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CHIRP - More useless CAA comment regarding crew security.

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CHIRP - More useless CAA comment regarding crew security.

Old 12th Aug 2008, 18:56
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Genghis the Engineer

"(1) Is it not the case that automatic access to an aeroplane by a police offer must be when they are in uniform, and it doesn't apply to somebody in plainclothes?"

No. And it's not a right of entry to aircraft, that's more complicated, and dependent on country of registration, and what statute they are acting under.

As far as entry to airports is concerned, the right is for a designated Constable. I can't speak for all forces, just the Met Police, who are all designated constables. The power is regardless of uniform state.

However, the agreement between the BAA and Heathrow Police was (and I can't say if it still is) that only Heathrow Officers and SB are admitted to the Restricted Area. All others are only allowed in in the same way as a passenger, ie they are flying. If they need to speak to someone airside, then they go in with an Heathrow officer, and last time I took one in, which was a long time ago now, he was searched. The same applies to officers flying on duty, they are searched, except for armed protection officers.

The incident mentioned earlier, is without doubt abuse of the officers authority. If it happened, I'm suprised the local police didn't get called. It happened at LHR years ago, the officer concerned lost his job.
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 21:47
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Oh wise one that wears his shreddies outside his tights.

I am sure that I speak for the majority of the UK Aircraft Maintenance Engineers when we say that we look forward to supporting your next AOG.
the downside to a 3 day break on the clock, plus expenses is that it usually happens in some bumf$%k part of the globe where the only action is the airport hotel and the chick who works the late shift at the bar has a 'tache !!
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 06:39
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Tut tut Firstorm and Moist. Bad mistake. Thought the moderators would have had more sense than to let these posts through the net.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 14:35
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Maybe they've got more sense than to stifle a refreshingly reasonable (though admittedly not very PC) comment.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 14:39
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You have clearly not seen the TV programme about ICTS, which is exactly why the Mods must have left the posting alone! Go and have a look for yourself.
Love your name though Noodnik - meaning Nagger!!! I should know, I lived There.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 18:26
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Love your name too moist. Is that because your a fanny
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Old 15th Aug 2008, 07:15
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ICTS Customer Service

Made [The Daily Telegraph yesterday:

Black air passenger awarded 4,000 after being stopped three times before flight:

. . Cedric Stewart, 45, said he was "humiliated' by airport workers who unpacked his bags in front of dozens of other passengers

. . Mr Stewart launched legal action against security firm International Consultants on Targeted Security, which is hired by Continental to vet passengers, and has now received an out-of-court settlement.

. . "I was treated like a common criminal for absolutely no reason at all."

. . after checking in he was pulled aside again and had his hand luggage emptied on a table and searched.

. . "I hope my experiences encourage people to take a stand against prejudice."

. . An ICTS spokesman strongly denied racism but said the company would not comment due to security considerations . .

Some here have been accused of racism for even suggesting that profiling by nationality is tantamount to being a Nazi.

However yesterday (14 Aug) in the House of Lords, while debating the Prevention of Terrorism Bill, the Attorney General Lord Falconer of Thoroton argued that 42 day detention was necessary, amongst other things, to pursue terrorist suspects with links to Pakistan.

Any of the PC brigade care to take on his Lordship? Can we now have profiling and targeted intelligence so that the rest of us can get on with our lives with dignity and freedom?
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