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Latest Airbus offer to easyJet

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Latest Airbus offer to easyJet

Old 4th Apr 2002, 10:17
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Basia Arma
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Question ??

Why, Bemused ?

What's gonna happen to you ?!!

As a European I'd be actually quite proud to see Airbus get the order, and I like to see healthy competition.

As a passenger I couldn't give two hoots about what equipment I'm travelling on. Just get me there in one piece and on time. Oh and don't charge me too much either.

But please don't anyone get too sanctimonious about subsidies and the like, because regardless of how it is buried or disguised, both the US and the EU continue to exercise all kinds of backstabbing nefarious policies - not limited by any means to aviation.



Despite our great technical advances, humanity as a whole remains pathetically small. We build clever airplanes and complex television receivers. We allow wholesale slaughter and starvation of others in our species. At once brilliant and stupid, the human is the greatest living paradox.
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Old 4th Apr 2002, 10:31
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If you have nothing useful to contribute, don't bother and return to your computer games.

Competition is good for all, the manufacturers, airlines and paying public alike. Monopolies are economically bad, especially for the end user.

Think of the publicity Stelios will be able to get for being the first to break the mold, though. The thought is too much.
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Old 4th Apr 2002, 10:49
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Victim of Blackmailing Scouser
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Er, doesn't BAE Systems have a whopping big slice of the Joint Strike Fighter pie?

Ditto Rolls Royce.

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Old 4th Apr 2002, 11:01
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sir and Bob down

Just displaying a personal preference.
And why bmused,.... long story.
Checkout www.bmused-design.co.uk for the answer.

I'm in favour for competition, I readily welcome it.
It just I feel alot more safer seating on a seat bolted to a boeing aircraft than I do Airbus.

At least Boeing aircraft don't argue over the landing with their pilots.

Long live the 737 in all its guises.

The Airbus, in particular the 319,20,21 and the spanking new 18 models are fine aircraft.
And one cannot deny the grace of the 340!

In the end, Boeing in my view make better aircraft.

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Old 4th Apr 2002, 11:23
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Thumbs down

SAA order: B772 $128m, A332 $88m

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Old 4th Apr 2002, 16:01
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I recon this is a perfect opportunity to flash my new motto..
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Old 4th Apr 2002, 18:27
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Bmused55 - are you a member of the Times Insight Team? You show about as much knowledge.

Airbus 32* are more comfortable than the 737 as they have an inch more shoulder room per seat, and a smidge more legroom at max certificated seating.

And as for "arguing with the pilot about landing". Just reassure us you're not giving up your day job!
Old 4th Apr 2002, 19:58
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It's not just easyJet looking, Virgin Blue looks like it is on the same
track for 40 Airbus a320s, check out the article from yesterdays
(Thurs) "The West Australian" Click here for the article


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Old 5th Apr 2002, 18:05
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I thought we had this argument about which is the better A/C about fifteen years ago. The answer has to be that there is a trend toward more Airbus and less Boeings, hence the argument is moot. Unless Boeing bring out a 'new' aircraft soon to replace the 737 then this trend will undoubtedly continue. Residual values on the Airbus beat the Boeing hands down so the accountants rule and we buy Airbus, simple really.
Who thinks that Ariane has anything to do with Airbus? Not when I last looked, completely separate entity.
Over the life of each 'Corporation', the US company has probably been given ten times the subsidy that Airbus has recieved. Remember also that each time the Governments have 'loaned' start up money, or launch money to Airbus, it has been repaid, albeit with unrealistic rates of interest. When was the last, or first, time that Boeing repaid any money to the US Gov't?
GO get 'em!
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 14:32
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All this investment in new aircraft by EZY... and base at LGW with low cost seats.
Now doesn't that sound just like Air Europe.... Dan Air.... ???
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 15:59
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The only similarities I see are Gatwick & Low Cost. Completely different business plan. What do you see gpilot?

Let's hope not they don't go the same way as Dan Air & Air Europe. I have a mortgage resting on the continued success of EZY.
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 10:16
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Thumbs down

I'm type-rated on both the 737 and A320. I flew the 737-300/400 and 737-800 and A319/320/321.
So I can compare all these aircraft. I'm sick of all those 'pilots' who never saw an A320 from close or flew one and giving their opinion about the flying qualities of this beautiful machine.
My choice : Airbus A320.
Both the 737 and A320 are nice to fly but take a closer look to the cockpit and you know why I prefer the A320. This a a nice ergonomic cockpit where you have place to put your pilot-case without ruin it, where you can eat your meal without that stupid and big control wheel in just front of you (or in your meal while the aircraft is turning).
Fly-by-Wire ? Never had the feeling that I was not flying the airplane. The Concorde (analog) has it, the 777 has it, the Tu-204 has it and most military aircraft today has it.
The A320 has a cockpit where you can talk to eachother without yelling. Ever flew a 737-800 at M.79 ? Never heard so much wind-noice in a cockpit. Lot's of pilots at our company flew with ANR headsets !!
The 737 is designed in the 60's and you can see it !!
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 17:36
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Bear Behind
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EXCIN, thanks for a balanced view.... At last someone who has one, rather than a flightsim freak.

Blowchowski, since SAA didn't buy any A332s (nor any B772s, for that matter), what is your point?
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