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John Eacott 13th Oct 2011 23:47

Originally Posted by hole.shot (Post 6737506)
is there any way that i could get hold of the STC no for EC130 cargo swing from co. ONBOARD? . I tried searching for it at www.faa.gov but to no avail.

The Suspension System Sling RFM Supplement is here, STC No SR01815SE.

The Suspension System Swing RFM Supplement is here, with the same STC number.

Lots of information available on the Onboard Systems products page :ok:

McGowan 16th Apr 2013 10:33

EC130 notes
Does anyone have any training notes on the EC130B4.
Just been going through the flight manual and feel that there isn't enough information on how thing actually work.
I find that I want to know a lot more about the machine that is keeping me in the air these days.

helicopterray 17th Apr 2013 01:14

There is the SDM manual, which is the Systems Description Manual, that gets issued with the Aircraft Maintenance Manual. This manual contains all the information you would get in the Traning Manual and training notes.

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