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United Airlines safety Training

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

United Airlines safety Training

Old 2nd Feb 2016, 09:25
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Originally Posted by framer
What would happen if you said during the preflight briefing ( with the entire crew) " Righto, . . .
Sounds good to me.

Recollect on bus to a/c LHR to ME and I addressed crew and mentioned dress when out and about. Young hostie (isn't it always?) challenged my assertions with "I've been there; you can wear what you like; they don't mind."
My response: "I lived there for four years; they have one kind of Muslim ruling the other kind. Any opportunity to do over the Amir is welcomed, e.g. 'look how those Westerners are allowed to dress' and you may also find yourself followed by a chap making vigorous hand movements under his thobe."

All the foregoing was because I pointed out that short sleeves was OK but sleeveless was not.
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Old 3rd Feb 2016, 21:33
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United Calls in All Pilots for Extra Training -- 2nd Update

Full WSJ article link:

United Calls in All Pilots for Extra Training -- 2nd Update - WSJ
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Old 3rd Feb 2016, 21:46
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And here is the United pilot bulletin from last year referenced in the WSJ article:

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Old 6th Feb 2016, 19:12
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Wasting everyone's time. A talk-fest. A typical lip service exercise. What is needed if the company is serious, is not more feel-good additions to the various manuals or exhorting captains to be nice to their copilots. It should be a lot more raw data handling in IMC during every simulator session. More purely visual approaches and circuit handling in the simulator. Get rid of the flight directors during simulator practice.
I've been singing from the same hymn book for years. Get rid of all the time wasting LOFT crap in the sim and get down to real business--FLYING AN AIRCRAFT.

I remember one sim check where almost one hour went by before we got airborne, due low vis taxi to the de-ice pad and then FULL deice procedures.
(The mind boggles). What a waste of valuable sim time.

Once checked out, most of the procedural stuff should be done in the fixed base trainer. On the other hand, line flying should be left to the automatics.

Unless you are with Ryanair/Easyjet or other Lo-Co, with lots of time to get your hand in doing visual approaches etc for real at some out-of -the-way airport, it is simply not possible for the average heavy jet long hauler to do a consistently good job of manual flying. Not in these days of RVSM/RNP/ANP and big brother FDAP watching your every move and reporting instantly back to the "office" where tea and biccys await (maybe).

Folks riding down the back won't be too impressed with your efforts either, no matter how good you may think you still are. However, at least let's keep at it in the sim. ( a session in a Pitts special (or Cessna 172 for the faint hearted) at the local club would also help. )
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Old 6th Feb 2016, 20:30
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@Centaurus, 03-31-2016

Sir, of the many comments posted in this thread, IMHO yours makes the most sense. Just for the heck of it, it looks like your read the original post and have a clear understanding of what goes on up front.
(Although not mentioned in you reply, there are Darn Good Reasons for Sterile Cockpit rules below 10k; it is a busy time going up and coming down. All involved are entitled to 100% attention during the initial climb or descent and approach and how long does it really take? A later comment by a left-seater about a FO taking video during taxi and parking is just too much. Despite the slow speeds, it is a high risk time, visibility is limited and all four (or six?) eyeballs are needed. Union brother or sister or not, I'd write up the offending FO. Absolute NUTS. Follow the rules and SOPs, please.)
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Old 14th Feb 2016, 11:47
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Hi everyone
I don't think that grounding 12000 pilots for a one day session prepared by United, a CRM expert and The ALPA is a waste of time.
United safety alert bulletin and The steps taken since show how things have evolved. 10-15 years ago United response would have been quitte different.
I totally agree with things Said about lack of basic flying skills and a SAFO adresses that issue (2013: https://www.faa.gov/other_visit/avia.../SAFO13002.pdf)
IMHO The greatest change in The cockpit behaviour (independently of technological changes) is that The vast majority embracing this profession 15-20 years ago were people passionnate about this job and today people joining are much less passionnate (more like a hobby like Said before).
This job requires 100% if not 200% of our attention. We have The chance of doing a unique job where between 2 "shifts" we are basically OFF (by shift i mean 2 to 3 Hours before your flight until after The crew debriefing after The last leg). Which job can give you that today?
So we must show The way to The youngsters joining The family, try to be a leader, try to be a role model. And it is not easy AT all.
(Please disregard grammatical and syntax errors as english is not my mother tongue)
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Old 15th Feb 2016, 08:34
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I've seen the phones at cruise, but I have never seen anyone play games on them.

At United there is raw data flying if your landing currency expires which is fairly common on the international fleets if you are on reserve.

To me, if someone wants to read at cruise whether its the paper or an iPad, I don't really care. It's better than seeing someone struggle to keep their eyes open. All that matters to me is we operate safely and get a solid brief in before ToD. Once the autothrottles come back, I'm 100% zeroed in on whats in front of me.

That being said, if the captain wants the phones off, I'll turn it off. Not that big of a deal.

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