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Top of the World: photos from Nepal

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Top of the World: photos from Nepal

Old 4th Feb 2019, 21:16
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Originally Posted by Fareastdriver View Post
I used to, with many others, post on the Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II thread in the military section. My posts bore NO relation to the Second World War and I would describe my flying in China and Australia. This was accepted by the mods because the readers were interested in it.

There must be a different class of mods.
Wondered where he had gone what a weird way to run a site, the most viewed thread by a well liked pilot who replied if asked a question, what a small mind some have
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Old 4th Feb 2019, 21:17
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so sorry to hear that VF has no rights to place his pictures, I always looked forward to his interesting stories and life
what a pity? whoever made the decision to do that should learn to appreciate the wisdom of VF entries

a pity
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 03:26
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Can we start a petition in this forum to get him back?
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 05:42
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The Rotorheads forum only has one moderator, and he would be the guy who A) knows why they booted VF, and B) can bring him back.

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Old 5th Feb 2019, 06:40
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....I suspect VF has moved on to bigger and better things and a greater calling. Half his luck, he deserves it.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 08:37
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“Banning for posting food and family interests

If correct, utter stupidity by the Mods.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 10:38
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Originally Posted by LAME2 View Post
If correct, utter stupidity by the Mods.
I recall there were rumblings of discontent over his advocacy for veganism. He did get a little carried away with that. I will speculate that the moderator (singular) received some complaints and responded to them. When people complain, mods have a tendency to try to please the complainants, and sometimes make misguided decisions. But only Senior Pilot knows for sure.

It was a popular thread and is missed by many, including myself. But maybe they told him to knock it off with the vegan stuff, and maybe he told them to jam it where the sun doesn't shine. Who knows?
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 10:51
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If this is the case then it is a sad reflection of our current society where the silent majority are overuled by the shrill, extremist minority. If they don't like something they want it banned. Why can they not simply choose to not read it? I liked reading about the life of a helicopter pilot in the Himalayas - not just the flying and helicopter photos. Hope all is well with you and your family VF.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 10:54
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Originally Posted by Smalahove View Post
I recall there were rumblings of discontent over his advocacy for veganism.
Much like cyclists and Millenials, vegans are a scourge of humanity, leading us to the edge of societal collapse and ruin and must be stopped at all costs.
Oh no, my bad, getting confused. They're a harmless bunch that like telling everyone how much quorn and quinoa taste just like chicken.
If you can't get through the day with this offending you or feeling a need to complain about it then it is possibly time for some counselling and some light self-medication.
Despite being a vegan, Steve has done well for himself and has brightened many a day with his commentary from far, far away.
We should be able to forgive his poor life choices and enjoy his valuable contribution, it's often far more interesting than following the RAF brigade trying to out experience each other.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 11:02
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For the last many years I would visit this site almost daily for the sole purpose of viewing the new photos and related background information on this thread. I fly almost daily in the States, and will likely never make it to that part of the world in person, so it has been incredible to view from his camera. Yes, this whole "let's please the few minority complainers" both on and off the forum is way beyond ridiculous. No good reason for me to continue visiting PPRuNe without this thread.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 12:27
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What flylow said + 1

VF was interesting and entertaining whatever the post content was.

Sadly missed from my point of view.

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Old 5th Feb 2019, 12:36
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Yes he will be missed as was Savoia who started many great threads that we all enjoyed. Sadly he also fell foul of the Mods and departed this forum.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 12:40
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@Bellringer - 👍
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 13:00
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According to one of the PPRuNe Administrators, VF is free to post on any thread on the web-site;

Here is part of an email I received from them;

"He can post, he can post on the thread you are discussing, he can post on Rotorheads as much as he likes."

Well, I hope he keeps the thread going - one of the best out there !

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Old 5th Feb 2019, 13:30
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We should be able to forgive his poor life choices and enjoy his valuable contribution
His life choices looked pretty cool to me.
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 18:58
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Many, many years ago, as a young, impressionable engineering student and boat fanatic, I was visiting the Earls Court Boat Show (biggest, best boat show of the biggest best, fastest and most expensive boats, in London, for those not familiar with it.), with a university friend.

We saw a gorgeous-looking power boat, in bright red, with 2 big shiny stainless steel propellors, a glossy varnished wooden deck, and a notice telling all about the twin 1,000+ BHP engines 'under the hatch'. There was a young salesman standing by the boat, and a few onlookers. We asked the salesman if we could look at the engines, and he said "no", the boat was beautiful enough as it was. He then said he was going off for a cup of tea and would be back in 5 minutes.

My friend and I immediately opened the hatch to reveal the most wonderful looking engines, with red HT leads, and highly polished exhausts. Very quickly, a crowd gathered round, and all we heard was endless comments about how beautiful those engines looked. There were loads of people all crowding round to get a glimpse of those engines.

After 10 minutes or so, the young salesman re-appeared, fighting his way to the front through the crown of potential customers gathered around the boat. Somewhat put out, he quickly shut the hatch, and reprimanded us for opening it. Almost immediately, the crowd dispersed, and it was just the 2 of us left, penniless students, feeling rather sheepish at being scolded by this chap no older than our 20 modest years. My mate, who was bolder than me, turned to him, and said "Top job, mate, you really know how to sell boats, don't you?"

And so we walked off, the last 2 onlookers, leaving the salesman to his beautiful boat and an empty stand. Who knows how many multi-millionaire potential customers he just turned away; no one will ever know.

Well done, PPRuNe - you've just done exactly the same as that rookie boat salesman.
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Old 6th Feb 2019, 17:21
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Pilot Mike


Very nicely put.....

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Old 6th Feb 2019, 21:13
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I miss my daily bit of escapism , all the posts and pictures where interesting and I learned a lot about high altitude operations
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 11:12
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Nothing surprises me anymore, I thought the moderator would delete or edit unwanted material, not cut the guy off, really interesting pictures from a gentleman with a vast amount of experience we could all learn from.
Who cares if he is a vegan! does not make him a bad chap, everybody is entitled to his or her's opinion besides this is a rumour network after all
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 11:24
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I don't think VF has been banned. He would have had a 'Banned' label across his name. Maybe he has his own reasons for stopping; it's not our job to find out why.
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