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VTOL news updates - Australia

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VTOL news updates - Australia

Old 27th Jul 2020, 23:33
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Originally Posted by robsrich View Post
The outgoing CEO/DAS has stated he has completed the regulatory reform process which will become effective over the next few years.
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah, what a clown. Shows just how out of touch with the industry he has been while in his brief tenure!
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Old 28th Jul 2020, 19:09
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Evil One? As mentioned on the dark side. Good ideas - but how do we give the regulators feedback?
Do you watch out for new items on CASA's Consolation Hub and reply if asked.
Do you have an association you can join to help them push their barrow on your behalf.
Or maybe keep in touch with your flying school instructors and class mates? Sometime schools have an opportunity to chat with their FOI/ATO.
Mates become bosses at times and may have a friendly FOI to lodge an informal concern.

Two wrongs do not make a right or play the game, not the man?

How do you rate your corrective actions?
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Old 4th Aug 2020, 11:19
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Uber Air relooks at launch date for Melbourne
Uber Air stated they with Australian-based partners to provide an update on local timelines amid the continuing global impact of COVID-19. With the ongoing support of their partners, Melbourne remains Uber Air’s first planned international expansion market beyond the United States but there will not be any public demonstrations or test flights hosted in the Victorian capital this year.

Further, a spokesperson was quoted as saying; “Just as we do not build cars to run on the ride sharing app, the Uber Air network requires partners to lead the construction and certification of eVTOL vehicles for Uber Air operations.

There are eight partners working to create the types of quiet, electric vehicles that will make aerial ridesharing a success and we have been encouraged by the progress of their advance towards flight test programs prior to COVID-19. However, the restrictions on international travel, quarantines, guidance preventing mass public gatherings and a rolling wave of infections has impacted timelines.

The Uber Air team remains focused on piloting the core technology in the United States first because it is where most of their vehicle partners are already developing their aircraft and where many plan to receive certification. All of the Uber vehicle partners are expected to progress initial vehicle certification in their home jurisdictions. We anticipate public demonstrations will happen in North America first, but will not speculate when that might be as the impact of COVID-19 has not yet been fully realised.

Uber Air is continuing to progress a safe, reliable, clean, quiet, and affordable air mobility service and will remain working with local partners.

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Old 9th Aug 2020, 02:39
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AOPA VIDEO - Good heads up on future industry/CASA relationships

Australia is searching for a new Director of Aviation Safety/CEO for their Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The current DAS has resigned effective December 2020.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia on the 21 July 2020 released a live panel video titled,
“More right than wrong.”

The chairperson was Ben Morgan from AOPA. The panel covered a wide range of general aviation industry segments. Panel consisted of Marjorie Pangoni, Mary Brown, Ken Cannane and Tony White.

The hour-long discussion explained, in plain English, what we are all facing at the coalface. It will help those seeking the truth about what has happened in the past.

Industry will no doubt be asked to comment on what the new DAS needs to change after the coronavirus passes and the release of the Royal Commission Report prior to the coming fire season.

This is a worthwhile opportunity to gain an insight into what those are the coalface our thinking about our future. Video is at:

https://www.facebook.com/18965620449864 ... 6123716881

My thanks to AOPA and panel members.
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Old 17th Aug 2020, 02:24
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Marine pilots’ jobs on the move?

Australia’s largest employer of marine pilots and maritime services will shift its national operations to Brisbane and expand bases up the coast in a major win for Queensland jobs. Source: 12 Aug ’20 The Courier-Mail, by Hayden Johnson

The Courier Mail has revealed a deal to lure Auriga Group and hundreds of its workers is close to being inked with the Queensland Government. Auriga Group – which provides specialised pilotage, logistics, and helicopter aviation services at ports across Australia – will relocate its headquarters to Brisbane from Sydney. The shift and expansion of new bases across Queensland is expected to create more than 200 jobs. Auriga Group will operate bases at Cairns, Mackay, Thursday Island, York Island, Gladstone, Hay Point, and the Sunshine Coast as well as house its headquarters in the Brisbane CBD.

It is understood the group will receive an incentive from the Queensland Government to move north. It comes after State Development Minister Kate Jones this month declared Queensland was out to poach businesses from its COVID-hit southern rivals. “We’re working hard to bring more companies to Queensland that will create jobs and support our economic recovery,” she said.

