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Kulwin Park 24th Mar 2010 06:49

Does anyone know the width of the EC130, in regards to the Landing Gear footprint?? Interested in knowing the skid tube distance apart for measurements on a trolley and trailer?

Maybe someone could reach for their FM in the Dimensions section, or post the 3D schematic up here for me ... Please :ok: KP

No-ID 24th Mar 2010 06:52

American Eurocopter - EC130 Specifications

This what you're looking for?

eivissa 24th Mar 2010 07:54

Just for comparison...

Flight Manual:


Training Manual:


Kulwin Park 25th Mar 2010 23:16

Thanks No-ID and Eivissa ... exactly what I was after! :ok:

Thanks to the Moderator too for combining into topic .. I did Forum search on EC130, but didn't come up with all that info. Good work!

victor papa 26th Mar 2010 20:02

I learned 1 thing with the 130-don't believe everything you hear about her especially the post 2005 ones! My advise is to study her, get to know her and then go to fly her. Do not expect a B3+ as she is not a B3 and handles and responds differently despite having the same engine and drivetrain(except tail) + dual hydraulics. Once you understand and know her dynamics and get comfortable with her as a machine with her own place in life you will be shocked at what she can do. Remember that she has a massive rotor rpm variance for noise and performance determined by your fenestron pedal position. You fly her wrong you can be as much as 15rrpm too low or too high and all should understand the impact on lift and thus power which leads to a lot of myths in my opinion around her performance. I know the B2 and B3 along with many other types and the one which demands respect is the 130. Maybe because it is not her reputation to be able to work/take heavy loads/be utility. She does not look like a workhorse. If you allow yourselve however you will soon learn her capabilities is surprising. Been there and did the 42 degree thing, 4600ft, 3 crew, 141kg patient and flew 2 hrs to the nearest hospital without hitting the top of the yellow range. She enters the yellow range quickly but then it feels like that Arriel is telling you "eventually I can work a bit". Pls, i am not contesting graphs and safety, just trying to say go fly her and fly her as a 130 and not a B3/407/B2 or anything else and you will be surprised I am sure.

Maintenance on her is a non event. That fenestron makes her lower maintenance than the 350 and you score dual hydraulics. In my experience if you know what to look for like the Squirrel you have ample warning in most cases to do preventative maintenance. The fenestron is on a 1000hr check.

Flugplatz 26th Mar 2010 23:14

Agree, any in UK?
Good points Victor Papa, they are quality machines that can do a whole lot more than pax-heavy scenic flights. I found it was like flying a luxury Mercedes but with some serious brawn and good reliability in austere circumstances. Maybe at that level people just go up to a twin. I am surprised that there doesn't appear to be at least one on the UK register, unless someone can enlighten me?


TorqueItUp 28th Apr 2010 01:52

EC130 - Medium Density (8 seat) Version
I am interested if anyone has information to share on the 8 seat (4 + 4) configured EC130 or 'Eco-Star'.

In this configuration The EC130 must be the greatest (pax) capacity, single engine machine on the market. How does it perform when loaded with 8 pax?

Does anyone have a excel weight and balance calculator for this configuration of the EC130 as I'm interested to see what distribution of weights it can handle and still be inside the envelope.

The big tourism operators (Maverick, Blue Hawaiaan, Grand Canyon) who use this aircraft type all seem to have the conventional 7 (4 3) seat setup. Does any operator in the scenic market have the 8 seat configuration EC130?

Ian Corrigible 28th Apr 2010 02:38

Looking at Maverick's website, they fly the 4 + 4 configuration.


widgeon 28th Apr 2010 09:20

Just to clarify , I don't not think there is an EC130 version that can carry 8 pax plus pilot. As IC pointed out Maverick fly the 8 seat version that carries 7 pax plus pilot . Most of the tours seem to be 3.5 hours with a landing for snacks. So I would assume they can do 2.5 fllight hours fully loaded ( I don't think they refuel in the canyon) . I am not sure if they tend to load the lighter people in the front seats to avoid c of g issues. I do know that many of the operators weigh the passengers to ensure they are flying within limits.


BH fly 7 seat config , I expect due to the extra weight of the flotation gear.

9Aplus 29th Apr 2010 11:19

Any decent offer for almost new AS350 B3 or B4 (EC130)
sale, lease (dry, wet) ASAP for not less than 3 months from now
with possilbe 6 month extensions....
(short hook is an advance, for up to 800kg testing light works puropses)

Trevor KC 25th May 2010 16:49

Ec130 B4
Futher to this discussion regarding the 130 would anyone know where I can get my hands on a flight manual for this aircraft. I'm doing an engineering project and quite a bit of the information I need is contained in the flight manual. Any help would be hugely appreciated.



myskyheli 13th Dec 2010 07:50

EC 130 sling ops
Greetings all,

Just after some feedback on sling operations on the 130 thanks.

