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Heathrow may lock passengers out

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Heathrow may lock passengers out

Old 5th Jun 2001, 18:56
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The Nr Fairy
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Post Heathrow may lock passengers out

Seen in today's Times ( see here for another slant on the same story ) :

BRITAIN’S main airport is becoming so overcrowded that it may have to borrow a tactic from the Tube and lock passengers out to prevent a crush, BAA said yesterday.
The airport operator said that the delay in constructing Heathrow’s fifth terminal at a cost of 2 billion meant it was “inevitable” that by 2010 Paris would overtake London as Europe’s aviation hub.

Mike Hodgkinson, BAA’s chief executive, said that passengers would have to pay an airport surcharge of up to 3 a ticket once terminal five opened in 2007 but fares would fall overall as increased capacity allowed greater competition among airlines.

He said he expected the new Government to grant permission for terminal five in the autumn after a four-year 80 million public inquiry. The inspector’s report, which is believed to approve terminal five with conditions such as a ban on night flights, was sent to ministers last December.

Without the new building, passengers will have to “queue in the rain” outside the existing terminals, which are overcrowded at peak times.

Mr Hodgkinson likened the conditions at Heathrow to London Underground’s Victoria station, where passengers are held at the top of the escalators in the rush hour because the platforms are too packed.

He said that Britain’s dominance of the aviation industry in Europe was at risk of “disappearing down the tubes”. He said foreign airlines relished the prospect of Britain “handing on a plate this great aviation industry to the continent”.

“Everyone can now see the legacy of underinvestment in the railways and Tube. The simple question for the country is do we want our airports to decline in similar fashion?” He condemned the “staggering delay, during which Paris Charles de Gaulle has built two runways and two terminals”.

Mr Hodgkinson said that the decline in the manufacturing industry meant Britain’s economy was increasingly dependent on knowledge-based companies whose staff frequently needed to travel overseas. They would relocate to other countries unless they could be sure of good flight connections.

BAA accepted that the price of building terminal five to accommodate up to 20 million more passengers might be a cap on the number of flights at Heathrow. BAA’s original submission to the terminal five inquiry proposed a limit of 473,000 flights a year by 2013. But Heathrow has grown much faster than anticipated and is already only 7,000 short of that figure.

Mr Hodgkinson said that the 600-seat Airbus superjumbo, due to enter service in 2006, would allow the airport to handle more passengers without increasing the number of flights. BAA has also changed its line of attack on terminal five, arguing that the space is needed to offer a better flying experience to the traveller rather than simply to cram in more flights and passengers.

Clearskies, which campaigns against aircraft noise at Heathrow, said it feared that BAA would wait until terminal five was under construction before asking for the limit on the number of flights to be lifted.

“The game is to get approval for the terminal before moving the goalposts. We also then believe British Airways will push for a third runway,” Dermot Cox, Clearskies’ spokesman, said.

Mr Hodgkinson said that a new runway was urgently needed in the South East but declined to suggest where it should be built.

My questions : There may be excess passenger capacity required, but how the hell are they going to move all the aircraft without a) another long time spent on a public enquiry or b) moving towards A380s for shuttles to Edinburgh when most airlines seem to be using smaller aircraft ?

Feel free to answer either here or on the other thread mentioned above.

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Old 5th Jun 2001, 19:35
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Cyclic Hotline
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At last - the guaranteed solution to air-rage, keep those pax out of the air!
Old 5th Jun 2001, 20:05
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Seriously, I have seen this happen at other airports and I think if it's going to happen, the best thing for the passengers to do is to just be patient and not let anger take over their behavior. If they're going to do it, then they should for safety's sake.

Old 5th Jun 2001, 21:16
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You splitter
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It's a nightmare.......

The thing is if you have passengers checking in up to two-three hours before your flight, then the terminal will become congested. However you can't have people turn up thirty minutes before departure because they won't make it through the congestion to the flight. And round and round it goes again.

Better facilities, more check-in desks, more security points, more baggae areas. Like it or not we need them.

The next question regarding increased capacity at LHR will be about the road and rail links. Those of you who drive to LHR will know what I mean. What effect will the fifth terminal have?

