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State of the Industry

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State of the Industry

Old 11th Jun 2017, 17:08
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I saw the growth of the HR, Training, Safety, QA, and multi-levels of management at Bristow over the years.....and only in rare cases did that growth not be at the direct increase in overhead costs with no appreciable gain in productivitiy or margin.

Sometimes there is a need for adding some non-revenue Staff....but that has to be both proven and then very carefully measured and controlled.

CHC went down that Rabbit Hole very quickly.....too many folks with their finger in the pie contributing nothing but more cost and no revenue or cost savings.

Same at Bristow.
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Old 11th Jun 2017, 19:42
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No sooner did we form into teams than we were re-organised.
I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet every situation by re-organising and what a wonderful method it is for giving the illusion of progress whilst only producing confusion, inefficiency & demoralisation.


Plus ca change
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Old 11th Jun 2017, 21:51
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Absolutely Sasless. I saw it happening first hand. Then the oil price crisis decimated the entire O & G industry and the superfluous people did exactly what ericferret quoted. However the re-organisation didn't include themselves; fingers were pointed downwards, not across or upwards.

Now the recession has continued to the point where the shareholders have started to lose confidence the Ess-Aitch-One-Tee has hit the proverbial air conditioning so they carry out a second reshuffle and two senior guys get the bullet. Too little too late methinks.......

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Old 12th Jun 2017, 01:43
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SHELL is good at encouraging safety as long as it has no cost to them.. if however its costing them money we have to fly hell or high water..

I have so many stories from the UK and Nigeria that if CAA had known about it they would probably ban SHELL from ever chartering an aircraft again..
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 05:32
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Originally Posted by Mark Six View Post
Rumour has it that CHC has won the contract. More Bristow redundancies to come??
I heard that CHC have formally announced that they have won the Quadrant contract for Veranous Is (aircraft based in Karratha). Good for them
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 06:21
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Anyone know what replaced the MHS H225s flying with Petronas out of Kertih ?I read the contract now cancelled.
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 07:45
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I think Weststar have it gapped with 139/189 at the moment.
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 13:24
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It's official: CHC Helicopter Announces New Contract with Quadrant Energy
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 13:50
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MHS 225

I don't think anyone is going to fill in the gap. In fact Weststar also had their fleet reduced from 6 AW139 to 2 AW139 and 2 AW189. ExxonMobil experimented with crew change using boats and they are quite happy to continue using boats for all crew change. Chopper will only be for emergencies.
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Old 23rd Jun 2017, 22:56
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It's just not worth it anymore...

"AeroConsulting is looking for a Flight Instructor Helicopter (FIH) to integrate an approved Training Organization (ATO) for pilot training on RH22, RH44 and AS350.
Part-time position to be filled immediately either as an employee or as a freelancer.(near Paris)
Annual salary ranging from € 12,000 to € 24,000 gross, weither € 1,000 and € 2,000 gross per month depending on the experience and the weekly duration set (to be defined with the candidate..."

Your missions:
  • Flight instruction on helicopter according to the approved training program;
  • Theoretical training according to the approved training program;
  • Possible aerial work missions;
  • Various administrative tasks (course preparations, monitoring and management of trainees, ...)
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Old 24th Jun 2017, 04:46
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“With the oil and gas downturn we have extra equipment that we can put to use here,” Mr Baliff said. “We always knew oil wasn’t the be all and end all.”

Oil rig helicopters ditch roughnecks for the jet set

Chopper shuttle services tap high-end market after demand from offshore platforms falls

Bristow and Era, two of the largest providers of helicopter services to the oil industry, have struck deals with Blade, an app-based aviation group backed by big media investors, to use their helicopters on routes to upscale second home locales.

Blade, whose recent passengers have included Ryan Seacrest, the long-time host of American Idol, takes customers from Manhattan to weekend getaways such as the Hamptons and Nantucket. It also flies out of Los Angeles to beach communities such as Malibu.

The offshore oil and gas industry, which is a heavy user of helicopter services to carry people to and from rigs and platforms, has been particularly hard hit in the industry downturn since 2014. “Bristow is suffering along with our clients, such as Shell and BP,” said Jonathan Baliff, Bristow’s chief executive.

