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Indonesian B737 runway overrun/crash

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Indonesian B737 runway overrun/crash

Old 7th Mar 2007, 06:54
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I Have Control
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Thumbs down Indonesian Air Safety

Time for IATA to have a close examination....the recent record is abominable, without doubt.No possibility of coincidence, I am sure.

I wonder who is supposed to regulate Air Safety within Indonesia. Any ideas?

And do IFALPA have any involvement with their colleagues in that country?

Not trying to stir it here, just wondering what can be done, short of grounding the carriers.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 07:40
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At least 49 killed in Indonesian plane accident: official

JAKARTA : At least 49 people were killed when an Indonesian plane burst into flames upon landing in the central city of Yogyakarta on Wednesday, according to a provincial spokesman.

Witnesses said the front wheel of the Garuda Indonesia plane burst as it touched down, causing flames to shoot into the air and triggering a series of explosions which sent the aircraft skidding off the runway.

Australian diplomats and journalists covering Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's visit to Indonesia were among those on the flight from the capital Jakarta.

Downer was not on board, Australian officials confirmed.

"I saw many bodies, dozens of bodies badly burnt near the exit," Captain Yos Bintoro, an airport official, told Elshinta radio. "I saw people dead in the cockpit," he added.

Television pictures showed firefighters battling giant flames and thick smoke spewing from the broken fuselage as it lay smouldering in the grass off the end of the runway.

The tailfin bearing the blue colours of Garuda, Indonesia's national carrier, was almost sheared off.

Transport Minister Hatta Rajasa told Metro TV station that the plane was carrying 133 passengers and there were 76 confirmed survivors.

Reports said seven crew were also on board.

The incident is just the latest in a series of crashes and safety scares involving Indonesian airliners which have forced the government to set up a team to urgently improve transport safety.

"I was sleeping then the plane slammed twice and I heard people screaming. It was dark and there was smoke everywhere. I saw many passengers hurt," said Din Syamsuddin, the chairman of Indonesian Muslim movement Muhammadiyah, who was on the plane.

"I was sitting not far from the emergency door. I felt someone guide me to the right," he said. "There were many people inside the plane when I got out."

Ngadiman, a witness to the accident, told the detikcom news website: "The front wheel burst, then there was an explosion from the front and then the rear wheels burnt as well."

Dozens of injured people were taken to hospital.

"16 people were brought into the hospital, with injuries ranging from bad to minor," Paulus, from the Panti Rini hospital, told ElShinta.

Around 50 injured people had been taken to a separate, air force hospital near the airport, a Metro TV report said.

One of the injured is a foreign correspondent from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and was being operated on, said Widodo, a doctor at Sarjito Hospital.

The Australians on the aircraft included one foreign affairs department official, a federal policeman and "at least five media representatives", Sky television reported from Canberra.

It was believed some of the Australians had survived, but further details were not available, Sky said.

The Japanese government said it believed at least two Japanese nationals were on board.

The city of Yogyakarta, which lies 450 kilometres (280 miles) southeast of Jakarta, is renowned as the centre of classical Javanese art and culture.

Indonesia's flight safety record has come under renewed scrutiny since an Adam Air Boeing 737-400 with 102 people on board crashed into the sea off the island of Sulawesi on New Year's Day with no survivors.

Last Friday a Boeing 737-200 operated by local Indonesian carrier Merpati Nusantara was forced to make an emergency landing on Batam Island after the pilot reported a dangerous oil leak. - AFP/c
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 07:45
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Name of passengers Garuda

