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Climate Camp at Heathrow

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Climate Camp at Heathrow

Old 13th Aug 2007, 13:39
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aka Capt PPRuNe
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Climate Camp at Heathrow

Before any of you get too moist in the nether regions, this thread will be used SOLELY for updating crew and others who need to get to LHR, on any problems with congestion related to the protests.

Anyone else, and by that I mean those who have a point of view about the politics of the protest or the protesters themselves can find the related thread in the Jet Blast forum. You will NOT be allowed to use this forum to air your anger, disgust, apoplexy, support, agreement etc. etc. with the protests.

Anyone who does not have the intelligence to understand the meaning of this post will find that their diatribes will be removed thereby causing even greater global warming due to the fact that the offended poster will no doubt be generating even more heat. Don't waste you time spouting off on this thread if the protests get on your wick. Go to Jet Blast.
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Old 13th Aug 2007, 14:19
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Just dropped off better half at terminal 2. No queues anywhere in central area or tunnels. Plenty of police around North side on A4.
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Old 13th Aug 2007, 17:54
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18:53 Monday 13th August, Just got into work (south side, T4) in record time no visible signs or hold ups.
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Old 13th Aug 2007, 19:21
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Perhaps it might not be too wise to report your travelling/reporting delays or otherwise on PPRuNe lest this provides useful information to the protesters?

If you all say that there has been 'no problem', then perhaps the protesters will redeploy accordingly? And then there might be a problem which perhaps there wouldn't have been if they had been kept in the dark about such things?

Just a thought. Anyway, good luck and I hope you're not inconvenienced by these people this week.
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Old 13th Aug 2007, 20:55
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News reports today seemed to be trying to find disruption, delays, interference, problems etc. caused by the protestors but as hard as they looked, in their typically hysterical fashion, no evidence of anything turned up. I get the feeling that the press are bitterly dissapointed in the lack of action!
Now the press are talking up rumours of 'direct action' to come this weekend (18th-19th) The happy campers all say that nothing is planned.
I suspect that the camp will be there for some time> The very occaisional blip will upset the police now and then and come the winter, they will all go home.
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 07:06
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Climate change action LHR

advised that Climate change demonstrators are cycling between LCY and LHR today (Tuesday) possible congestion in CTA. no time confirmed - currently raining.
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 09:54
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i suspect they will all go home one way or another on monday ,as they are illegally occupying private land.
The plan for the week (allegedly) is for a week of waffle followed by direct action on sunday, so I would plan for delays on sunday.
Re the police response - seems a little OTT, but in the current security climate I think its reasonable, would be very easy for one of our home-grown terrorists to use the camp as cover, then the police would be villified for not responding to such an obvious eventuality. Also the previous climate camps have a history of significant illigality and disruptive behaviour, so given that I also think the response is merited.
Its worth also remembering that the police may be saving some of these guys from themselves. If they do breach the airport then they are likely to get shot in the current climate - far better to nip that in the bud and police the camp, rather than react to events.
Loose-loose for the boys in blue on this one really on the PR front.
Anyway my reading of the situation is that this week will be fairly placid with little or no disruption, as the camp has the real demonstrators and lobbyists in it. Sat and sun is when 'rent-a-mob' are likely to disrupt things.
On a personal note, when I am going on hols with my family, i always get an airport hotel the night before, events like this, and like the dalays caused at LGW by the M25 closure last week can be avoided by doing this.
Obviously when I'm going to the airport to work, I just have to take my chances!
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 00:32
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I hope if they do try to penetrate security wearing uniforms that they get their lumps and serve some time.

Are militants plotting to infiltrate Heathrow dressed as air crews?
By RAY MASSEY and CHARLOTTE GILL - More by this author

Last updated at 23:51pm on 14th August 2007

Protesters camped at Heathrow have revealed plans to dress as air stewardesses and officials.

It raised fears that radical elements may use the disguises to gain access to key areas of the airport and cause disruption at the height of the August getaway.

Activists at the Camp for Climate Action said there were "no guarantees" they would not enter a terminal to carry their protest against plans to expand the airport and the aviation industry to passengers.

An email sent to campaigners encouraged them to bring smart clothing and air stewardess uniforms.

