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FAA Looking for Bright Ideas

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FAA Looking for Bright Ideas

Old 21st Sep 2001, 22:25
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Lightbulb FAA Looking for Bright Ideas

U.S. FAA is looking for bright ideas in dealing with the security of the aviation system. They have set up an EMAIL address [email protected] and a fax telephone number 202-267-5091. This is for all areas that FAA can do anything about (operations, procedures, technology) not other things that may be bothering one.
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Old 22nd Sep 2001, 19:56
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Thumbs up

Good to hear that there actually is an aviation administration out there willing to listen to pilots !

Go USA !
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Old 22nd Sep 2001, 22:19
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IF true, it would certainly be the first time for the FAA to ASK for any noval ideas. Much of their "thinking" is still stuck in the 1960's time warp. This is a shame because I have met quite a few aircarrier inspectors that have been very accomodating over the years, only to have their good intensions thwarted by FAA bureaucracy.
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Old 22nd Sep 2001, 22:31
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From the technological stand point, have a look at this link: Boarder Guard

Ps. I've just emailed the FAA about it (reinforcing the point, I hope) !
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Old 22nd Sep 2001, 23:33
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From a technological stand point this science looks quite promising. Why does it always take a disaster to cause change? We never seem to learn...

On the financial side, this companies stock is probably a good investment. It could have a lot of upside if the authorities make the proper decisions.
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Old 24th Sep 2001, 09:11
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The address doesn't work, in upper or lower case.
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Old 24th Sep 2001, 11:32
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It looks like the FAA's new email is:
[email protected]
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Old 25th Sep 2001, 16:58
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Drop and Stop- I think you are correct on the address. Heard they have thousands of EMAILs and phone calls to go through.
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Old 25th Sep 2001, 18:33
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Tan, I agree that human beings always seem to leave it too late. We only have to look at some of the (British) disasters of recent years: Zeebrugge ferry disaster; Kings Cross underground fire; Bradford (?) football stadium to name but three.

I think that one of the reasons, quite apart from the commercial pressures, is that people are no longer rewarded for preventing problems. It is far easier for management to clear up after the problem than to prevent it.

No one gets patted on the back and told, "Well done, another accident free year/decade." When a disaster happens, suddenly we have heroes and everyone gets patted on the back.
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Old 25th Sep 2001, 22:27
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The following received from Airjet Airline News today. I have posted the whole article because the first bit gives resaons for their reccomendations. If someone is interested in forwarding to the FAA then feel free, except I reckon you should acknowledge the source of the recommendations;


*** UPDATE: SPECIAL REPORT -- Enemy Within, Airline Workers Scrutinized

WASHINGTON - 25JUN2001 (AirlineBiz.Com) Time Magazine is
reporting that there is "new evidence" that the hijackers
may have had "accomplices deep within" airport security
areas. Time said the help may have come from airline and
or other airport employees who work ramp side and beyond
the security check points. It has been reported that one
of the cars impounded at Boston's Logan airport had some
sort of airport security pass or I.D. inside. As a result
of possible employee involvement the FAA has ordered
employees to submit to new criminal background checks.
Airlines will be required to conduct criminal checks and
employment histories on workers who have access to airliners
and other sterile airport areas. It is not clear why the FAA
believes the airlines will show any more competence than they
have demonstrated in the past regarding these new checks. The
very airlines who politicked against increased security
dominate Mineta's new security task force. According to the
Chicago Tribune, "Future terrorist attacks may be trumped by
the airlines' traditional wariness of the cost of new security
measures." However, a spokesman for Mineta said, "The airlines
have a strong self-interest in restoring public confidence in
aviation security." It was good news to many that Congress
agreed that the federal government may have to take over
airport security nationwide. In the mean time, it is quite
clear that flight crews do not trust the airlines' new and
improved security measures. Flight crews and other employees
are deplaning passengers they feel are undesirable. A man
flying to Pakistan was ordered off a Delta flight in San
Antonio. In Orlando, two men were taken off a US Airways flight
bound for Baltimore. In Minneapolis, three men were denied
boarding on a Northwest flight to SLC. One airline executive
said, "The flight crews are extraordinarily edgy and will err
on the side of caution." ALPA wants Congress to pass legislation
to allow pilots to carry firearms in "fortified" cockpits. http://www.airlinebiz.com/wire (For Full Stories!)

* Our Recommendations for Increased Security (16SEP01)

In addition to the other security measure already taken or
planned, we recommend the following:

1. All airport and airline workers must pass through security
to gain access to sterile airport areas as most flight
crews do now -- Special emphasis on ramp workers!
2. An immediate airport re-badging plan which includes a new
application process not just a reissue of badges.
3. An intense 10-year background check completed by the FBI
(not the airlines) on all airport and airline employees
starting with ramp workers!
4. Finger print checks on all airport and airline workers
completed by the FBI (not the airlines).
5. All vehicles searched prior to entering the AOA.
6. A separate security screening area for all airport and
airline employees who must work on the AOA and in airport
sterile areas.
7. A secondary airport re-badging plan after finger prints and
background checks have been completed.
8. New application process for all airport and airline workers
allowed in Customs areas.
9. New applications process for all airport and airline workers
allowed to handle U.S. mail.
10. All future new hire background checks completed by the FBI
or another responsible U.S. agency.
11. Highly trained and armed Military or Police agencies replace
current security screeners.
12. Retraining and special emphasis on ALL aspects of
standardized "profile recognition".
14. Exact bag matching including non-revs.
15. Airport Security is National Security -- The FAA and airline
security should be replaced!

Our emphasis is on airline and airport workers. The "Miami Busts"
a couple years ago was symptomatic of a much larger problem at
our nation's airports. The days of anybody and everybody being
allowed to bypass security just because they have a magnetic
airport ID are OVER -- or at least should be. The FAA has
demonstrated they can NOT provide security oversight. The
ATA and the airlines have been able to politically influence
the FAA to a point where security has fallen flat on its face
and cost the lives of thousands.

Please send comments to the following email address:
mailto:[email protected]?subject=Security

or [email protected]

AirlineBiz.Com has set up a SPECIAL fast loading web page for this
coverage. Many reports are still unconfirmed. http://www.airlinebiz.com/wire (For Updates!)

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Old 26th Sep 2001, 22:20
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The underlying problem in this hotline business is that it's an old FAA style to get 'activists' involved in controlled FAA committees, so as to control them - and it works.

Safety is then maintained at a low level, profitable to the airlines, while the activists suffer the delusion they are 'doing something.'

On airlines in the USA, you will be provided with forms for complaining which are mailed to essentially a company garbage can. That gives maltreated passengers the delusion that they are 'doing something,' when nothing could be further from the truth. In that delusion, the same complaints don't reach agencies who can actually do something about the problem.

Recently a PA-103 activist sued Al Gore for pressuring her on such a committee. The suit turned up a CIA effort against her which is as illegal as you can be - in theory - in the USA.

The FAA is too famous for doing nothing significant for safety in the face of glaring threat.

In the recent attacks, it has been revealed that the FAA not only ignored three Congressional reports on the security matter but gave HUGE bonuses to the Boston FAA people who let security get so bad that the FBI was called in. Still, nothing was done.

The FAA had years of continuous warning but did nothing worth mentioning to either the airports or airlines involved.

Conversely, the airlines are receiving billions of dollars for ignoring the security standards and may be protected from law suits.

The U.S. officials keep saying that there was no significant warning on the attacks, while the media - for a change - documents the very opposite. Yet, no one in the government is either fired or prosecuted.

While I would encourage any and all possible suggestions to be sent in to the FAA, I don't encourage any hope that anything will come of it.

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