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MAN- World's LEAST (Crew) favourite airport

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MAN- World's LEAST (Crew) favourite airport

Old 9th Aug 2001, 23:25
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Airborne Hamster
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Red face

In having moved around the country from South to (very) North to (fairly) South again ie. Manch.,I have to say that so far the security staff at EGCC haven't yet pis*ed me off (wood touching).However,recently on about my second day there I approached staff west to be confrounted by a bus blocking the entrance to the carpark only to be told that it was FULL!I said 'I'm staff,mate' flashing my pass.The guy said 'I know,and it's FULL!'

Is this a regular occurance? When is the (distant) Eastern carpark opening?
Old 9th Aug 2001, 23:28
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Makes Stansted sound like a joy. I have a 4 min/4mile drive, park within 500m of the front door which is 250m from the flightline. The security staff are chirpy and polite and on the one or two occassions where I have screwed up they have covered my mistake.

Just saying,

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Old 10th Aug 2001, 00:56
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I am glad somebody else started this thread because I was about to do it.

I know for a fact that MAplc managers read pprune so, everyone, feel free to let off steam. They have, in the past, asked airline staff to be careful what they write here!

The 'worst airport' status starts and ends with the staff car park (why do they have speed humps along the sections that staff use and nowhere else?), plus:

crew access through the terminal (lack of),
lack of aircraft stands - remote parking,
lack of passenger seating in the T1, but plenty of room in the shops,
lack of air conditioning in T1 and pier B,
the various types of aircraft stand guidance from mirrors (applicable to certain unspecified types), papa boards and marshallers. Visiting pilots get confused.

There are more items but cannot think of them right now. Will add to the list as I remember them.

The appeal of a small base is very attractive right now.
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 02:00
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Thumbs down

MAPLC managers should take a trip to Gatwick and see how a proper airport's managed!
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 02:48
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Thumbs up

All I can say is that "attitude breeds behaviour" Agreed, the car park system is a nightmare. The staff at MAN are the nicest people you can come across. I have worked on the ground and now aircrew. When I was on the ground some airline staff approx 50% thought the airport was built for them. I know we all are very busy people and normally in a rush to get to the gate etc. but remember it cost nothing to be polite!
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 02:52
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Re Manchester

Sids not too affected Stars espescially easterlies, this is where the main extra routing occurs. In 6 yrs flying in and out of Man I never held once, and this is doing several sectors a day.
The Stars were never programmed in the FMS as we never flew them, ATC was great and we were always had straight in or just minor delay, now when landing on easterlies you seem to do a tour of northern england, and the westerlies are holding more and more... ok traffic increases but this happened at the same time as the new runway opening.

Re taxiways.. Ok you have limited room, but try following the yellow lines from the stands to a westerly departures near the pub... its very uncomfortable.. please give some thought to straightening these out.

Holding points and markings.. yes I agree the ICAO system is terrible, has anyone ever thought about painting the taxiway designator next to the yellow line on the concrete ?

Holding points for runway crossing, are unclear as many have the similar letters. someone will cross one by mistake.

There is one controller who instead of giving taxiway names says ' second left first right stand 4 .. Oh how nice.

Security... a law unto themselves. Asfor security codes on airbridge doors, how are we supposed to get out. Is there a journal to all airlines so everyone knows the codes ( even visiting crews )

Having said all that... I feel better now... ATC are great and they do try to help, its just the system..
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 03:02
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Yet another post from the sad old t***** called 411a.

Where do you get your facts from Regarding Manchester, a City far more interesting and entertaining than that s***hole state called Arizona.

If you make a post on this forum please back up your comments for us mancunians.

Manchester has largest and most successful airport outside london and set to overtake LGW

Ranked 7th best airport in Latest IATA global survey of airports

Re Staff car park West

Why so many complaints on this forum about this car park? Many other airports around the world use this system of coaching staff from carparks or do Man flightdeck require a red carpet from the multistorey.
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 04:34
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skym 1, but not the fastest growing matey, LPL.
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 07:04
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The comment about MAN being the most depressing city in England was published in, I believe, The Sunday Times, over two years ago. Would have to agree with many comments here regarding the security staff at the airport, many have a rude and snotty attitude. Have passed thru MAN many times and it seems to get.....worse.
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 14:08
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All I can say is that if you've never held in 6 years at MAN, then you've been lucky!

As my colleague has already said there is more traffic, not a huge amount, but more nonetheless. Air holding on a normal day is reduced to almost nil instead of the 10-20 minutes which was commonplace before. Like I said, you've been lucky.

Departure queues are still there caused by the introduction of the HON routing, but we're working on improving that. Departure queues on easterly dual ops are almost non-existant.

