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Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 17:35

Yangsir Monestary traditional Mugu local Lady, Nepal

Savoia 13th Aug 2011 18:10

The prayer scarf gives the photo a certain 'Air America' feel to it, lol!

Vertical Freedom 13th Aug 2011 18:15

Haha very good, just its not drugs for guns here, its rescue flights for cash

JB-319 13th Aug 2011 20:15

Savoia, thank you for your nice comments. And I totally agree with you about VF pics. That village with no name is quite intriguing, what a remote and wild place to live in. Winter must be quite of an experience up there .

Vertical Freedom 14th Aug 2011 04:54

Hmmmm yes, winter will bring Heli-Skiing & Mountaineering pax & sling dropped cargo up to their base camps plus rescues when they get in trouble.

Local folk rescues are always on going as most villages are 7 to 12 walking days out to a road? So if it ain't Heli-medevac to a hospital within a few hours You die. :uhoh:

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:34

Lord Shivaji statue, near Kathmandu Nepal

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:35

Sarkighat, 8,850' Nepal

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:37

Sarkighat, Aryuvedic herb loads, 8,850' Nepal AS350B3+

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:40

Tarapgoan, Dolpa, Rescue flight, 16,800' AS305B3+

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:42

tail-rotor guard dog, Piplang 8,400' Nepal, AS350B3+

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 03:48

fabulous holiday destination, Dolpa region, 16,000?' Nepal

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 04:38

Weather Dolpa, Nepal

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 04:48

Weather Dolpa, Nepal

Capt.Gonzo 20th Aug 2011 10:58

@Vertical Freedom :ok:

Great Pics, Great Flying :D

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 14:25

Yep thats HeliVMC, I can see that mountian about 2 nmiles away, Nepal

Vertical Freedom 20th Aug 2011 14:32

farming Nepali style

IntheTin 20th Aug 2011 18:07

I'm sure I speak for many. Amazing pictures VF.:ok:

I must also add that my little lily white bottom tweaked a little when I seen the Helivfr picture. :}

topendtorque 21st Aug 2011 00:49

being a farmer of sorts, what cultivars do they grow? I guess it be some sorts of cereals, but very impressive the scale of that production as must be the simple?? logistics of transporting the product to markets. how long is their growing season?

thanks again for the journey

Vertical Freedom 21st Aug 2011 01:34

Namaste, Nepal farms most things but yes cereals are the highest produce as most people mainly eat rice. Fruit & vegetables are also grown on large scale. Not much transport required from the mountains as it is all stored & consumed within the local villages. Season higher in the mountains is about 6 months, below 6,000' all year round. There use of channeled spring water is amazing to be hold. :ok: Any fertile land is step cut & farmed, literally every inch of farm-able land is being cultivated. :D

Vertical Freedom 21st Aug 2011 14:38

slope landing @ Siti, 9,671' Nepal

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