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flipcelia 15th Nov 2007 23:37

Gents, pleeease.....

It is because of attitudes like these past few posts that we as professional helicopter pilots are paid so poorly! The problem is (and management know it)some are so quick to cut others down others for self gain that in the long run we all suffer (see your payslip for proof)

IDEA - How about you all focus some of this energy you seem to have in banding together to get the outcomes every pilot wants - MORE MONEY. Let me assure you all, that if BHA, CHC or Jayrow get good pay rises in the near future, that everyone will benefit at some stage in their career!

ATPL,CPL, FAA, CASA....who gives a flying saucer! Has the guy got the tick in the box for the job? Does he have the right attitude? Is he safe? Is he prepared to embrace new ideas? If he has these qualities then I'm sure he's right for the job. Please tell me what you got out of doing the CASA ATPL subjects that makes you better/safer than a CPL? Probably not much!

SOLUTIONS, NOT PROBLEMS! Guy's if everyone wants to benefit from the current market demands, how about listing some SOLUTIONS here. How are we going to convince our employers to PAY THE MONEY WE DESERVE?

I'll start the ball rolling with a really new concept....

1) Band together and stay united.
2) Think how your actions will affect your workmates now and in the future. No more "The moneys not great, but I'll take it anyway"


Fareastdriver 16th Nov 2007 08:09

Itís not all one way. In the 80ís Bristow were short of pilots in Aberdeen. To overcome this they recruited pilots from Oz. They were all CPLH(V) or muster pilots and were trained up to ATPL m/e IR and flew the North Sea. Their pay and allowances far exceeded the money their equivalent UK pilot was getting but nobody moaned about it. I would have a bloke sitting next to me with less than 30 hours twin engine and offshore experience getting paid more than I was.
When Bristow had a redundency scheme none of the foreign pilots were laid off because the company couldn't get a tax rebate for them.
In the last few years I have known Oz pilots working short term contract overseas and making a pile of mortgage repayment money but again the permanent residents didnít complain. I do it. My pay is astronomical compared with the national pilots with the same qualifications but there is no resentment. They need me now, when they donít they will show me the door..
Should a company not be able to source experienced M/E I/R captains that meets it own or the oil companies criteria from within or nationally then it has to recruit from the rest of the world. To get somebody to shift from half the world away for a year or two you have to pay. That is a fact of life.

The price of oil is in a sustained growth period similar to the 70s and there was the same panic for pilots then. Forward planning for recruitment and training has to be based on a five year forcast and no helicopter company has had that amount of warning. Just look at the airline industry, they have the same problem but for different reasons.

As far as disliking sitting beside a Expat (previously Pom in that particular post) is concerned I have been privileged to fly over a considerable part of this world. I have sat beside Frogs, Krauts, Noggies, Cloggies, Wops, Diegos, Canuks, Czechs, Ragheads, Slopeheads, Chinks, Nips, Yanks, Poles, Wogs, Kiwis, Yarps and even Australians but I have never disliked fellow pilots because of where they came from or how much they were earning.

tomotomp 16th Nov 2007 09:53

well said that man.....:ok::ok::ok:

cougar77 17th Nov 2007 02:39

Going back to the title of the thread, your opportunity has come to find out all the answers you need....just attend any one of these:


Bristow is one of the world's largest providers of helicopter services providing the safest and most efficient helicopter transportation, maintenance, search and rescue and aviation support worldwide.
You're invited!

Information Sessions for Pilot and Engineers
28th November - Brisbane
29th November - Adelaide
30th November Ė Melbourne

We would like to invite you to come along to an evening information session to talk about joining Bristow and now we can develop your career with a global leader.
In our growing fleet there are AS332, S76's, BK117's and a BELL 206.

We would like to hear form people qualified on these aircraft or with significant experience on them.
If you would like to attend, please contact Helen Zahra, Recruitment Adviser on (08) 9478 3388 or email [email protected] for further details.
Venues to be confirmed upon confirmation of attendance.

cougar77 17th Nov 2007 04:13


I am sure you are well aware that International Helicopter operations eg. Africa, Middle East, Asia etc have expat pilots of various nationalities (including Aussies) working for them. Airline operators are no different having expat pilots.