07 March 15.14 WIB, from http://www.republika.co.id/online_de...5316&kat_id=23

Passengers were injuried in Panti Rapih Yogyakarta Hospital, Korban yang dirawat , dan sebagian diperbolehkan pulang terdiri;
1. Hendi Yuniarsa (L/30) Lebak Bulus (Karyawan BCA Finance) pulang (Arta Hotel)
2. Abdul Haris (L/24) Tangerang (Karyawan BCA Finance) pulang (Arta Hotel)
3. Yulita (P/24) Wonosari (Karyawan BCA Finance) pulang (Arta Hotel)
4. Iswanto (L/27) Depok (Saphir Yogyakarta) pulang
5. Yulia Kusuma (P/30) Cijantung inap CB5/523
6. Asti Peranginangin (P/54) Pondok Labu, Jakarta Timur
7. Saiful Rahmat (L/37) Tangerang inap CB5/515
8. Suparo (L/50) Bekasi rawat jalan (Quality Hotel)
9. Soni Indarto (L/40) PT Sari Husada inap E61/108B
10.Jimmi Kurnia (L/45) Kemayoran
11.Ami Widiastuti (P/27) Bintaro rujukan RS Panti Rini
12.Purwoko Joko P (L/32) Wukirsari Cangkringan Sleman rawat jalan
13.Papip M (P/25) Karyawan BCA Finance pulang (Arta Hotel)
14.I Ketutu Putra E (L/42) Wisma MM UGM inap MP15 VIP
15.Susiyanti (P/45) Permata Hijau, Jaksel inap MP14 VIP
16.Ti Wan Li (L/46) Permata Hijau, Jaksel inap MP14 VIP
17.Nunik Savitri (P/30) Bogor (PT. Sari Husada)
18.Ashari Mekta (L/46) Cimanggis inap CB6/615
19.Riil Pasaribu (L/47) Magelang
20.Reni Gonowati (P/46) Terban
21.Kenji Yamada (L/31) Jepang
22.Tunggul Yogi (L/41) Candigebang, Sleman
Passengers injuries in Bethesda Yogyakarta Hospital;
1. Adrianus (L/40) Cimanggis Ruang Shinta 5
2. Agus Sutrisno (L/37) Bekasi
3. Aji Munawar (L/34) Pontianak Anggrek 5
4. Arif Budiman (L/37) Serpong, Tangerang pulang
5. Budiyarti (P/40) PuloGadung Anggrek
6. Djohan Tanuwidjaja (L/40) Tangerang
7. H. Parlindungan Lubis(L/49) Pekanbaru
8. Firdaus (L/42) Jakarta Selatan Petronella
9. Francis Kartika Dewi (P/26) Ciputat Galilea 413
10.I Wayan Joko Astina (L/52) Sidoarjo Jasmine 3
11.Ida Wardani (P/39) Bekasi Jasmine 6
12.Indri Prastanti (P/26) Lebak Bulus
13.Ir. Gunawan Lucito (L/51) Duren Sawit Srikandi 1
14.Ito Shinji (L/45) PT. Sony Indonesia Jakarta pulang
15.Jimmi Maniar Nadadap (L/30) Kebayoran Lama Galileo 310
16.Juli Astuti (P/38) Cibubur, Bekasi Anggrek
17.Ketut Sunadi (L/50) BPN Jakarta Pusat Bakung 4
18.Mahfud Hadi Wijaya (L/57) Tebet (pulang)
19.Michel Hatton (L/47) Canberra(Staff Menlu Australia)
20.Nurgum Batubara (P/55) Tanjung Priok (pulang)
21.Petrus Cahyadi (L/32) Jakarta Utara
22.Poppi Mahfud (P/56) Wirobrajan
23.Reza Badri (L/32) Pondok Bambu
24.Ridwan Anthony S (L/43) Duren Sawit (pulang)
25.Roli Irawan (L/44) BPN Jaktim
26.Ronald Stefanus Gunawan (L/32) IMC Tebet Barat, Jakarta
27.Ruth Meigy Panggabean (P/30) Jakarta Pusat (Petronela)
28.Santi Hendara (P/30) Pontianak (Petronela)
29.Slamet (L/29) Sarihusada Yogyakarta Anggrek
30.Sri Irianti, SKM M Phill (P/48) Tangerang
31.Suarno (L/24) Pontianak (Petronela)
32.Suyatno (L/63) Pejaten Barat Jakarta
33.Yulianti (P/39) Cileduk, Jakarta
34.Kyle Quinlan (L/23) Canbera Australia
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 08:15
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IATA has nothing to do with safety (even they pretend to do so), it is only about money.
It should be ICAO to address this.

