AMISOM bases, however, they haven't claimed responsibility and my personal feeling is that they wouldn't attack the airport for reasons I wont go into.

The next day two people were arrested for trying to sneak onto another flight, again this attack hasn't been claimed either. again it was mil grade explosives used.

Airside security at MGQ leaves a lot to be desired, flightline badges are controlled by SCAMA and they have tried to cut down on who has one, but in my opinion, and as anyone who has been to MGQ knows, if you have money, it talks.
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Old 11th Feb 2016, 16:00
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Originally Posted by dakota_bandit
The other thing not reported is that it was military grade explosives that were used. This throws open a whole new scenario,
Steady on! Mog and Somalia in general is awash with military explosives. I don't think this indicates Al Shabab any more than it does any other disgruntled Somali tom, dick or harry with a grudge, blood-feud or desire to create mayhem, all of which are the national pastime.
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Old 12th Feb 2016, 04:36
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Perhaps we shouldn’t get too excited about this bombing. In Jan 1985 there was a near identical event, and then from Oct 1985 to Oct 1986 there were another four quite similar.
Edited content from aerospaceweb.org:
23 January 1985 - Lloyd Ačreo Boliviano
Boeing 727 left La Paz, Mexico, for Santa Cruz, Bolivia. While en route with 127 occupants a passenger entered the forward lavatory carrying a suitcase. Inside the suitcase was dynamite that exploded, killing the passenger. Plane landed safely with no additional fatalities.
30 October 1985 - American Airlines
A bomb hidden in a tote bag exploded aboard a Boeing 727. The blast occurred in the forward baggage hold while being unloaded and there were no fatalities.
2 April 1986 - Trans World Airlines Flight 840
A Boeing 727 preparing to land at Athens, Greece, was badly damaged by a bomb explosion. The device consisted of 1 lb of plastic explosive placed under a seat cushion. The detonation blew a 24 ft˛ (2.25 m˛) hole in the fuselage resulting in a rapid decompression that sucked four people from cabin.
3 May 1986 - Air Lanka Flight 512
A Lockheed L-1011 carrying 148 was parked at Colombo terminal, preparing to continue on to the Maldives when an explosive concealed in an onboard cargo crate exploded. The blast ripped the plane in half killing 21 and injuring 41 people. The bomb was most likely planted by Tamil rebels to sabotage peace talks with the Sri Lankan government.
26 October 1986 - Thai Airways International Flight 620
Airbus A300 from Manila to Osaka with 239 occupants; while cruising at 33,000 ft over Tosa Bay off the coast of Japan, an explosion occurred in the aft lavatory. The blast caused a rapid decompression and damaged two of the plane's hydraulic systems. The captain and co-pilot initiated an emergency descent and managed to land heavily damaged aircraft safely at Osaka with no fatalities. The cause of the blast was a hand grenade a passenger was attempting to smuggle into Japan that exploded in the lavatory.
Most of the planes were repaired.
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Old 12th Feb 2016, 07:36
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Maybe it is just me, but I completely fail to see the point you are trying to make.
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Old 13th Feb 2016, 02:54
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OK; points to ponder
• 30 years ago airliner bombings were commonplace - several each year
• Pressurised cabins are far more robust than commonly thought - they don’t pop like balloons
• Bombings now attract more attention because they are relatively rare - especially given the three-fold increase in air travel over past 30 years
• Appreciate the efficacy and necessity of airport security
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Old 13th Feb 2016, 07:11
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No emergency call from Daallo A321 pilot

From Flight International, 16 February 2016, page 6:

Pilots of the Daallo Airlines Airbus A321 that suffered an in-flight explosion after departing Mogadishu initially cited a pressurisation issue, but did not declare an emergency. French investigation authority BEA has disclosed initial details of the 2 February incident, citing preliminary information from its Somali counterparts. Investigators believe the aircraft was climbing through a height of around 12,000ft at the time. One occupant of the aircraft is suspected to have been ejected through the rupture in the fuselage caused by the explosion. The Somali transport minister has reportedly attributed the damage to a bomb.
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 12:07
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Originally Posted by tdracer
Agreed, it's quite possible the 'bomber' thought he was a courier - 'deliver this laptop to Mr. X, it's very important' and had no idea he was on a one-way trip.
Based on the damage, I'd say that is not very likely. The explosion happened around the level of the cabin floor, implying the laptop (or the bag) was placed under the seat or next to the cabin wall. If the laptop were carried with no intention of using it on the way, it is far more likely to have been placed in the overhead bin, especially on a half-full flight.
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Old 19th Feb 2016, 07:06
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Passengers put carry-on bags on the floor all the time. I was directed to do this by cabin crew a couple of weeks ago. the near-floor location in no way establishes guilt. Until we know for certain that the deceased was the bomber, his family at least deserves the courtesy of not tarring him with this accusation.
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Old 19th Feb 2016, 10:20
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I saw a mention of this earlier in the thread, but no elaboration or discussion, so here goes.

News from CNN:


(If the link time does not work, it is around 1:50)

Apparently the two airport workers who handed over a suspicious laptop-looking item to the man found burnt outside Mogadishu were subject to a car bomb three days after the airplane incident. One of the men was killed, but the other one is in custody now.
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Old 19th Feb 2016, 10:44
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Did the passenger in the seat behind place it on the floor and toe it forwards? Then head off to the can? All kinds of scenarios seem possible.
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Old 20th Feb 2016, 08:36
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My understanding is that the CCTV footage confirms the laptop was handed over to the passenger who was then ejected.

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Old 30th May 2016, 13:51
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Life sentences for the two "masterminds", one of whom is still on the run....

An employee at the main airport in Mogadishu, Abdiwali Mahmud Maow, was given the life sentence, along with Arais Hashi Abdi, who was tried in absentia as he had evaded arrest.
The two were convicted of being members of al-Shabab.
The other eight were convicted of helping to plan the attack, but not of membership of the al-Qaeda-linked militant group.
Daallo Airlines blast: Somalia sentences two to life in prison - BBC News
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