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easyJet depressurisation 4/7/07

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easyJet depressurisation 4/7/07

Old 14th Jul 2007, 11:17
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2 Trainers?

Are you sure there were 2 trainers onboard? Looking at the crew manifest there does not appear to have been 2 trainers. There were indeed 3 in the flight deck, but non were detailed as TRI or anything like that.

Do we actually know what happened though with this aircraft? I have read thru the whole of this thread and haven't actually seen what caused the problem. Was it a decompression or was it a problem with the outflow valve?
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Old 14th Jul 2007, 12:35
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An elderly woman was treated for an injury after tripping while leaving the plane

Thats my favourite line - thats actually a classic. I think I'll get that framed!
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Old 20th Jul 2007, 14:37
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A quick question for all you gnarly aviators who reckon the passengers were a bunch of hysterical idiots. If you were sitting amongst this apparently pathetic mob & this happened, would you happily sit there smiling heartily or would you think oh sh1t, why is this happening?
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Old 20th Jul 2007, 15:39
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I dont think in this thread we are takin the p*ss out of the pax as such, I think its more the way the typical Journ moron makes everest out of a mole hill.
Its always dramatised like a hollywood movie, they can take the time to get all the news from the pax and spice it up, but dont bother to equal the report with what 'really' happened and get more 'realistic' info from the airline.

I also do say though if half the pax LISTENED to saftey demos rather than gassing and reading and thinking yeah yeah whatever, the situation may not have been so scary as they would have known what to do straigh away.
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Old 21st Jul 2007, 09:41
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Thanks guys, and guyesses, for 30 mins of laughter.
Some of the comments on this thread are pure aviation humour.
It is also funny to see some of the comments from our colleagues who have no sense of humour!!!
It was probably a job well done by the flight crew involved in the incident, and I bet they will read this thread and have a chuckle as well!
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 06:26
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Hi, I am the "terrified" passenger who took that photo, amongst others,. I'll tell you my version. (as I remember it)
I was traveling with my wife (a self confessed scaredypants flyer) our two children one aged 6 (boy in picture) and girl 7 (who was the "10" yrold treated for ear pain) my two sisters, one with husband and their kids, boy 18mths, boy 2yrs, boy 9 and boy 11, quite a party!
So alls well until seatbelt lights come on and PA (pilot I think) announces that we are about to experience some turbulence, shortly afterwards the plane starts to descend fairly rapidly, enough to start a murmer from the punters, cabin crew were called forward to the cockpit for quick meeting, about this time a noise started and the strange smell appeared, around 30 seconds later, pop go the oxy masks, the flight crew did look a little disturbed at this point, the only screams were from the babies who didn't like having the masks on at all and were putting up a major struggle, the response from the crew was "you must put them on" the babies mothers were obviously terrified, then the pilot explained that the cabin was depressurised and we were going to land in Toulouse.
The two older boys we were with were genuinely petrified, I got the camera out and told them we had better get some piccies or no-one would believe them at school, it seemed to cheer them up a bit, took some of my kids and the rest of the family (my 6 yr old was at one point sitting with mask on reading the emergency procedures card from the back of the seat!)
Finally landed in Toulouse and my daughter who suffers from ear pain on all flights was in obvious agony probably due to the rapid descent, the french medics on the runway insisted we visit the hospital, so we were whisked off the tarmac in a convoy of ambulances, took photos of that too (the other passenger who was treated had to have her eardrums pierced to relieve the pressure).
We were put in a taxi from the hospital back to the airport (must remember to claim fare back) where we were nearly arrested for being illegal immigrants as we had not cleared customs, had no boarding passes etc.
Finally made it to the departure lounge, to wait for the plane they were sending from London. It was here I started playing with the pictures to send some holiday spam to our friends. see attached (sent one to the easyjet CEO aswel, but have not heard back yet)
Long story short a Daily Mail journo was on the flight, saw the images on my laptop and asked if the paper could have some, although I will hopefully be getting some beer money, I would have happily sent them anyway.

Sorry for the long post.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 09:05
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A bit off topic I am sorry but...

Takes things like this for pax to realise that we don't just stand
there for the fun of it still baffles me.
I was on an Air NZ flight recently and they just stand there while it all plays on the little TVs. They don't put on the oxy masks, don't show the emergency lighting etc.