If LHR looses it's position in global avaition then the whole Country will suffer. But yet again the 'excessive' greenies will do their best to block it. Remember you get a lot further on 2000m of runway, than you do on 2000m of motorway!


P.s. I heard a rumour Swampy had died. He had a heart problem. Apparently the doctors offered him a bypass but he refused!
(Sorry lame gag I KNOW.)
Old 5th Jun 2001, 21:56
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I think a new rail link is proposed if Heathrow T5 goes ahead, connecting Heathrow with the South & West. The London CrossRail project (East-West tunnel accross London) is planned to include services to LHR. The Heathrow Express train is also planned to be extended to run into St Pancras for connections to the North & Eurostar.

Whether BAA will be happy to let other operators run trains where they have been making large profits is another question, but potentially public transport connections to LHR are due to improve significantly.

Just keep it Ginger!
Old 5th Jun 2001, 22:48
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I'm already paying 18 in airport fees, how can they justify another 3........

Old 6th Jun 2001, 02:46
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<<Without the new building, passengers will have to “queue in the rain” outside the existing terminals, >>
they already do
united airlines staff in terminal 3 at LHR organise 2 lines of pax waiting to check in which extended (last time i saw it) right out the door and alongside the outside of the building
Old 6th Jun 2001, 03:01
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It is an endless source of amazement to me how these idiots can live close to an airport and then moan about noise. Who could have lived the last 60 years and not realised this? In causing the delay to terminal 5 this country stands to lose a lot. Then I suppose they will moan about 'how bad the country is getting'. What a bunch of loosers. Here's hoping for compulsory purchase orders, Terminal 5 AND a brand spanking new runway!
Old 6th Jun 2001, 03:18
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Is there not a good argument for the carriers to go to other airports eg STN.

The worst airport I ever went to was Jo'berg. As all the flights leave at about 21:00 the place is packed and takes about 3 hours to get through security.
Old 6th Jun 2001, 14:54
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Thumbs down

I'm not surprised to hear this; T3 seems to get more and more overcrowded in the morning peak each time I use it. Despite this the government persists in fannying around with the T5 planning application. Of course, we can't have a few thousand NIMBYS making a big fuss in some marginal seats just before an election, can we? Let's get our sense of priorities right!

It pains me greatly to see desperately needed infrastructure improvements at a great airport take second place to political expediency and bureaucratic bungling, but what do you expect in this great country of ours? Down here in the southwest we are still waiting, 30 years on, for a dual carriageway road to serve our main holiday resorts. Can you imagine that in France or Italy? And the rail service is far worse than in BR days - fewer trains, more stops, clapped out equipment.

Aviation is something this country does very well (in my humble opinion). Consumers in the UK are well served by a wider choice of airlines than in any other european country -after all, what's the home-based equivalent of Virgin, BMI, EasyJet or Ryanair in France or Germany?? We can't afford to let airport development go the same way as the rest of our infrastructure. This means more terminals and runways where they are needed.

Regional airport development is vital as well and airports such as Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow have seen rapid expansion and development of facilities over the past 10 years or so. But this doesn't obviate the desperate need for more terminal and runway capacity in the southeast. Heathrow is a major world hub as well as essential to UK PLC and is absolutely vital to the UK economy. Hiving off airlines to remote secondary airports is not the answer. Anyway, which major airline would ever want to relocate to Alconbury or Manston? It doesn't make economic sense.

It is time for Mr Blair (or whoever wins) to bite the bullet, risk the flak and give us the airport infrastructure this country needs. Which means T5 as soon as possible and a second runway for both Gatwick and Stansted.

Old 6th Jun 2001, 16:23
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callsign Metman
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I don't think that there's a need to lock the SLF out. There's just a need to process the check-ins and get them through security a bit more efficiently.
What REALLY pi55es me off when ever I go through T1 at LHR is the fact that there's only ever 3 or 4 (max) out of 7 X-ray machines operating. Big queues :-(


Ps Anyone read the biography "Catch me if you Can" by Frank Abagnale??

during the 60's this guy bought a Pan Am uniform and deadheaded (sometimes took the controls too!) on hundreds of flights. Used the uniform to cash cheques, bypass security, get the girl etc. Quite a conman!!

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