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Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:44

Village taken from 19,000' Mugu area, Nepal

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:45

Yangtse Gompa, Mugu, Nepal, 14,400'

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:46

Rinpoches at Yangtse Monastery, Nepal

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:49

Rescue flight, Jham, 8,800' Nepal, AS350B3+

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:50

Rescue flight; Yamka, 8,500 Qotan district Nepal in an AS350B

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:57

Rescue flt, Yangtse Gompa, 14,400' 22oC, Nepal, AS350B3+

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 05:59

Jiri, charter, 7,400', Nepal, B206BIII

Flyting 13th Aug 2011 07:09

interresting way of parking a squirrel in post 5168.... or any machine for that matter

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 07:15

Flyting your meaning what exactly? ground was solid, into wind at the time of landing the afternoon before with horrendous weather all around, but Heli VMC therer. But weather closed in before patient was ready for flight, hence stayed the night. The ground was uneven every where, but levelish there :sad:

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 15:16

near Palati, 6,984' Khimti Khola River, Nepal B206BIII

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 15:18

WoW un-named village no-where, Mugu, Nepal from 19,000' transit to Rescue, AS360B3+

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 16:48

Balangkha, 4,675' Nepal

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 16:56

Balangkha, 4,675' scuds comin' in lets go, Nepal

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 16:58

Triban Ghat, 5,124' near KTM, Nepal, AS350B

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 17:06

Rishi Rinpoche Lama rescue from Yangsir Gumpa to Kathmandu

Savoia 13th Aug 2011 17:10

Great stuff Vertical Freedom. Immensely enjoyable views from the 'roof of the world'.

JB-319, great images. It just so happens that one of the shots I appreciate most of the EC145 comes from the Gendarmes .. below:

EC145 'JBH' of the Gendarmerie landing at Chamonix, DZ des Bois, on 18th December 2005

I was sent this image shortly after it was taken in 2005 then lost it and more recently recovered it again courtesy of a certain well-know photo site. It is now part of my collection entitled 'Snow Copters'.

Great stuff and keep up the good work! :ok:

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 17:13

Rescue flt, Yangsir + specially autherized cargo = mut. Nepal

Dan Reno 13th Aug 2011 17:24

Fantastic pics VF ! Thanks for posting !

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 17:30

Top of the World - Flying 'Sagarmatha'
WoW Sovioa an awesome snow shot :ok: Thank You, glad You enjoy my pix. Yes from here the top of the World! For a Rotor-Pilot yeh just cant get higher, wilder, spectacular, adventurous & seriously f'n dangerous. Yer always in remote wilderness Tiger 'er Yeti steep country, ravines everywhere with always a raging torrent below...... yer OmOmOm :)

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 17:32

Smile Your on action roll the set. Yangsir, Nepal

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