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spinwing 20th Oct 2007 12:54


You are either lucky .... or you know someone ( ie the "Old Boy Network").


hornylittlepuma 25th Oct 2007 12:52

Anyone have any news on the Bristow EBA due in February? I've heard that it'll be 30%+. Is that near the mark?

floatsarmed 27th Oct 2007 08:36

Bristow EBA
The Bristow EBA is still in process with a 30% salary and conditions increase being the main demand by the pilot body. Apparently there is a strong resolve by an overwhelming majority of their pilots to stick to their demands.
Given the current qualified offshore pilot shortage and amount of work on the cards in the NW for Bristow, it looks good for them to get a really good deal which hopefully will flow on to other sectors of the industry in Australia.
:ok: Here's hoping anyway.

movin' up 3rd Nov 2007 03:04

From what I saw lately in Karratha, the industrial action has begun.

Bristow pilots are refusing to press their shirts until they receive a pay rise sufficient to allow them to buy a steam iron without paying in installments.

What's it all about guys?:E

gulliBell 3rd Nov 2007 05:12

Movin' up, your credibility has just flown right out the window...we all know that Bristow pilots have housekeepers to do all their shirt pressing !! :ok:

And what's with BRISTOW advertising for contract As332/S76 Commanders, surely that move is out of the ordinary? Might it be part of a move to get the Immigration Department to grant more employment visas for foreigners to work here, because they "can't" source locally qualified candidates to fill positions?

PO dust devil 3rd Nov 2007 06:57

Sounds like gullibell is on the money there.

GreenerGrass 5th Nov 2007 02:41

Pepi 72,

All in the industry will be watching carefully to see how BHA managment handle the EBA early next year.
It's time for management to realise that it is FAR cheaper to increase terms and conditions for their own permanent staff than to lose them and then have to recruit and train new people.
How much is it for a command endorsement on the 76, 332 or even 92? Around $50K or more I'd say. Plus all the other associated induction costs.
If management aren't concerned about keeping their permanent staff happy, and don't care of they come and go, then that's what will happen.
They probably won't care until flights to the rigs are cancelled due to the "unforeseen" shortage of crews. Then it will be an issue. Quick do something about it! Don't want the clients to know there's a problem being hidden from them!

itoldyouso 5th Nov 2007 10:37

Rightly So
There is an aussie company that this happened too.

It is almost a mirror image of what BHA are doing.

Any yes, their staff left too.


gulliBell 5th Nov 2007 12:15

Only one?

Let me guess....AH

Or might it be...HA

Or perhaps both?

Whether it's AH, HA or now BHA, perhaps there's a common denominator there..and it's not just the H and A :O

Bravo73 5th Nov 2007 19:01

Pilots joining?
Specifically Poms, it would seem... :E


"Preference will be given to candidates with North Sea command experience."

flapnfeather 11th Nov 2007 00:12

any more news....
Any more news on this subject?

gulliBell 13th Nov 2007 06:45

fnf: my completely unfounded and uninformed hunch would be to expect more Bristow's friendly foreigners coming down-under our way with sponsored work visas. Not because the company can't source qualified Australians to do the work, because they can. More so because it suits a more favourable "staff mix" to counter what soon might lay ahead for them in the Industrial context.

As unfounded and uninformed as I am, reckon I'll be proved right.

tribal 13th Nov 2007 18:00

I think that would be a fair assumption, as the australian pilots are well known for being somewhat militant, at least in the bar, if not up front. That is, not to say all are afflicted, but unfortunately they tend to band together and not always for the correct reasons, as they will turn on each other as well if no other subject presents itself.
Fortunately however there is a number of fine pilots from the same country who are not bandwagon jumpers, and will conduct themselves with integrity , so not all is bad.

AusWhirlyBusDriver 14th Nov 2007 02:46


Good to have a ppruner with inside info who can dispel the pay figures being quoted for Karratha.

Here's what Bristows have been offering Aussie Based contractors.

First Officer
$400 Per day daily rate, $97 DTA plus 9% Super. Airfares from the East Coast. Paid fortnightly.

Am I missing something, or are you saying the English are getting better and higher offers than the Aussies?

Australian rates are improving and it is hard to justify working overseas with the exchange rate and family instability that touring creates. Karratha is great for kids I am told.

What is the fixed base package and please do not tell me that Tooradin crap of 180K!
You are pretty close on the 'old' casual rates. The new rates that have been quoted are for "fixed term contractors". Essentially, this is a new fancy word to get around AFAP and IR comission legal mumbo-jumbo.
Basically, the new contract rates ($720/$650/$550 per day for Capt/SFO/FO + DTA) should do nothing else but highlight the fact the the money IS AVAILABLE.
The time is now for all in the industry. We are being left tragically behind.