The company has sought to diversify, including providing rescue helicopters to the UK’s coast guard, but private aviation was an obvious area of growth.

“With the oil and gas downturn we have extra equipment that we can put to use here,” Mr Baliff said. “We always knew oil wasn’t the be all and end all.”

The move by the company and its rival Era into private aviation represents “the confluence” of the oil downturn with new crowdsourcing technologies which make helicopter travel more affordable, said Rob Wiesenthal, the founder and chief executive of Blade.

Companies have slashed their spending on offshore exploration and development of new projects, and there is much less activity now than before the slump in oil prices. At the end of 2013 there were 61 rigs working offshore in the US, according to Baker Hughes, the oilfield services group. Last week, there were just 22.

The decline internationally has been less dramatic, but still severe: there were 306 active offshore rigs outside the US at the end of 2013; last month there were 202.

Blade was founded by Mr Wiesenthal, a former Warner Music and Sony executive. The company is backed by some of media’s biggest names, including David Zaslav, chief executive of Discovery Communications; Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet; Barry Diller, chairman of IAC; and Bob Pittman, chief executive of iHeartRadio.
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Old 24th Jun 2017, 04:47
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Originally Posted by Mitchaa View Post
A few AW189's are heading to Karratha for CHC to start contract Oct/Nov time. Not sure what contract mind you but is CHC's first AW189's.
I believe the AW189's are for the Woodside contract; they have been operating AW139's since the grounding of the EC225's
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Old 24th Jun 2017, 11:45
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“With the oil and gas downturn we have extra equipment that we can put to use here,” Mr Baliff said. “We always knew oil wasn’t the be all and end all.”
Mr Baliff, just a hunch but I don't think you should be too reliant on the additional revenue from Blade to improve your share price.
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Old 18th Jul 2017, 19:15
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Meanwhile, back in the real world.


This is starting to look remarkably similar to another organization last year. Pledge all your assets and see what happens.
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Old 27th Jul 2017, 00:46
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Is only happening as the 'easy money' from O&G is now harder to make.
There was always a business case for such an enterprise and now more palatable using IT tech first derived by 'JumpJet' founder - coincidentally a chopper puke.
It will make bugger all difference to Bristow apart from making it easier for some of their heavy management to get to their beachfront homes.....
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Old 3rd Aug 2017, 21:20
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More bad results (although no unexpected). Appears that the best plan is to try and wait it out and hope you don't run out of cash first? Bristow Group Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 Results
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Old 28th Aug 2017, 02:22
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kind of sums it all up really - safety alarm ringing for 4 days - suspect gas leak, deemed false, chopper lands on NUI and hey presto........
This problem with NUIs has been known for frigging decades and yet???
HSE (Government) - get a grip - we all know that the owners will not spend the money unless mandatory.
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Old 29th Aug 2017, 19:52
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Hi all, being an older modular student pilot, I opted for FW training early in the process b/c I figured that a rather limited number of potential operators could be a show stopper for someone like me. Still interested in your side of the industry though. How are the RW people doing as of now, especially newcomers - it almost looks like nobody is getting hired for anything so nobody gets to collect the hours necessary for a real, well paid RW job, no? Sorry for putting it so bluntly, but is European RW dead or are people still entering the field? If so, how do they go about?
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Old 31st Aug 2017, 17:45
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This is a rather bleak plan from GE now as well. GE is now the second largest Oilfield Services provider, following aggressive acquisition activities in a very depressed sector, making some pretty astute purchases. However, other parts of the business are depressed and the stock has fallen 23% this year - not a good sign for a business this large and diversified. Still not hit the bottom by the looks of it.

While the total number of cuts aren't known, they could come from human resources, recruiting, corporate security, helicopter and jet operations, procurement and the auditing divisions.
Report: GE Plans 'Aggressive' Layoffs At Its Corporate Office To Cut Costs | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 15:23
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Oil's Biggest Rigs Headed to Junkyard as Daily Losses Mount

Oil's Biggest Rigs Headed to Junkyard as Daily Losses Mount | Rigzone

PS, why was it easier to find this thread using google than the actual search function?!!
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