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Ryanair denies fuel emergency

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Ryanair denies fuel emergency

Old 8th Sep 2012, 04:17
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Ryanair denies fuel emergency

Posted without further comment.

Ryanair denies new 'low fuel' landing - Yahoo! Singapore Finance
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 04:47
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"Ryanair flatly denied Wednesday a report by the Spanish airport authorities that a flight from Britain to Lanzarate requested a priority landing because it was running low on fuel." Since they can't even spell the destination correctly, I don't put much store in this report. Plus, what is this? "Ryanair flatly denied Wednesday". They flatly denied Wednesday? Does Wednesday not exist any more, according to Ryanair, or just more sloppy reporting.
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 06:15
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Only Ryanair info?
2 posts deleted.
I would like to know what happened with FR2322 LBA-MJV unscheduled landing in STN squawking 7700.
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 06:46
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I think we can assume sloppy reporting as the last line of the article states that Ryanair operate nearly 294 737-800s
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 07:15
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two posts deleted
Along with a whole thread apparently :-

Another Ryanair low fuel emergency Lanzarote

Where did it go ?
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 07:31
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I think we can assume sloppy reporting as the last line of the article states that Ryanair operate nearly 294 737-800s
How many do you think they operate, then ?
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 07:35
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They flatly denied Wednesday
With all these mispellings, is this M Flately of Riverdance 'fame'?
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 07:37
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If its not on PPRuNe it never happened ( according to Ryanair ) .....we're not paranoid in Ryanair but everyone hates us !
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 09:51
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How many do you think they operate, then ?
Ryanair website says 275 : https://www.ryanair.com/en/about/fleet
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 11:28
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Correction THREE threads. The "4 aircraft declare emergency " one is locked, but there was another about 2 pressurisation problems that was binned.

I started one yesterday "Ryanair vs PPRuNe" questioning whether we were going the way of [email protected] here, and suggesting the "issues" raised in the latest memo would eventually be of relevance to all of us, given that what happens to FR pilots today happens to the rest of us sooner or later.

It may be a contentious subject for M O' Liary, but isn't that what PPRuNe exists for ?

Anyhow, the thread (predictably ) vanished, as no doubt this one will in a mo

Contribute whilst you can

Ryanair tried ( & failed) to gag/intimidate/force to reveal identities of contributors on REPA Frontpage a few years back.

Before posting anything here that you cannot back up in a court of law, ask yourselves, if asked by a court, how vigorously would the commercialy minded paymasters at PPRuNe guard your identity if asked to reveal it. . ? I suspect they wouldn't take long to capitulate.

Last edited by captplaystation; 8th Sep 2012 at 11:39.
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Old 8th Sep 2012, 12:08
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Well, in a futile attempt to allay all the conspirary theories, here is what has happened. A simple moderation excercise. This is a rumours and news forum, and intended as a forum targetted for professional pilots although not restricted to that demographic.

A number of threads have been created, many of which simply do not warrant new threads in this forum. When this happens, threads are either consolidated, moved to a more appropriate forum, or simply closed.

For the last few days there has been a shortage of moderation capacity coupled with a plethora of the routine and mundane. This has resulted in a spate of editing and removal for consideration. Moderation is voluntary and what with it being September, a lot of that capacity has been otherwise engaged doing jobs with more tangible benefits.

I am sure over the weekend this will be addressed, but in the meantime a few of you should try and console yourselves that there is no global conspiracy (at any level) to restrict the range of treasures and witterings, that are a regular feature of most threads.

As this isn't a R&N subject either, it is also being closed!
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