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ARobur 10th May 2018 20:18

Jesus this guy's still commenting.

Aesir 10th May 2018 21:19

Originally Posted by oleary (Post 10143427)
What "obvious reasons"?

I know a lot of pilots, myself included, who have saved a lot of of lives with a stretcher kit in a JetRanger or Astar.

In areas that cannot afford a full EMS system this is the next best alternative.

Or we could just let'm die, I suppose. 🙄

EASA and itīs minions would most certainly rather let people die than be saved in a B206 or AS350... Itīs mind boggling I know but thatīs bureaucracy at it finest here in EU world.

Geoffersincornwall 11th May 2018 06:35

May I suggest the following as required reading.

Geoffersincornwall 11th May 2018 06:51

Please note that £1 from each sale will be donated to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust to help with the acquisition of a new AW169.

For those new to the subject, the Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first HEMS operation in the UK and was arguably the foundation stone of the nation's network of charity-based Air Ambulances.


Thomas coupling 11th May 2018 08:55

Many charities are now coming into the firing line:

The RNLI has more than £250m invested and assets worth another £150m. Ray Kipling, the charity's deputy director, said: "It will cost us, we estimate, £80m to run the lifeboat service next year. "We can't stop the boats going out if we don't have enough money." Mr Kipling said 20 years ago "we were down to virtually no reserves and we were making plans to close lifeboat stations. That is not a situation we can contemplate now". But charity finances suffer from a chronic lack of transparency, says Guy Stafford, co-author of a report on charities for the conservative Bow Group, which seeks to influence Conservative Party thinking. He said: "A company has a clearly defined objective which is to raise money or make profits. "The problem is that it is almost impossible to know what charities do with the money that is donated to them."


homonculus 11th May 2018 12:03


Afraid TC is spot on. Indeed I think he has underestimated some costs. You are mandated to using a twin. No exceptions. The fit out will cost ten times your estimate. But even if you have the money, you still need the support of the hospitals and ambulance service. Unless you can integrate into the health system with their full support, your involvement will put patients at risk. So I would go and talk to NHS Ayrshire & Arran. And come back in a few years and let us know your progress


PPRuNeUser0129 11th May 2018 12:30

I think the most appropriate solution for your proposal would be a huge, battery-powered, multirotor gyrodene called the Albatross.

ARobur 11th May 2018 13:34

^ This guy gets it

ARobur 11th May 2018 13:35

Thanks Geoffers I'll give it a read.

[email protected] 11th May 2018 14:41

Originally Posted by ARobur (Post 10143413)
Jesus this guy's still commenting.

And you're still not listening - there is some very good advice here................

Hughes500 11th May 2018 18:10

You could probably start up an air ambulance pretty cheaply really. The current ones are going down taking taking the hospital to the patient a la Afgan. I know it is rough in some parts of the UK but you dont step on an IED
How about
Buy a Bo 105 cost £ 350k Running cost about £ 600 an hour
Insurance and annual inspection £ 40k
AOC charges £ 11k
2 pilots say £ 50 k each a year
2 paramedics say £ 30 k each
Probably get a load of help running the AOC by running off someone else's !
Obviously a few other things but a very very basic service, which would be better than nothing !

No I have never run a HEMS machine but I do know an awful lot about running machines and AOC's and all the costs that go with it

ARobur 11th May 2018 18:21

This is true, unless IED stands for inclement excremental dogshit lol
Yeh I was thinking it would probably be pretty simple to start with. On site ECMO and thoracentesis have been trialled, and Spain and Italy are preparing patients for organ harvesting in the ambulance but it wouldn't have to be anything like that to begin with.

ARobur 11th May 2018 18:22

Oh by the way what does AOC stand for?

nigelh 11th May 2018 18:39

Thatís actually very funny 😂 !!!!!
I suggest a Robinson ( without a jet stream ) . Most of your patients will miraculously recover when they see what they will be transported in !!!!! You can see it now ....broken leg , foot pointing backwards ...sees Robber in his Robbie and ď oh donít worry ... I donít need a lift . I think itís only a sprain 🙈!!!). Job done !

Geoffersincornwall 11th May 2018 19:37

ARobur - check your Private Messages


homonculus 11th May 2018 20:49


Please do tell what sort of clinician you are. ECMO, thoracocentesis (spell it correctly please) organ harvesting...... but these are only added later on :mad:

Do you have any medical knowledge? You certainly dont have any aviation knowledge. I am happy to explain why this is a non starter in a PM if you are serious, but your posts suggest you are just a wind up

PPRuNeUser0129 11th May 2018 21:12

I'm slightly worried I'm going to 'get it' whatever that means .... perhaps we should all delete our accounts and disappear !

ARobur 11th May 2018 21:38

So I probably won't check up on this thread too much anymore since there hasn't really been too much to glean from it. Thanks to the ones who offered advice, encouragement and some useful avenues to explore.
If any of you do know anyone who'd be keen pleeeeease tell them to get in touch because I'd love to hear from them.

nigelh 11th May 2018 23:33

I hear Noddy and Big Ears have joined the new HEMS operation and have chartered Budgie the Helicoper!!

[email protected] 12th May 2018 03:43

Well done Homonculus:ok: I think you called his bluff:ok:

Perhaps if he comes back he will rename himself ATosseur........

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