Auriga says its company origins as a pilotage provider can be traced to 1872 when the first known pilotage along the Queensland coast took place. The company has since grown to provide maritime, aviation and logistics services at more than 20 ports across the country.

Good to read positive news at present.

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Old 17th Aug 2020, 02:34
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I love it when they say that a move will 'create' jobs... Not counting the ones that will be made redundant at the old location.
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Old 3rd Sep 2020, 08:43
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Australia’s NSW Government accepts all 76 bushfire inquiry recommendations

Compulsory land clearing, night-time water bombing, and aggressive hazard-reduction burning, use of drones for fire intelligence gathering and protection of fauna were among the recommendations.

NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliott says firefighters will be able to enter private properties and start hazard-reduction burns under new powers. The inquiry analysed NSW's approach to last season's bushfires, which burnt 5.3 million hectares. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her Government would adopt all of them. The six-month inquiry heard more than 1,900 submissions about NSW's response.

Also included was guidance on which aerial fire-fighting assets should be used in the future, and what strategies personnel should pursue. These included increased water-bombing at night and employing more rapid aerial responses when fires are burning in risky and hard-to-reach terrain.

The inquiry's report also advised on measures to protect the mental health of firefighters.

Last summer's bushfires resulted in the deaths of 26 people in NSW, including six firefighters. A total of 2,476 homes were destroyed.

And the Australian Fire Season has already started in some areas, again a little earlier than last year.
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Old 10th Sep 2020, 08:40
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Australian Industry Subject Matter Experts Needed
Work on this project has commenced and the Aviation IRC is forming a TAC. Your industry expertise and insight are welcome to help review and develop Training Package materials to address basic skills and knowledge requirements of RPA excluded category operators to ensure they can fly safely and ethically within the legislative and regulatory requirements.

The Aviation Industry Reference Committee (IRC) is responsible for the Aviation Training Package. The Committee oversees the development of industry competency skills standards and qualifications in the Aviation industry.

It is critical that the Aviation IRC rapidly develop endorsed training package material for RPA category operations.

This is due to safety concerns associated with increased usage during COVID-19, and importantly, endorsed in time for delivery to emergency service personnel to support fire and emergency aviation tasks during the next bushfire season.

Needed by end or 2020.

To register your interest by 4 Sep ’20, contact: Katherine White, Industry Manager, Australian Industry Standards. M: 0448 181 661 or email:

[email protected]

Rickshaw: "Please lend a hand. Otherwise folks who have to update training rules for the future are flying blind with so much new technology hurtling our way. AIS is not CASA - so roll up your sleeves and help our future RPA pilots get a good start." Check out their website - please.
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Old 15th Sep 2020, 11:44
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More Chinooks for Oakey – RSAF.

On 22 Aug 2020, the Australian Defence Magazine reported the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will increase the number of Boeing CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters based at the Army Aviation Training Centre. The estimated number is 16 new-build CH-47Fs. Planned arrival is Q1 if 2021. Five RSAF CH-47D Chinooks have been based at Oakey since 2018 under the Oakey Agreement between the two countries, which allows up to 16 helicopters to be based in Australia at any given time for pilot training. It is not yet clear what will happen to the five heavy-lift Chinooks currently at Oakey once the new helicopters are delivered.

Will they be able to find enough maintenance staff after COVID?

But good news for Australia. What do you think about staff shortages, long term?

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Old 15th Sep 2020, 13:58
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Singapore has 16 CH-47's for a territory 280 sq miles in size???
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 11:24
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Good news on the way? Maybe? Hope so?

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-News - Editor’s Welcome. September 2020 Report.

COVID-19 recovery options can now be evaluated with some confidence in our region. Thank goodness September 2020 has passed into history. Some nations have managed to bring the pandemic under control; however, the lucky ones seem to be hopelessly outnumbered by those who were unable to activate their defences in sufficient time and are now paying a terrible, terrible price!

We are ‘collateral damage’ because the international aviation market crashed and burned around six months ago. No doubt those living in the southern hemisphere will be anxious to see how some nations; in particular, the USA will handle their winter, where influenza type viruses, spread quickly due to the reduction in social isolation during the cold weather.