I would imagine lifting must be a better vert ref from the left seat, vs say the 350 from the right?

However,it would also seem a large change of view from head out the door, back to the check the (usual) position of the VEMD for the FLI ?

We are not planning a great deal of sling work, just the occasional lifting with a 10m line and possibly the occasional fire-bucket. (And yes, I know the die-hards will tell me the B3 is the go. But we're getting a 130, so there!)

Eurocopter also seem to offer a few varients on the hook options, including a 1350kg option. Surely only applicable in nice cold climates? Doubt we could get 1350 off the ground in the heat we'll be playing in. Opinions?

Any other insights would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance. Fly safe.

RVDT 13th Dec 2010 09:29

Isn't the B4 limited to 1160kg on the hook anyway?

They may be offering a "1350 kg" hook just don't put 1350 kg on it.

victor papa 13th Dec 2010 11:23

RVDT you are correct. the B4 is limited but not on performance as such but the different mounting of the cargo swing which is more aft than the 350.

myskyheli 14th Dec 2010 02:45

Thanks guys,

But i'm a tad confused... (not having access to the RFM only the tech sup),

if the 130 is limited on the hook, why are they offering the 1300kg option? (I know they're French, but there must be some logic?)


Nubian 14th Dec 2010 15:59

why are they offering the 1300kg option?
where do they do that??

According to their homepage: Civil helicopter, ecureuil helicopter, helicopter manufacturer - Eurocopter, an EADS company

they don't.


myskyheli 15th Dec 2010 02:26

Gee thanks for the time wasting Nubian, (such a cynic - you must either work in management or check and training - and probably ex-military!)

But AS I SAID... in the Eurocopter EC130 Tech Info;
Page 15, Doc Ref # 06-27016A, and Comm Ref 06-27016-00 offer up the 1350 hook option!

So if anyone actually helpful out there could shed light, it would be appreciated.

(Nubian, you can now go and check my spelling and grammar)

Thanks to all others... :ugh:

RVDT 15th Dec 2010 07:15

Maybe commonality with other models (i.e.) B3 or a heavier duty hook, who knows.

Maybe it is known as a "1350 kg hook". You can fit it to a B4 but you can only lift 1160 kg on it due to other limitations which are not specific in the data available to Joe Operator.

Ask your friendly dealer or tech rep!

Nubian 15th Dec 2010 07:30


I'm sure your precious 30 seconds of wasted time was a terrible loss, I appologize so much, (really didn't account on such a thin-skinned Aussie)

Now, why don't you pick up the phone and call them then if you have questions instead of asking a question you don't seem to like the answers to here? then you can enlighten us here with your findings later...

Now, unsure about your willingness to listen further, I'd just add that the 130 has the same engine/drive (except the fan) as the B3+ and it is a heavier basic ship, it has the same AUW as the B3+ (for external ops)

Just cause we use 2ton slings on the hook on the B3, doesn't allow us to lift 2tons with it.

Btw, your guess is wrong on all accounts.....as I am a just another civilian trained line utilitypilot. As for grammar/spelling, I'm sure I have my fair share of mistakes too so I don't bother with others.

ah, well now I'd just wasted more of your time.... :ugh:

victor papa 15th Dec 2010 08:29

Ok, before we have a fight over a cargo swing here is my guess. EC incorporates some hooks and swings into their maintenance Program as standard and these are part of the SB kits. These inspections are addressed in the Airframe Maintenance Program and their inspections reflects on the standard servicing schedule. All slings and swings are not part of the EC program and can only be fitted under a STC and they are not addressed in the standard maintenance program.

Now, Onboard or Siren for instance does not manufacture a cargo hook per aircraft type but in weight classes. So, if you fit the 1350kg hook to the 130 it can lift 1350kg and if it is in the EC catalogue it is a standard option one-however the airframe is limited to 1160kg due to the mounting of the swing and thus how much the airframe can take. Why 1350kg hook, because that is the weight class of the hook and can be used on B3 for instance. They will not go recertify and design and build a new hook so it states 1160kg specifically. There are 850kg hooks on the market you can also fit to the 130/B3/B2-they are closer to the B2 limit and obviously slightly cheaper.

Hope this helps????????????????

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