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737 crashes into World Trade Centre

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

737 crashes into World Trade Centre

Old 12th Sep 2001, 07:32
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TSB representative Greg Fife reported tonight that the transponders were turned off for the four A/C in question. It's also possible that with the temperature of the fire inside the rubble of the WTC, he stated that the FDR and CVR may not have survived.

It's extreamly unlikely that the crew were alive at the time of impact for the A/C that struck the WTC and Pentagon. It's likely that they were killed prior to entering the New York city area and the Washington D.C. area. A 911 call was placed from an A/C in-flight phone from the United Airlines 767 that struck the second tower but details have yet to be released.

It's time for Americans to Hold their heads high, mourn those who perished, pick-up the pieces and punish those responsible.

Old 12th Sep 2001, 07:46
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I too side by the USA today. Ive seen my fair share of horific death in this part of the world but never mass-murder like this.

This IS the real world. Our generation now feels what the previous one felt when Pearl was attacked. In 60 years nothing has changed, and in another 60 years the world will still be as dangerous and deadly.

There are 2 images I will never forget for a very very long time:

* The 767 slamming into WTC #2. To all 4 aircraft pax and crew, may they RIP.

* Palestinians dancing in the streets celebrating. If anyone had any trace of sympathy for Palestine before, thats now gone.

I just hope it will be finaly realised that rhetoric and agreements with these fanatic ratbags just does not work and never has, and that firm force is the only thing these demented trash understand.

On a minor note, I give a nod of respect to that CNN reporter Aaron Brown who covered the WTC collapse from start to finish. This guy was bloodey close to tears most of the time, yet kept his profesionalism and kept doing his job.

Let the US finaly pull off the kid-gloves, hunt down those responsible and get rid of them once and for bloodey all. Forget retoric, respecting geographic boundarys, civil-liberty groups and the UN. Go in, hit hard, and give them and the rest of these potential fanatic luntatics a lesson they will never ever forget.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 07:48
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 07:51
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14hrs later and I still find it hard to believe what has happened. It was about 2200hrs local time when a friend called and told me to turn the T.V. on, didn't matter what channel.

Watching that 767 slam into the WTC and seeing both buildings collapse is an experience that I will never forget. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like for those involved.

I backpacked through that part of the world in 92 and enjoyed Manhattan immensley. Did the open double decker bus thing, climbed the Statue of Liberty and had a ball. I look through my photos and find it difficult to accept that it is the same place.

I think Tony Blair hit the nail on the head. 'Evil must be eradicated.' The time for talk is over. It is hard to supress the feelings of, 'an eye for an eye.'

My thoughts go out to all those who perished and to all those left behind.

From a stunned pilot in outback Oz.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 07:57
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I remember watching footage of the explosion at the Olympics in 1996.

A whole crowd of americans stood stunned, staring at the stage for some sign of what was going on. Then in the foreground, there was a small black-haired woman with two children in tow, snaking through the crowd away from the blast. She hurried away as everyone else stood still.

I realized that woman was probably Israeli (or Irish or Londoner). Americans literally didn't realize it was a bomb. I'm afraid we have probably lost that innocence for good....

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:04
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Thumbs down

Anyone want to guess where the hijackers on the fourth jet that crashed in Pensylvania might have been targeting ? The White House ,The Capitol building ,nuclear power plant ? What a nightmare
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:11
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Unconfirmed (and never to be proved) reports say that the 4th plane, the UAL 757, was heading towards Camp David.

This whole affair seems like a movie, so unreal...who knows what the world will be like now?

Rest in peace
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:17
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To all friends in America and all fellow pilots around the world, been following the events from base in Singapore and I have no words to express my feelings. Best wishes & a speedy recovery to all who are directly affected by these events. And to all fellow pilots, this is the time for solidarity. What can we do to prevent something like this? I shudder to think of how vulnerable we are especially in this business. There are so many links in the chain of operations. We depend on so many different people in so many different departments to keep the airplanes flying. Don't even know where to begin sorting these cowards out. I know one thing - nobody's gonna visit my flight deck for a while, although that's not gonna do much good. Fly safe, guys, and keep it safe.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:20
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Makes it pretty difficult to concentrate on your own petty problems when something like this happens.
May the retaliation be a global and brutal one.
A dark day.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:21
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It's 9:25pm here in LA on the 11th..CNN has just received video of the first aircraft hit on the the WTC.....can't stop looking in disbelief. So incredibly sad.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:35
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I've been watching CNN and their coverage of this awful tragedy is excellent. I was a bit disturbed to see them report impending
(repeat impending) execution of serach warrants on homes in South Florida based on pax manifest information. Am I missing the point but shouldn't that have been subject to blackout at least until after the event?

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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:38
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Terribly sad tonight (ORD suburb) because I lost a friend from my company today on AA-11 BOS-LAX.

Pray for those souls who lost their lives today.

Eternal dammnation on those who committed these acts!!

dAAvid -

ps - there are no smilies to express my feelings of both sadness and anger.
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:41
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My sincere condolences to the families, relatives and friends of all those who perished in that mad attack. I wish all those injured a speedy recovery.

Capt Lee
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Old 12th Sep 2001, 08:59
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Condolences to the family of all those who lost their lives. This barbaric act couldn't have been done by human beings. Though i am not American, my sincerest sympathy for all of you. Like it or not, i think these non-humans have acheived their objective. Your freedom will be sacrificed for security.

Please remember, seek Justice, not revenge. Pride is not a virtue, humility is. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. For every swing, there'll be a counter swing, only the swing seems to be getting bigger and bigger. How big the swing is gonna get, nobody knows yet but i pray there will be no war as it will cause more senseless pain and suffering.

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