President Trump’s attempts to play down the danger of the coronavirus pandemic for political reasons; has really backfired, as he is in hospital battling the virus - he claimed,
‘will not hurt you!’ As you read this, he has joined UK’s Boris Johnson as another one of the global leaders who has been struck down by the virus.

Hopefully, Australia and New Zealand are entering the second quarter of their financial years as summer approaches. If we are lucky, the reducing pandemic statistics coupled to summer’s weather will allow regional travel to resume, one step at a time. This will boost tourism, which is a major driving force in the aviation recovery processes for GA aviation.

Fortunately, opening of state and territory borders will result in regional tourism undergoing an expansion which will help the general aviation industry and regional airlines to eke out a living.

Federal Budget Day tomorrow – Tue 6 Oct 2020. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated we must take the opportunity to now rid ourselves of so
much unnecessary bureaucracy that has been strangling our industries prior to COVID-19!

Is it time for the General Aviation industry and our regulator CASA to heed the PM’s most welcome advice!!

What can we, as individuals do? Join an association to help them represent you better. There are many good ones such as AAUS, drones and operators; AMROBA, maintenance engineers & MROs and soon RAPBA, helicopter operations and aircrew licensing. But look around, there are other reputable ones needing your support such as AHIA.

End Quote.

The ball is now in your court? Are you ready when the borders are finally unlocked?

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Old 14th Oct 2020, 11:41
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Mustering operators are placing bets who will win the battle between El Niño and La Niña. Why?

More than half of the Australian Aircraft Helicopter Register is made up of Robinson helicopters. A major portion of these are engaged in the mustering industry. CASA data suggests the mustering group fly more hours than all other commercial activities during a drought free year. Australia's weather is influenced by many climate drivers. El Niño and La Niña have the strongest influence on year-to-year climate variability for most of the country. They are part of a natural cycle known as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The ENSO cycle loosely operates over timescales from one to eight years.

Best bet at present is La Niña which means: Increased rainfall across Australia, cooler daytime temperatures (south of the tropics), warmer overnight temperatures (in the north), a shift in temperature extremes, decreased frost risk, greater tropical cyclone numbers and earlier monsoon onset.

Increased rainfall means the cattle industry can recover from the recent devastating droughts. Eventually, cattle will need to be moved to better pastures, or to satisfy an increasing demand for Australian beef from China and Indonesia.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has predicted a wet summer. The La Nina conditions in the tropical Pacific are set to persist through summer. Most weather prediction models suggest the La Nina will strengthen, peaking in December. "Around half the models anticipate a strong event, meaning there is a possibility it could reach similar strength to the La Nina of 2010-12," BOM says in a statement issued on Tue 13 Oct 2020.

"However, models forecast this event will be shorter, possibly ending in the first quarter of 2021. "La Nina typically increases the chance of above average rainfall across much of Australia during spring," BOM says. "Above average summer rainfall is also typical across eastern Australia. Current climate outlooks indicate November 2020 to January 2021 will be wetter than average for much of the country.

Question? Who bets on El Niño or La Niña???
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Old 14th Oct 2020, 12:22
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Originally Posted by robsrich View Post
Question? Who bets on El Niño or La Niña???
The paragraphs above only look at the effect to AUS weather by either El Nino or La Nina. Both are just catch-all terms for the average surface temperature of a large area of the Southern Pacific Ocean. El Nino is circa 1C or more above average; LA Nina is circa 2C or less below average.

Who bets on it? Grain traders. One of the biggest affects is the pricing differential between soybean meal vs fish meal – which is of far more financial magnitude than the AUS cattle industry.

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Old 8th Nov 2020, 20:00
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Urgent Update for our readers
Queensland Tender released 2 Nov 2020 and closes 13 Nov 2020.

The Queensland Government is seeking proposals for Aerial Services. It includes adding additional suppliers to the current aeroplane and helicopter arrangements to ensure coverage in all Geographical Areas.

Tender offer info: Aerial Services issued by Energy Queensland Limited. Number: 10553. UNSPSC 2: Passenger transport helicopters, includes power line operations. Combination of single engine piston and turbine helicopter. Also, a preference for twin engine turbines in some areas due terrain.

Regions. Cairns & Far North Queensland, Mount Isa & North West Region, The Central West, South West & Darling Downs, Townsville, Mackay Whitsunday Region, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Wide Bay Burnett and South East Queensland

More information available on Queensland website

Best of luck!
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