Having said that, if pilots from anywhere in the world can obtain the necessary licences, right to work and employment from the respective country authorities. Good on them as they have put in their fair share of effort on their part.

so I can sit beside an Expat being paid more than me. No thanks! :ugh:
You may very well one day be one of those "expat pilots"

papa68 28th Nov 2007 07:20

CHC Aust domicile
Ladies & Gents,

A lot has been spoken of the BHA domicile on this and other threads but it has come to my attention that CHC have had a "rethink" of their domicile policy and the requirement to live in Darwin has (or is about to be) recinded.

This I believe deserves a well deserved pat on the back to CHC for recognising that pilots are people and therefore need to be near their families and friends. A lot is made of the cash side of the house but ultimately money doesn't keep people happy in the same way that staying connected with loved ones does.

This is a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the conditions that CHC pilots will enjoy in the future.

Apparently, the $10,000 / $20,000 Darwin allowance (depending on when you joined) has not attracted the numbers / quality of personnel required for future expansion.

Hopefully this will promote a review of the policy amongst the other companies. If nothing else, recruitment (and retention) would presumably be made a lot easier. I'm sure there would be plenty of suitable applicants applying if they weren't required to move to locations such as Darwin, Perth etc.

Handing over...


gulliBell 28th Nov 2007 11:34

P68 is mostly right, I heard it directly from the horses mouth myself only yesterday so it must be true. $50k or thereabouts for FO depending on experience, touring, no need to live in Darwin. My only point of disagreement is, Perth is a nice spot.

papa68 29th Nov 2007 04:38

Who said Perth wasn't a nice place?

Mate - hate to get finicky here (but I will anyway). No mention in my post of Perth not being a nice place in my post nor was it inferred (the same goes for Darwin).

So that must make me now completely right, oui?:p

The main thing is we agree on the bigger picture of domicile being sorted out at CHC and that has to be a good thing for all tourers.


gulliBell 29th Nov 2007 05:17

Yeah, I forgot the :ok: at the end of the Perth bit, :{ Wasn't having a crack at you P68 ... my claim to be completely uninformed on everything remains...we're still sweet


schrauber 29th Nov 2007 12:45

It's a pity that BHA management needs a reasonable number of experienced pilots to leave prior to accepting that they may be an issue.
I think 4 in total have left over the last three months.
I wonder what BHA management will consider enough?
Presently the company is loosing more than they are gaining, therefore going backwards as far as recruting(Crewing) is concerned - yet there is no problem apparently.
Australian pilots are one of or the lowest paid pilots in the global Bristow system, yet senior management recently visiting from the UK, inform us that Australia was the only global unit that had exceeded profit targets.
BUT we can not afford to fly you from any capital city or pay you 30% more.
Why wouldn't you look for other options. Management exceed targets and are getting bonuses while pilots and engineers are getting F....!

One team my arse.:*

flapnfeather 9th Dec 2007 00:24

Any further developments?

After the wage review early in 2008 what is the pay likely to be Captains/Senior FOs/FOs?

hornylittlepuma 13th Dec 2007 09:36

c'mon guys, your all carrying on like CHC Oz/BHA Oz are the only companies in the world, Open your eyes, it's a big world out there!!
AUD$58K? before tax? peanuts!! :yuk:
Your professionals with peoples lives in your hands, you deserve much better. But your only gonna get it if you put in some effort. I'm not talking about going to some s*%t hole in africa, there's plenty of very good jobs out there for pilots, and families, who wanna get off the couch and try something different.
Don't get me wrong, i love living in Oz, and i'll come back one day when aircrew are given a fair international rate, but as long as aussie pilots (and engineers) sell out to upper management it'll never happen.

There's no shortage of Australian pilots, only a shortage of pilots willing to work in Australia. Bring up the rates and the boys will come home!


