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HEATHROW DIRECTOR 23rd Aug 2013 18:32

AS332L2 Ditching off Shetland: 23rd August 2013
BBC News - Helicopter carrying 18 ditches near Shetland

I pray that all have survived

Brom 23rd Aug 2013 18:54

BBC reporting CHC as the operator.

pdatco 23rd Aug 2013 19:00

Fingers crossed, but not very optimistic so far.

SansAnhedral 23rd Aug 2013 19:02

S92 or Super Puma....both machines who could use more bad press...

Hopefully everyone made it out okay :sad:

superq7 23rd Aug 2013 19:04

Is that the same type that was grounded recently?

SansAnhedral 23rd Aug 2013 19:09


Super Puma helicopter returns to the skies after two ditching incidents in the North Sea last year - Daily Record

Dateline 7 Aug 2013

Though to be fair its pure speculation right now

Magicman.303 23rd Aug 2013 19:15

It was the EC225 that was grounded. Scotia also fly the AS3B version of the Super Puma and I think they still have a couple of AS32s still flying.

Ian Corrigible 23rd Aug 2013 19:20

"Sky News has been told it was a Eurocopter Super Puma AS332 L2, a model that normal has a good safety record."


Maff 23rd Aug 2013 19:23

A SAR heli has so far rescued 9 people, 1 on a stretcher according to BBC News

MoodyMan 23rd Aug 2013 19:23

9 of the 18 onboard now back on dry land after being picked up by HM coastguard S92

Richard Taylor 23rd Aug 2013 19:23

BBC report 9 people have arrived at 'Lerwick' in one of the rescue helicopters, 1 stretcher, 8 walk-offs.

helihub 23rd Aug 2013 19:40

STV says three missing...

BBC News - Helicopter carrying 18 ditches near Shetland

helihub 23rd Aug 2013 19:41

SOrry, wrong link, try....

Helicopter 'with 18 people on board' ditches in sea off Shetland | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

A helicopter has ditched in the North Sea off the coast of Shetland.

The aircraft is reported to have had 18 people on board when it hit the water two miles west of Sumburgh airport at about 6.20pm on Friday.

A NorthLink ferry travelling between Shetland and Aberdeen via Orkney, which set sail from Lerwick at 5.10pm, is said to turned back to assist in the rescue.

The helicopter is a Super Puma AS332 L2 operated by Canadian company CHC, a company that transports offshore workers to and from North Sea platforms.

Police and ambulance crews are standing by on the shore at Lerwick.

Two coastguard helicopters and lifeboat crews from Lerwick and Aith RNLI stations have been sent to the scene.

The BBC reported nine people had been brought on shore by a rescue helicopter, eight of whom were described as walking wounded while the ninth was taken off on a stretcher.

The RNLI said a search was ongoing for three people missing in the water. Some of those on board have been rescued but it is not clear how many.

Conditions in the area are said to be foggy, with high winds earlier in the evening which have since died down.

A spokesman for the operating company said: "CHC Helicopter can confirm that there has been an incident involving one of our aircraft in the North Sea, approximately two miles off Sumburgh.

"Exact details of the incident, which happened at approximately 6.20pm are not yet known.

"The appropriate authorities have been informed and the company’s Incident Management Team is being mobilised."

Investigators from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) are travelling to the scene.

A spokesman for the Department for Transport said: "The AAIB is aware of the incident and has deployed a team".

Four years ago 16 men died when a Super Puma AS332 L2 plunged into the sea. An accident inquiry found it suffered a catastrophic gearbox failure while carrying offshore workers to Aberdeen.

The aircraft, operated by Bond helicopters aircraft, was returning from the BP Miller platform when it went down off the Aberdeenshire coast on April 1, 2009.

More recently a different Eurocopter model, the EC225, was grounded following two ditching incidents in the space of six months last year. Fourteen people were rescued off the coast of Aberdeen in May, while another 19 were rescued after an EC225 experienced difficulty off the coast of Shetland in October.

The EC225 fleet was only cleared to return to service earlier this month after extra safety checks were introduced.

UKpaxman 23rd Aug 2013 19:44

The local ferry, a cargo vessel, a Norwegian fishing boat and the lifeboat still appear to be combing the area - watching on AIS.

ptflyer 23rd Aug 2013 19:59

ITV reporting 15 rescued 3 still unaccounted for

iamthetroll 23rd Aug 2013 20:05

Coast guard saying wreckage is being washed ashore at Garth Sneff.


Continuing to pray for the three missing.

HeliStudent 23rd Aug 2013 20:06

They are saying it went down around 6:30pm. Does this mean it would have been on its way back in or are there still lots of flights leaving at that time?

TTFD 23rd Aug 2013 20:14

Weather reports from Sumburgh at the time:

METAR COR EGPB 231820Z 14020KT 3000 BR BKN003 16/14 Q1013
TEMPO 5000=

METAR COR EGPB 231750Z 14019KT 2800 BR SCT002 BKN003 15/14
Q1013 NOSIG=

METAR COR EGPB 231720Z 14017KT 2800 BR SCT002 BKN003 15/14
Q1013 BECMG 4000 BR BKN006=

METAR COR EGPB 231650Z 15012KT 2800 BR FEW002 BKN003 15/14
Q1014 BECMG 4000 BR BKN006=

heli 23rd Aug 2013 20:31


BBC News

PR spin at work already: understandable I suppose, but CHC now calling it an "L2 helicopter".

2Sticks 23rd Aug 2013 21:16

Does anyone have any news on which company the victims worked for?

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