Single runway movement rates reached 50+/hr regularly and peaked at 60 last September. This year there have been peak arrival rates of 36/hr and similar departure rates, although not simultaneously. Ground congestion is becoming a problem and will hold back the growth in runway movements.

When approaching from the east as you will do mostly, we do try to give a "straight-in" whenever possible as it gets you away from the POL region where at times there can be an awful lot going on. On easterlies we can accept you on a downwind heading but if there is a lot of traffic ahead of you then it won't happen. You will end up either on the STAR or direct BURNI. 90% of the time you won't reach BURNI and you'll be doing 250kts+, so what's the gripe? Nobody else does as well as you getting 300kt straight-ins 50% of the time on westerlies.

We (ATC) didn't design them;
We can't straighten them;
We have asked for painted taxyway letters and arrows at some intersections;
We have asked for more holding points to avoid " hold beam..." clearances;
We have produced a modified, less confusing layout which still conforms to ICAO requirements (3 years ago!).

"Right left right left stand 7" sound familiar?

This has moved off the original topic of the thread, but its not all bad at MAN, as some would have you believe!
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 14:49
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Skymarshall 1.

No, flightdeck staff at MAN do not require a red carpet to get from the carpark to the crewroom. However, as aircrew, we have to use Staff Wales every bl**dy day, it adds probably 30 minutes to reporting time. You probably don't know the fatigue most of us are getting in our own jobs at the moment. Working to our legal maximum hours, often with minimum rest to boot. Do I need to even venture into the stress that this carpark causes. How many times have you seen someone running like mad to get to the door of the bus before it drives off? How many times I've managed to get within about 20 yards when it disappeared in a plume of diesel fumes!

As I've said, the aircrew use the carpark every day, yet Joe Public, who travels on average only once or twice a year, get closer parking. Used to be we could walk from the carpark to the crewroom, but by shoving us 1.5 miles away, we've lost that option. We should be bussing passengers and letting staff park closer. And while we still have Staff West, why are there not even enough spaces to cope?

grrr grrr grrr grrr
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 15:50
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Red face

Is it just me or have other people noticed that the tug drivers watches all run 20 mins slow.

'For your comfort and convenience, the tug will be at the aircraft just as your slot expires'

Par for the course in President Blah's 'For your comfort and convenience the next train is cancelled' country I regret to say.
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Old 10th Aug 2001, 23:50
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Thumbs down

Quite agree that EGCC is a shambles however some on this thread use that as an excuse to have a pop at the North in general and Manchester the city in particular.I dont think that London or large swathes of the South have anything to crow about when it comes to quality of life,unless of course you like overcrowding,obscene house prices,flooding etc etc.
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 00:08
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The Guvnor
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You lot should move up to PIK! Lovely long runways, terminal building is a fantastic retro-1950s design; none of those new fangled airbridge thingies; and you can buy a house, have a night in the boozer and a haddock supper and still have change from a Scottish 100 note!
Old 11th Aug 2001, 01:00
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Now at least I can place the voice!

Always makes me think that you should also add 'Quick March'!

Best way though - at least they know what you mean.


Scottie Dog
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 01:02
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northern boy

One doesn't need an excuse to "slag" manchester (the city) it's self provides the ammunition. When a city, which would have us believe is world class, boast's a rather none descript shopping mall and a soccer team as it's claim to fame, then it is inviting ridicule. When a city portrays turn of the century (1800/1900) street cars on it's tourist postcards and travel writers call it a "airport with a city attached" then surely something is lacking, not least of all architectural excellence and cultural diversity. Also some (Mancunians), on this list, are want to exagerate a little, claims like "worlds favourite airport" and the "UK's second city" do nothing to endear them to their fellow countrymen, especially those from the cities of Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool, all of which have a greater population than the city of Manchester. As for the claim of being the "worlds favourite airport" how about Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Tampa, Hong Kong, Osaka, Geneva, Jeddah, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth and Seattle-Tacoma to name a few? No sir, Manchester airport, like the city's tourist attractions, is a fairly none -descript airport with a very ugly, dismal, dank city attached.
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 01:24
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Manchesterrrr.....?? Is that somewhere north of Watford? That is, if there is anything north of Watford!

[ 10 August 2001: Message edited by: BEagle ]
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 04:12
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you mentioned mog.
when and for who?
me know it quite well
un327, amongst others.
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 04:39
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AC Haj charter. And you?
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Old 11th Aug 2001, 05:42
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One of the best things that happened to me in the last year is not to fly into MAN. I agree totally with all the previous comments about security staff at this hell-hole of an airport.

As there are so few manners in which we, flight crew can publicly air our appreciation of such bad attitudes and disrespect, may I make a suggestion that we have a "Rotten Egg" Roll of honour, coupled with an annual award for the worst parties in aviation. Such a system could only benefit us through the publicity it would generate.
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