AusWhirlyBusDriver 6th Jan 2008 07:10

Hey guys,
The post kinda fell silent for a few months there. Might be time to flash things up again, as there has been some movement in the last few weeks.....

Just heard a rumour that CHC pilot's have been offered 18%/5%/5% from May 08. Can anybody shed some light?

CHC Pilots are currently around 6-11% in front of BHA, depending on experience. That increase would put them miles in front, not to mention throw in Domicile on the East Coast.
I have always thought guys would not jump ship from one main player to another, but for those numbers, you would have to be an idiot not to!
I also heard that CHC has delivered an immediate $18,000 pay rise to engineeers to stop them jumping ship to BHA. Sounds awefully like one player is serious & the other is not........

Unfortunately, the BHA management ethos has traditionally been "nobody is leaving & we have never had a NO vote in an EBA, so why should we pay more?"
Talk about dangerous/hazardous attitudes?

Anyway, without getting off the subject, could anyone confirm the CHC offer?

GreenerGrass 6th Jan 2008 17:20

Heard The Same
Oz Whirly,

I'd heard the same figures thrown around. If this is true then good and about time. At least one company is having the sense to respond to market forces. Check the current CHC Pilots Agreement on wagent.gov.au and add your percentages. These figures should be industry standard and should keep pilots in Oz.

You're right in that it's funny how management complain about being unable to source the pilots they need but ignore one of the obvious solutions, better conditions in a tight market. This ignorance, arrogance adds to their "woes" when their current pilots leave for better conditions.

Looks like CHC have raised the bar.


movin' up 7th Jan 2008 04:49

The East Coast beckons?
Bristow look like their "head in the sand" domicile policy will bite them again. With CHC offering touring from the East Coast, I know of two more BHA pilots that are ready go over to the Hummingbird.

Will a sweet deal on the EBA be enough to stop them? Whatever happens CHC will still end up ahead, on salary and consideration of employees domestic requirements.

A move to CHC also means they dont have to wear the bloody ridiculous shirts, doesnt Redcliffe know that the crinkled look is so 80's?

High Nr 7th Jan 2008 09:00

Of course CHC will offer Touring out of the Eastcoast.

Thats only because they don't have touring contracts on the West Coast - Darwin [Timor] and Truscott only remember.

From experience, trust me, if any pilot jumps a ship for a few dollars, beware, their life in the industry is very limited.

But then again, Bob maybe happy to see them go anyway.

AusWhirlyBusDriver 7th Jan 2008 23:03

A move to CHC also means they dont have to wear the bloody ridiculous shirts, doesnt Redcliffe know that the crinkled look is so 80's?
Come on guys, let's leave the shirt deal outta this. It's like the 3rd comment on shirts in the thread....
If you got an issue that is so huge about the new shirts and it is causing so much angst (which clearly it must be to some), start your own thread, don't highjack this one!
Some suggestions for the title "my shirt is creased, maybe the industry will care?" or "I don't like the new shirts, I'm leaving!":mad:

Jeez man, let's get bac on track: pay & conditions.

GreenerGrass 8th Jan 2008 06:32

Good one Oz Whirly,

While we're on this. I see CHC and Bristow both have EBA's being "negotiated". What about the other offshore operator in Oz? When is Jayrow's EBA up for negotiation/renewal. If it's soon it would be interesting to compare the three.


AusWhirlyBusDriver 8th Jan 2008 11:21

Good stuff mate, This is what we need....banding together!!
I happen to know of a few good men who are on the BHA Pilot Committee. If you know of anyone at Jayrow, or anyone else out there does, drop me a PM and I can make the appropriate introductions.
I do know that there has been alot of rumours with Jayrow deals & whenever the people I talk to try ot confirm details, it is hard to follow up with hard evidence.
Working together and swapping industry specific information has to be the way ahead!
Good one GG:ok:

papa68 9th Jan 2008 03:01

Shirts shirts and more shirts
Now back to those shirts AWBD :}

Stop hijacking this thread with stuff about pay and conditions. I believe there are shirts out there that badly need ironing! Let's keep ALL the big issues out there, not just the little stuff like money...


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