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S61-S92 21st Oct 2009 10:08

G-AZRF at Aviation Traders

Came across this picture of G-AZRF, pictured at Aviation Traders having its Mods installed.

Dave B 21st Oct 2009 17:28

If I remember correctly, this was Bristows first S61. It was obtained accident damaged, along with a couple of 205s from an Italian company, that went bust because of the accident.
After its rebuild in the old Redhill hanger, it was found that it could not be removed from the hanger, so two trenches had to be dug in the ground to lower it enough to pass under the top part of the door.

Dave B

S61-S92 21st Oct 2009 18:26

Dave B - That aircraft was infact G-AZDC 61424 which was purchased as a wreck from Elivie (formerly I-EVMA) and rebuilt at Redhill. That was the first BHL S61 in the UK and was purchased around May 1971.

G-AZRF 61473 was the third for BHL in the UK, formerly PK-HBT operating in Natuna Besar and arrived around April/May 1972.

The second was G-AZNE 61467, which was later lost after buzzing round the North Sea for a few hours before it sank.

There were pics of G-AZDC and the floor trenches on SkyWeaver, perhaps Tail-Take-Off can stick them up here?

Ainippe 22nd Oct 2009 10:52

S61 Hangar 5 Trenches
I distinctly remember the morning we went to move the S61 out of the hangar(I was on the head to turn the blades) - lots of head scratching and swearing. We then released the pressure from the oleos - then the tires - more swearing and head scratching. Voila - dig two trenches !!!
Even then we had to cut out the front hangar panels to allow the beanie and Pitot to pass through.:D

Dave B 22nd Oct 2009 11:19

I stand corrected, I just noticed the G-A registration. The white overalls take me back, they lasted white for about ten minutes.

Dave B

Tail-take-off 22nd Oct 2009 13:00

She wenk into the hangar looking like this:


& she came out looking like this:

This is how she got out:


Later stored in sumburgh:

All these years later she is still flying, but now as a S61 short!

Tail-take-off 22nd Oct 2009 13:16

Further to the above posts G-AZNE was also ex Elivie. See below:

However was it not the case that the first 2 S61's operated by the company (perhaps while G-AZDC was still in the hangar) were VR-BDN & VR-BDO in malasia? (Later to become G-BBGS & G-BDRH). Or was G-AZRF the first to be operated in Indonesia as PK-HBT? I'm sure someone can answer this.

S61-S92 22nd Oct 2009 14:18

Bristow S61N's
I'll just put me Anorak on again...:8

My "records" show VR-BDN & VR-BDO as being in transit from USA to Malaysia in Jan 1970 where they remained, working for Esso / Elf until August 1972.

In October 72 they were transferred to Singapore
61470 (VR-BDN) became 9M-ARV
61471 remained as VR-BDO and they worked for Conoco

They then appear in Natuna Besar and on to Kuantan with Conoco up till May 73.

9M-ARV went back to Esso Malaysia in June 73 and came to the UK in May 75 where it seems to have operated as 9M-ARV out of Aberdeen for some time.
It became G-BDRH in Feb 76.

VR-BDO became UK based G-BBGS in August 73

These were the first two S61 with Bristow, my earlier info refers to S61 debut in the UK for Bristow.

Hope this is of interest (or have you fallen asleep already!!);)

Can I take me Anorak off again now, its a bit warm, even for Shetland !!!! :):ok:

ken knight 22nd Oct 2009 19:07

Great to see the pics of the old S61's again. I was at Redhill at the time of the Elivie take-over. What was to become G-AZNE was flown into Redhill by Alistair Gordon and I think Ken Bradley. It spent some time there before departing with Davy Parker and co to Great Yarmouth where it worked for some months before coming up to Aberdeen. So it was the first S61 to operate in the UK followed by G-AZDC after the rebuild which I was on with John Gordon Staples. It came up to Aberdeen in early 1972.
The other machines taken in from Italy were two 214's and two 206's.
One of the 214's was flown up to Liverpool and we put it in a few crates and it was shipped to Peru. I think Ernie Patrick was one of the engineers that went out with it.

ken knight 22nd Oct 2009 19:12

Correction to last posting, not 214's but I see dave barrow has them as 205's, my bad typing, he's correct.

HU500D 23rd Oct 2009 00:11

looking for a friend
Anybody knows where Andrew Zgolinsky is this days?

SASless 23rd Oct 2009 03:39

Andy and I met in Phu Loi, Vietnam in '69.....last I heard of him he had gone to Peru with the US Department of State working on the Anti-Drug Ops Program but that was many Moon's ago!

Oldlae 23rd Oct 2009 09:46

I can confirm that the first S61's arrived at Trengganu from Singapore in Jan 1970, I was there with the Whirlwinds and flew out with Bill Farnell to Singapore to operate the Whirlwind in Masalembo. With the S61's came Horst Voight the C/E, Frank Nudd was there and John Cromwell among others. I posted a photo of the 61's taken the day they arrived in Skyweaver.

S61-S92 23rd Oct 2009 16:52


What were the thoughts on the S61 at the time of introduction?

With the Wessex/S58 being the biggest at the time, it must have been a very popular arrival.

(You still can't beat the S61 for cabin space, even now!.)


Oldlae 24th Oct 2009 09:28

My initial thoughts were that to replace two Whirlwinds doing a couple of flights a day with these huge machines meant that Esso had found an awful lot of oil. We didn't stay long enough to see them operating.

TipCap 24th Oct 2009 23:46

My Bermuda licence was 35C and my Iranian Licence was 509.

Scary I can remember that..............


(Happy in Retirement)

Dave B 27th Oct 2009 13:11

To keep this thread going, I can relate the story of the purchase of the Three 212s, JO,JP, and JR, if anyone is interested.


Forkandles 27th Oct 2009 13:15


God, I'm funny, and I couldn't be arsed to check if I was being original! :sad:

heli1 28th Oct 2009 10:36

Just to spread the word, a Bristow reunion is planned at the Heli Museum at WSM in Somerset on 28th November to coincide with the launch of Alan Bristow's autobiography.I gather his widow,Heather and a coach load of BOGS from the Redhill area are due to come down but all will be welcome.
The new book should be on sale there,but if you can't get there the museum will take mail orders....25.00 plus P and P.

Oldlae 28th Oct 2009 11:33

Dave B,
Go on Dave, don't keep us in suspense.

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