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Old 7th Mar 2007, 08:26
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See http://au.news.yahoo.com for video taken shortly after crash by TV cameraman onboard.
Truly horrific.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 08:40
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Probably too early to speculate about anything, but I do wonder whatever happened to "Go around, go around, go around" as we're always taught in the world of aviation.

Regardless, RIP to all who didn't survive.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 09:04
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Originally Posted by Max Tow
See http://au.news.yahoo.com for video taken shortly after crash by TV cameraman onboard.
Truly horrific.
No thanks. I can imagine the scene - thats quite enough. This is reality, not a movie.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 09:21
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the video is not that horrific, i have seen more injuries in a football riot video...
but i did notice, flap was not fully deployed, looks like take off flap settings were used for landing.. looks to be leading edge slats extended, and about 15 deg flap.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 09:22
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With regards to Garuda's safety record, I care not to comment directly. However, it is a fact that since 1950 they have lost 595 pax + 1 'ground fatality' in 15 accidents plus have suffered a further 3 serious accidents that were non-fatal.

Todays accident is a truly tragic event, as is any aircraft accident, and I feel for those whom are either directly or indirectly involved in this tragedy.

With all the rumours and speculation concerning the moments immediately prior to touchdown, it is hard to know what is truth and what is speculation or sensationalism. What intrigues me however is the report of severe buffeting
as the aircraft crossed the threshold, presumably not a stall as by all accounts thus far the a/c landed hot and hard, but again this is only speculation. As with any accident, only time will tell. My sincerest condolences to all involved
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 09:31
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20 dead now....previous figure stated wrongly by News Channels
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 09:51
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BBC now saying 22 dead
Condolences to all the families.

Dont know if this is true, but BBC say it was on fire before it landed, so go around not really an option.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:11
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Here's a video from You Tube of the 737 in flames.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:31
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video taken shortly after crash by TV cameraman onboard.
So the cameraman did what all journalists do, he made sure he grabbed his luggage (camera) before leaving the plane. That is unforgivable as it could block the escape of others. but it seems he was not the only one, the report says many passengers were trying to get their luggage.

Reports are also saying that the nose wheel was on fire before landing, what could possibly cause that ?
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:39
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Possibly, but also possibly such footage could be useful in the investigation.

Condolences to the victims.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:39
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Nixor ut Ledo
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From the scenes shown here on Oz TV news it seems that the fire/crash crews were a bloody long time getting there.
Wx seemed CAVOK
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:46
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Being surrounded by water & rice paddies will stop most fire trucks!

Based on the position of the approach lights, and the perimeter road, and the wind direction, the aircraft may have come down before reaching the runway! Just a thought.
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:50
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From the Garuda website - current as at 0700Z

"Information on passengers of GA200

14:00 Jakarta Time

Among 133 passengers onboard GA200, 112 passengers survived while the other 21 passengers perished. One among the 7 crewmembers also perished.

Survivors are being treated in hospitals around Yogyakarta.

For inquiries please contact the family assistance center at 021-5506721, 021-5500747. or for Yogyakarta 0274-7461802

Other contact numbers:

Garuda Indonesia head office crisis center:
021-2311393 and/or facsimile no. 021-2311105.

Customer care:
021-2310049 and 021-3520461

Garuda Indonesia Call Center: 0807-1-807807 or 021-23519999"
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Old 7th Mar 2007, 10:51
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Possibly, but also possibly such footage could be useful in the investigation.
The investigation comes after first making sure everyone is safe, the fact he decided to carry his camera off the plane shows he was not following the accepted evacuation procedure. To me this is unforgivable.

If he did not carry the camera off the plane then I apologise for pointing out this possible error of judgement, but I fail to see how a broadcast quality camera would be lying near the plane or another TV crew got to the crash before the fire tenders.

The fact the video is useful is secondary. Prime consideration should be for evacuation and saving lives.
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runway is 7200 feet long...oriented 9/27

does anyone have a way of getting wx at time of crash? reports of rain, possibly runway wet, x winds
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You are making accusations when nobody yet knows the circumstances. Reporters I know would have had the camera to hannd at all times. even during the flight, in order to film anything of interest. If he was holding it to film the landing through the window I can't see anyone leaving it behind deliberately.

Wait until there is more info before making unfounded aspersions, you sound like a manager.
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