Heathrow climate change protestors set up camp two days early
Heathrow: Bosses want to make proposed new runway even longer as hundreds of protesters arrive

Protesters camped at Heathrow have revealed plans to dress as air stewardesses and officials

Organiser John Jordan, 42, confirmed the email came from those behind the camp.

He said: "Yes, we will be wearing suits and ties."

He said protesters may target businesses around Heathrow and would use smart clothing to blend in with staff.

He said: "Our quarrel is with the aviation industry and the Government, it's not with the passengers."

Mr Jordan sought to make light of claims that stewardess uniforms could be used to breach airport security.

The protestors set up camp at Heathrow two days early

He said they were actually for song and dance entertainment at the camp and outside terminal buildings.

He added: "They are more like fancy dress than uniforms. We like to have fun as part of our protests.

"The outfits are cheaply made, and if BAA think they are real then they have some serious security concerns." "Under the camp's own guidelines, protesters must not cross the perimeter fence at Heathrow into places where planes are".

But protesters refused to be drawn on whether direct action will take place within one of the airport's terminals, possibly disrupting thousands of passengers.

Campaigner Isabelle Michel said: "We cannot guarantee that we will not enter a terminal."
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 05:55
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How do these soap dodgers expect to be able to masquarade as aircrew / pax etc??

That's not a real question BTW: this is

Anyone know how long this is expected to last?
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 06:22
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....of course, if the people I was working with at BAA replied to any of my emails in the last 6 months, they would have a radio station telling you all about these delays when they occur, before you get to the airport.

Hey ho

Of course, my stance on the Eco-bandwagon remains clear - it's the cool thing to talk about right now so everyone is doing it. I'm keeping as far away from it as I can!!
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 07:58
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its officially lasting 'till sunday.

I expect some will try and stay on but as they are illegally squating on private land, and given the police and government response thus far, I would expect some robust action to move them on by monday.
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 10:57
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Hillingdon Council dropped off some leaflets in the office yesterday with information for local residents and businesses.

Included in the information is expected "mass action" from mid-day on Sunday 19 to mid-day on monday 20 with up to 1500 people involved.

"This is likely to include protests and direct action and therefore it is possible that there may be some disruption to transport services and road routes around the airport during that time."

I have also heard rumours of them moving toward the perimeter fence during that time.
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 16:52
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Northern Peri Road now closed

Folks, in the past few minutes, the NORTHERN PERMITER ROAD has just been closed due to the protesters, not sure exactly how but London Buses are now diverting buses away and using other roads into the airport.
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 16:57
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Just walked past Hatton Cross station and was stopped by two officers as I was disguised as a BA Captain. Much checking of ID and flight bag followed by a disappointed "on your way" as they failed anything wrong.

Whole area saturated by police so expect a rise in burglaries - everywhere else
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 16:57
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Originally Posted by Rush2112 View Post
How do these soap dodgers expect to be able to masquarade as aircrew / pax etc
Yes you ought to be able to spot them as in suits but unwashed and unshaven.

However this is so often the case for regular pax nowadays whose bags have been lost by BA and who couldn't bring any toiletries through as hand luggage either.
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 22:33
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....of course, if the people I was working with at BAA replied to any of my emails in the last 6 months, they would have a radio station telling you all about these delays when they occur, before you get to the airport.
Groundstar, there was a radio station set up for LGW and LHR back in 1990 known as Airport Information Radio. It closed a year later. Guess the playlist was a bit dull.

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Old 16th Aug 2007, 06:38
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not lhr but the news this morning are saying that they have chained themselves to the gates of biggin hill, just in case anyone if off there this morning
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 08:05
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They also appear to be at Farnborough as well as Biggin.

Not that chaining oneself to the gate should cause disruption in its own right but sure we can all see a whole raft of new unnecessary security controls coming soon to GA fields - and cost to the operators.

** - Updated to note the above news link is now reporting the arrest of the protestors, who are claiming their prime objection to the Biz Jet users is because they are rich

Last edited by WHBM; 16th Aug 2007 at 11:05. Reason: Linked site updated
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 10:40
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Any news or suspicions about where they may be at LHR? I'm commuting in to LHR this evening to operate out of T3.
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 12:44
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Said swampies at Biggin, snapped as I drove past this morning.

Won't they all be late for work?
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