GreenerGrass 14th Nov 2007 07:15

If they are the rates Bristow are offering "new hires" then that should be the going rate all in the industry. Take note all reps on the respective pilot councils.

Oz Whirly,

Check your PM's.


Sputnik57 15th Nov 2007 04:16

You lost another Pilot!!!!!!!!!11
Good to hear from you finally, must have been off Tour?
If the AFAP cannot get action against B'Stows for importing/outsourcing employment and seek injunctions against this employment based on the fibs told to Immigration about no suitable applicants onshore, then I wll be F--ked! Why pay a grand a year to be represented so I can sit beside an Expat being paid more than me. No thanks! :ugh:
You might just as well stick a revolving door on Redcliffe, you just lost another Pilot to VicPol. :D
Anyway my English is not that good so perhaps the Poms can teach us something.
Still, not as bad as J'Row. They have Yanky accents.
Really are you going to put up with this takeover and financial slap in the face?:ugh:
Back to Orbit.

gulliBell 15th Nov 2007 07:33

The object in earth orbit makes a few interesting points here. Whilst retaining my claim as always to be completely uninformed on almost everything, I have taken the liberty to read through the "sponsoring a temporary overseas worker to Australia" book and it makes me wonder just how they did it (not that I will lose any sleep over it mind you, not my business). Obviously Bristow's have done it, perhaps by relying on the regional employment concessions (Karratha is a regional area isn't it??), assisted also perhaps by a few porkie pies (for the benefit of our English friends reading here, the porkie pies referred to are not of the edible kind). Point being, if you can't find suitably qualified helicopter pilots in Karratha, you can import them from overseas as long as you pay them the same (or more than) Australian pilots. That's my reading of it in a nutshell.

No doubt AFAP are watching this closely, but if it's going ahead, and it is, (and as it has in the past) then I reckon there's not much more AFAP can/will do about it (they never really recovered any industrial might following the 80's pilot's strike). Unless of course it comes to light that there are qualified Australian pilots available yet being overlooked, or even under-done qualified Australian pilots who can be trained to do the job. So if anyone has been overlooked at Bristow, do the Australian thing and gripe about it!!

Don't Bristows have any SFO's to bump up to Command, replace those SFO's with new hire FO's sourced from GA? That's how it should work. The pilots are definitely out there, the flying schools are churning them out by the dozen. Bump up the SFO's to meet vacancies, and invest in a training pipeline to replace them with FO's. The need to provide an adequate training pipeline far exceeds any need to hire foreign workers. But if you are a foreigner working here on $800+ per day, welcome, and good on you. Take as much of it as you can get and we'll live in a cockpit of international matrimonial harmony. Just don't criticize the coldness of our beer :D

Twin Head 15th Nov 2007 07:48

What a shame Bristows policy of co-pilots and captains have finally caught up with them. :ugh: Too young co-pilots and direct entry captains are a no no. Its a shame that they would not hire 30+ year old SFO,s with all the ticks in the boxes, if they did they would have plenty to promote. Hear that they could only fill 9 out of 30 spots vacant for puma and 76, if you were not endorsed on these, dont apply. Hmm, better look else where hey!!!!!:ugh:

High Nr 15th Nov 2007 10:55

Hey Smutnik
Your full of venom, for an unqualified CPL in the big boys end of the show.

I guess both JH and BHL have overlooked your attempts to be recognised, wonder why?

Get a life, after you have proved yourself in the industry.


Sputnik57 15th Nov 2007 22:32

Glass Houses and all that!
High NR,
You must be tired and emotional since I think you should have put your last post in "Jayrow Australia conditions" where your facts are often questioned.:eek:
I am told a CPL in Jayrow can do very well these days! Hey, wait a minute don't you have one as a Captain on the beloved twin fleet in Karratha as we speak! Are you calling him an underachiever?
Anyway must update that profile some day, far too busy in the Highly Proffesional IFR twin Community that is so hard to get a job in. Seriously, if you cannot get a twin job in Australia at the moment you need to change direction in life!
I would not take a pay check from you fools even if you gold plated the Data plates and paid DTA actually on time. Yep thats right, the boys still getting screwed around with money! Could it be a cash flow problem?
So just take it on the chin when even the current Pilot's point out the facts about this employer that gives the readers a more balanced idea against you continued blind support.
Final point, if J'Row management truly hold the ATPL in such high regard, then in what regard do you hold those who obtain them in the FAA system?:ok:
Back to Orbit.

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