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Emergency Breathing Systems

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Emergency Breathing Systems

Old 7th Nov 2013, 22:41
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We carried something like these offshore out of Eastern Canada (pax and crew);

Main Catalog > ?Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) > Survival Egress Air (SEA)

Having the separate mouthpiece is much easier, and you have both hands free for escape. The bottle mounted on the vest/survival suit and the mouthpiece was up by the mouth. The valve was left open in flight, so all you had to do was put the mouthpiece in and breath in the event of a ditching. Easy to find too if you were in the water prior to knowing you needed it. We trained with the bottles every two years in the dunkers.
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 08:02
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Agreed, much better. Interestingly even the largest of the systems only has 30 litres of air. When you hit cold water your minute volume can easily be over 50 litres a minute so you get very little time. Granted if you are submerged without floats your egres window is probably less, but the rebreather gives you more time if inverted, trapped and with floats. When the cylinder is empty you will get sudden frightening resistance whereas with the rebreather you merely get a progressive desire to breathe faster.

I am also concerned that it needs a 32 page user manual. My rebreather came with an A5 sheet but there is a video. There is no maintenance or filling, merely a return to manufacturer as per the life vest. The rebreather can stay on the shelf for a year, needs no cylinders and can travel on a commercial flight.

Shark now make a version with a cylinder which is designed to deal with failure to inspire before activation. Still with the spring loaded bypass valve on the mouthpiece so you can breathe through the mouthpiece on the descent and merely have to pull the ball on your mouth as you submerge.
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 08:23
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Interesting that the HEED website doesn't list BSP as a customer:
View a list of some of our esteemed customers
Clients - The HEED 3 is popular with many private and government organizations around the world.

Obviously they don't consider them "esteemed"...although they've been using them for 7 years.
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 12:48
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dbro91 and others, you may find CAP 1034 Development of a Technical Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems of interest:
CAP1034: Development of a Technical Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems | Publications | About the CAA
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 13:00
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tnx Steve
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 14:54
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Thumbs up

thanks Steve, I read through that technical standard a couple weeks ago and am actually now in contact with the woman who wrote it and reviewed the tests. Hoping to have her give feedback and some academic opinions on the process as I got through it.
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Old 8th Nov 2013, 22:02
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The bottle mounted on the vest/survival suit and the mouthpiece was up by the mouth
I needed something that would not interfere with operation of the laptop control of a stabilised camera, so waist worn kit is too bulky.
I sewed the holster for the small heeds into my life vest, making sure it did not interfere with inflation and its ability to keep the wearer facing up.
It is vertical on the left breast so the mouthpiece can be reached by turning ones head if need be. (same mouthpiece position as used by kayakers )
I'd recommend professional training with it on a HUET course and refreshers in a pool.

Refilling abroad can be done at a dive shop. One dive shop didn't like the look of the spare air cylinder but sold me a scuba tank and let me fill it myself.
Having a scuba tank at home to refill the HEEDs is convenient and allows for regular checks and practice.

Whilst on the subject of being turned upside down and sinking and most relevant to those who have had a perforated eardrum, is the possibility of the weakened eardrum perforating again, filling with water and completely stuffing up your sense of balance.
Happened to me in a diving pool at 4 meters and despite seeing the pool bottom, walls and bright lights above, my balance urged me to swim sideways. I was cognisant enough to feel the water poring in and immediately rationalised that I had to follow my eyes not my balance.
Due to the effects of vertigo, I couldn't stand for 5 minutes when I flopped out of the pool.

I didn't realise that sudden flooding of cold water in a warm ear canal can also cause vertigo.

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Old 8th Nov 2013, 22:39
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Every get "Ascending Vertigo" while Scuba Diving?

Very much the same sensation I should think.....I found it very discomforting as when it happened to me it was very low visibility....like maybe a foot at most. The only real clue of "Up" were the bubbles....and they were very hard to see.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 09:45
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The US TSA guidelines are for security purposes - not for use by the crew in the cockpit as stand-alone emergency air.
HEED3 is compressed air, not an oxygen generator - just want to make sure we don't try and build too many obstacles for 'carry on' use when smoke or water enters cockpit!
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