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Jayrow Pilot 15th Oct 2007 21:07

High NR

Don't say anything more about the 139s, the info isn't out there yet.

kwikenz 15th Oct 2007 22:49

Jayrow with 139's? As with any of the big operators... Ill believe it when I see it.

Bristow is meant to be getting 2 x 139's which sounds much more likley but all credit to Jayrow if theres any weight to that rumour.

gulliBell 15th Oct 2007 23:56

The C++ and AW139 are competitors in the same markets. It's not unheard of to use a C++ as an interim measure until an AW139 becomes available. Maybe that's what's happening here??

feelerup 16th Oct 2007 05:58

Hey the money sounds great in this lark, I've just been fanging aroud in the 500 lately but looking for a new armchair .
This IFR stuff , sounds pretty easy , I've been trimming up the 500 and closing me eyes for a bit , pretty simple really .
I've got good at it so would that help me through the training ?

AusWhirlyBusDriver 16th Oct 2007 06:05

No offense, but you wouldn't be "Flapping to Equity" by any chance would ya?

Aussie Mate 16th Oct 2007 19:04

Yah done it now mate!
You can criticise our airlines, yah can criticise our towns, and even our women, but you are stooping a wee to low when you start on our beer!

Yah been warned mate.

ivan 17th Oct 2007 06:46

Jayrow 3/3 roster
Jayrow would appear to still have a preference for fixed-basing their pilots, in fact I believe only 2 of their mob are tourers. Those guys may well get to live where they want and work a 3/3, but for now the majority of guys will have to relocate just like CHC and Bristows with Darwin/Perth. Given the apparent lack of response to Jayrow's Tooradin fixed-base offshore captain positions it is surely only a matter of time before the company has to allow touring. Lets face it, if you can't get guys to relocate to a job just outside of "cosmo" Melbourne, then you're unlikely to find a bunch of IFR captains ready to live full-time in Karratha!
The company did an awesome job with their maintenance contracts, and as such CHC has lost guys to the Tooradin operation where they alledgedly now earn some of the highest salaries in the field and tour their guys from all over to make it work.
Jayrow,CHC and Bristow must also realise that they would significantly open up their recruiting net if they allowed guys to tour from all over Australia. You have to pay more, but you should have more depth and quality from which to recruit, and it has to be cheaper than bringing guys down from the UK with all the associated relocation costs. Stop turning down the contracts - open up to Australia-wide touring schedules and pass the costs on to the oil companies. They simply cannot keep the business going without offshore helicopter support and if they have to pay more for it, then so be it. With oil at $87 a barrel, I'm sure a few airline tickets is a drop in the ocean.
Rant over.....

havick 17th Oct 2007 07:30


ivan 17th Oct 2007 08:55

My point exactly!!:ok:

Loose Mast Nut 17th Oct 2007 09:53

Think you maybe wrong on this front about living at home..

But you are right, the Engineers at Tooradin are the best paid in the Industry, and the most respected ones as well.


GreenerGrass 17th Oct 2007 10:10

If Bristow can afford to pay the equivalent of $130000pa to touring captains from overseas why can't they, and the other two companies, afford to pay the same salary to their home based employees (both fixed based and touring)? I'm sure they all can! So with all EBA's and agreements set to expire next year and the following at all three maybe it's time to remind respective management of this.

K48 17th Oct 2007 10:32

Flung Dung.. :} You had me in tears of laughter. It's topical... Kylie was asked about the rugby at her premier....:D
Anyway don't any of you windsurf/surf? Perth would be my dream posting! And Gnarloo is not too far from Karratha... a world class left... DREAM WAVE you know..!? It's about 3kms long and perfect glassy waves with crossoffshore winds....
I am just newby CPLH here in the UK with Kiwi PPL + commercial underslung load and mountain ratings... but if anyone knows how I can get on those programs I would not mind being Bristowised, Jayrowised or any otherised!
Sorry Aus.. I'm a comin! But we are all Brits deep down!

<Bracing for reaction...:uhoh:>

Twin Head 17th Oct 2007 10:37


I am sure the great white sharks that live in the water under that dream wave in WA will give you the ozzie welcome:D

Loose Mast Nut 17th Oct 2007 10:39

Me thinks you are underpaid!

Certain handful in the sunny MW Shelf are reporting packages of AUD$180K plus Airline Travel free!!

Sshhhhh......don't tell the Poms, they might just stay!

maxeemum 17th Oct 2007 10:55

Loose Mast Nut,

Ivan has his facts right. There are only 2 touring pilots in Jayrow at present and as for $180k in the MW? NW Shelf the guys & gals up there are welcome to it.

The alleged figures you quote are for fixed based positions (not touring) and given that Karatha is the social hub of the universe this stiil adds up to $100k/yr salary and $80k/yr drinking piss so you can forget you live in Karatha.



K48 17th Oct 2007 12:56

Shark's dont like us poms.... anyway..

Did I hear someone mention the rugby?

papa68 19th Oct 2007 23:24

Poms and 'Rugby'

You can hardly call what the Poms are playing "Rugby". Kicking practice for little Johnny perhaps...:}

For the good of the game, go South Africa!

papa68 - A disappointed Wallaby fan.:{

P.S. How did we get on to Rugby? Let's focus on something we have won like the Cricket, Rugby League, the MotoGP etc. Ah that's better... world order has been restored.

Venator 20th Oct 2007 00:55


Ok granted, Karratha may not be the best place to work/live (consider Shetlands/Nigeria/etc...
Rrrright, last time I checked, Shetland had not featured regularly in the news with Kidnappings, shootings and an assortment of violent crime which is associated with Nigeria.

With friendly locals and wildlife and a clean & unspoilt enviroment, it ain't even in the same ballpark.
Granted the winter weather can test you but thats where you find the nearest cosy pub. You can even wander around in the hours of darkness if you like.:ok:

Sputnik57 20th Oct 2007 01:57


Good to have a ppruner with inside info who can dispel the pay figures being quoted for Karratha.

Here's what Bristows have been offering Aussie Based contractors.

First Officer
$400 Per day daily rate, $97 DTA plus 9% Super. Airfares from the East Coast. Paid fortnightly.

Am I missing something, or are you saying the English are getting better and higher offers than the Aussies?

Australian rates are improving and it is hard to justify working overseas with the exchange rate and family instability that touring creates. Karratha is great for kids I am told.

What is the fixed base package and please do not tell me that Tooradin crap of 180K!

Safe Skies.:ok:

Choppie 20th Oct 2007 10:53

A quick question. How does one get into offshore companies from the private sector? With an ATPL and no multi engine time?

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