I thought this just looks strange, why even have them stand there then. There is something strangely satisfying about seeing them go through the motions, even if ones head is usually down in the in-flight magazine.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 15:16
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Actual problem was dual engine bleed failure caused by overtemp(possibly faulty sensors). Happened to me recently aswell, although in our case the cabin didn't start climbing and we were able to do a precautionary descent and complete the flight on the APU bleed ( we were inbound destination anyway).
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 16:13
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Originally Posted by Gary Lager
It would be great if we knew that all pax had the level of interest and understanding of those who bother to seek out PPRuNe, however in reality this is not the case. Combine the difficulties and low priority of pax communication in a non-normal situation with the difficulty of explaining such events with clarity, brevity and honesty, whilst not alarming less aero-literate passengers, and you can see the problem.
I can't tbh. I don't see that it would hurt to append "If there is a failure in the oxygen supply, masks will drop from the panel above you. Pull a mask towards you, place it over your mouth and nose and breathe normally. Remember to fit your own mask before helping others." with "You may at the same time notice the aircraft descending rapidly to an altitude where the masks are no longer necessary." or some such. Might even make people shut up and take notice a bit more. Yeah, okay, "oink, oink, flap" on the latter but I still don't see it would hurt
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 17:45
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An emergency descent isnt anywhere near as steep as most people imagine! It is in fact very little more than a lot of aircraft do, at ATC request, with speedbrakes out. If the masks didnt drop, I bet most passengers wouldnt even recognise the emergency.
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Old 26th Jul 2007, 17:33
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I found your reply interesting and probably a "proper acount" of what happened compared to what the Journo's had been printing.

Just to hopefully answer one of your points.

about this time a noise started and the strange smell appeared, around 30 seconds later, pop go the oxy masks
That will most likely will have been they start of the small oxygen generators starting for your masks which then produce a funny smell.

Question is.. Wwill you be flying with our wonderfull airline again? and how did you find they crew
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Old 26th Jul 2007, 23:23
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I love you guys. Keep up the sterling work!
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Old 26th Jul 2007, 23:58
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a well handled event right up to the point one of the two trainers threw the wrong switch deploying the Rat and not the Pax oxygen.....oh well any one can make a mistake!
Bloody easily done that!!
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Old 27th Jul 2007, 08:41
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Personally I blame Hollywood. Thanks to them everyone 'knows' that just before a plane crashes the oxygen masks are deployed. Some were probably surprised no sparks fell from the ceiling at the same moment. Then again others are comforted by the fact that if the crew are all incapacitated International Rescue can allways lower another pilot on board using a long rope.
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Old 27th Jul 2007, 09:45
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Not just International Rescue either - Charlton Heston was winched from a helo into the flight deck of a 74' in Airport 1975.

So if the Hood has hypnotised the boys, El Cid will do the job.

Makes me feel so much better
Old 27th Jul 2007, 11:29
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Rotate on this!
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Cheers for your post. I do like the camera tilt in the pic of your boy to give it added 'plunge' perception...

Hope the kids are ok now and that they have revelled in the recounting of 'the flight of death' to their school mates..

Phew..just saved a 'they're' for 'their' moment.
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Old 5th Aug 2007, 23:49
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to ozpax


hope you read this and it finds you well. I must admit I was a little outraged at the photo published in the media, but having read your story now find myself humbled. Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience on here. Unfortunately, Easyjet doesn't feel the need to communicate officially with us mere employees of them about such events, my friends crewed that flight but I get the impression they were told not to talk about it, so thankyou for shedding light on the cabin situation, and may I congratulate you for not freaking out. I hope it hasn't put you off using us again.
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Old 8th Aug 2007, 07:25
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Reasons for impressions

So there we have it:

The noise of a "screw coming undone", which made everyone smile, had a reason - RAT deployment is a very noisy thing.

The strange smell was the heating up of the oxygen generators.

The crew "meeting" in the cockpit was the emergency brief.

Ozpax seems to give a level headed account.

These days as soon as anything gets a bit abnormal, people reach for personal phones and telephone out (which actually saved the White House in the Letīs Roll crash a couple of years back...) so I suppose taking photos, although OTT is understandable.

We are as good as our information. Thanks for it.

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