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MAN- World's LEAST (Crew) favourite airport

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MAN- World's LEAST (Crew) favourite airport

Old 13th Aug 2001, 01:23
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Apologise for what?
Sorry, pal but if I and mine get "slagged off" I tend to 'grin and bear it'
I say again, are you ABSOLUTELY sure that the "abusers" were "Mancunians" or just general "Low life"?
I am proud of my City. PERIOD!
Yes, we DO have problems, as does EVERY city in the World
Your habitat is "PERFECT" then?
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy
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Old 13th Aug 2001, 01:59
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We (ATC) didn't design them;
We can't straighten them;
We have asked for painted taxyway letters and arrows at some intersections;
We have asked for more holding points to avoid " hold beam..." clearances;
We have produced a modified, less confusing layout which still conforms to ICAO requirements (3 years ago

You hit the nail on the head for the ground problems, shame the bean counters dont listen .

Regarding routings etc, i have always regarded the ATC at Man helpful and we do appreciate the straight in's at 300kt, and the downwind routings, the point is that since the new runway opened these have become the rarity and not the norm, with the extra capacity I would have thought there would have been more oppotunities, but if you are tied by environmental issues it is a shame.

Keep up the good work and lets hope someone in Managment can address the real issues on operating out of Man. I will listen out for the next right left right stand 8 but i dont go there so often now.
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Old 13th Aug 2001, 02:00
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Manchesters Most Wanted PPRuNer
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And I don't know if you were referring to me either Onan as one of your abusers but *I* certainly see no need to apologise for anything - let alone the place where I happen to work and sepnd most of my time.

I simply stated hard and true facts pertaining to EGCC which were backed up by my colleagues and those who actually know what they are talking about.

It's a shame that a lot of "other people" on this thread appear to think that just because there are problems with security and car parking and whatever else at the *airport* (note AIRPORT!) then the whole city must be a crime ridden cess pit fresh out of the dark ages and filled with drug taking, car stealing low life types in cloth cpas or wearing stripy black and white shirts emblazoned with "SWAG".

What this has to do with the issue surrounding the airport I will never ever ever ever ever never know.

I am lucky though obviously to be sharing a website with such wonderfully intelligent characters who all hail from totally crime free heaven-like utopian villages and towns and counties where the lambs skip gayly thorugh deep green pastrues under constant beautiful rainbows, where the cities are 100% perfect in every single way, where there are no homeless people, no drugs, no drunks, no social problems, where the culture positively oozes from every single pore of the county, and where the transportation system runs more sharply than the atomic clock.

Please come on chaps and chapesses - we are supposed to be "professionals" - not walking and talking tabloid merchants. We could type and type away here and still get no further with this petty debate on whos best Manchester or the rest of the world........please if you want to slag off the city or surrounding counties of Manchester, London, New York, Cairo, Tunis, Peckham or Moscow then s*d off and start a new thread in "Jet Blast" called "Lets waffle pointlessly for days and days on how scummy ********** (insert name of city here) is without getting any further and offending or boring almost everyone who bothers to read the thread"...that's what JB is there for innit?!

If on the other hand you would simply love to get back on topic and gripe - rightly - about the various issues pertaining to the *AIRPORT* <------remember what one of tnose is? in Manchester then please...play on.

Remember - let him without sin cast the first stone (or something like that!!!)

Oh by the way...isn't Liverpool absolutely wonderful? Much better than Manchester anyhow
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Old 13th Aug 2001, 03:57
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And next year is EGCC's turn for all those commonwealth games competitors and visitors, disable or not, and foreign airlines who have not yet had the pleasure of a remote stand, to experience the pleasures we have to offer.
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Old 13th Aug 2001, 05:24
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Come now Chiglet

The first passenger railway started from Crown Street, Liverpool, killing William Huskisson one of the railway's prime investors, just as it left the station on it's way to Manchester.

The worlds largest brick building (Guinness book of world records) is the tobaco warehouse located at Trafalgar Dock in Liverpool.

The Halle, way-way back under Barbaroli was world class but is definitely not any more. Now, in this country the CBSO, SNO, RPO and the RLPO all surpass the Halle.

The Chinese, Incas, Indians and Romans all had "true" canals with locking systems long before the Duke of Bridgewater built his.

Remember it's your nose that grows when you tell lies, not your dick.

[ 13 August 2001: Message edited by: SpanishFly ]
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Old 13th Aug 2001, 11:46
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OK, I should have mentioned Liverpool. Canals I meant in Europe, I also said "Structure" not buiding. It's the viaduct at Stockport [4mile final, 24R]
Halle, matter of opinion.
I totally agree, but our "colonial" friend wound me up
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy
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